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Knowledge is power. Learn the 777 systems inside-and-out with GroundWork. Know what the 777 systems are doing at all times so you can handle any procedure or emergency thrown your way.

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Skill is a Journey. You want every detail of your flights to be realistic. FlightWork guides you through every step of operations, from gate-to-gate, with our real world pilots. Authentic 777 Control.

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Before you can ever take the controls of this magnificent 777, you are required to get very familiar with the systems onboard. It makes sense. A pilot must know everything about this multi-million dollar aircraft before being trusted.

Systems training is notorious for being boring, mundane, and hard to grasp. Generally speaking, you’ll be given thousands of pages of manuals to study, in addition to some mediocre material to interact with.

That is not a fun or effective way to learn.

At Angle of Attack, we decided it doesn’t have to be this way.

777 GroundWork was born.

Our videos combine energetic voice overs, powerful visuals, easy to understand diagrams, and easy to follow lessons. You’ll walk away having learned many significant things about the aircraft, in addition to enjoying the learning process.

We believe that learning is easiest and most effective when the material is entertaining AND packed full of great information.

This is a breath of fresh air for those wanting more than boring text documents and terrible CBTs.

In the 777 Training we take what are generally lifeless topics and teach them in a way that is simple to understand. Not only is it easy to listen and watch, but the graphics support the narrative in a way that helps the information melt into your mind.

You’ll come away having absorbed the lessons faster, learned the systems in greater depth, and actually enjoyed the journey. Compare that with the status quo of difficult-to-grasp systems courses, and suddenly the use of awesome video presentations starts to make complete sense.

There are 17 Sections in the 777 GroundWork. If you were to crack open a manual on the 777, you would find the systems in alphabetical order. We don’t think that makes much sense so we organized them in subject areas; controls, air, engines & APU, electrical, fuel, safety and autoflight.

Before sharing the details of each of these sections, here are some cool stats to show you just how HUGE this training is.

Total Duration: 8 Hours 43 Minutes 4 Seconds

Total Minutes: 523

Total Seconds: 31384

Each and every second of this training is packed with useful and entertaining information. Not only will you learn, but you’ll enjoy learning.

Here is summary of each video lesson:



Surprisingly, hydraulics do nothing more than operate the controls of the aircraft. They serve no other function than to supply the following lessons with hydraulic power. This is done with a complex, redundant and automated hydraulic system which you will learn all about.

In this lesson you will be particularly surprised that you can learn the complex hydraulic system diagrams with our beautiful animations.

Duration: 35 mins 40 Seconds

Landing Gear & Brakes

The 777 is a large bird, and it takes a serious landing gear, brakes and ground handling system to assist it on the ground.

In this lesson you will be pleasantly surprised with how much more the Landing Gear & Brakes does than you expected.

Duration: 25 Minutes 19 Seconds

Primary Flight Controls

Eventually you want to get in the air, right? Well once you get in the air, you won’t go anywhere without the use of primary flight controls to steer you on course.

In this lesson you will learn just how modern the 777 is with it’s fly-by-wire controls system, and why that means pleasant hand-flying for you as a pilot.

Duration: 37 Minutes 19 Seconds

High-Lift Controls

Usually called Secondary Flight Controls, the 777 uses High-Lift Controls. These are things like flaps, flaperons, and more.

In this lesson you will not only learn about the normal secondary flight controls, but also the unique flaperons on the 777 and the function they provide.


Duration: 29 Minutes 38 Seconds


Bleed Air System

Engines produce a lot more than just thrust. Pressurized air that can be used for many purposes is just one of those extra things it provides.

In this lesson you will learn how the bleed air system helps passenger comfort and anti-ice of the aircraft, in addition to other features.

Duration: 25 Minutes 53 Seconds

Air Conditioning & Pressurization

The flight wouldn’t be that pleasant without a warm cabin and enough oxygen to breathe, now would it? Air conditioning and pressurization does just that.

In this lesson you will learn how even on such a large wide body aircraft hundreds of people can be kept in comfort through a complex and automated system.

Duration: 30 Minutes 24 Seconds

Engines & APU


What good does an airplane do if there aren’t massive engines attached to it? Otherwise, you couldn’t go anywhere. The 777 has particularly impressive engines, packing the most power of any on the market, and also with the greatest reliability.

In this lesson you will learn how a jet engine works along with the specifics of this particular turbofan engine.

Duration: 38 Minutes 34 Seconds


Did you know the 777 has a third engine? No, that isn’t a typo. There is a small (compared to the larger engines) turbine engine in the tail that can provide electrical and pneumatic power.

In this lesson you will learn all about the APU, it’s operations, and it’s connection to the important systems on the airplane.

Duration: 35 Minutes 25 Seconds

Electrical & Fuel


If needing to power the flight deck instruments wasn’t enough, the 777 also carries many power hungry passengers that have demands for warm meals, hot coffee, reading lights, and power to their in-flight entertainment.

In this lesson you’ll learn just how complex the electrical system is, and get a grasp on what is powered.

Duration: 42 Minutes 10 Seconds


With an endurance of between 15 and 17 hours, fully loaded, the 777 can go a long distance. It would never get there without the proper amount of fuel. And, this aircraft carries a LOT of fuel.

In this lesson you’ll learn about the fuel system and how it feeds the massive engines. It’s a fairly simple system, but also has great automation and redundancy.

Duration: 23 Minutes 31 Seconds


Aircraft Lighting

If you want to see where you’re going on the ground, and be seen by others in the air, you better have adequate lighting, especially if it is dark. The 777 can be lit up like a Christmas Tree.

In this lesson you will learn the lighting system, the proper usage of those lights, and the amazing flight deck lighting system as well.

Duration: 14 Minutes 47 Seconds

Caution and Warning

When something is going wrong, the pilots need to know right away. Alerts, bells, and various indications are just a few of the things that are used to get the pilots attention.

In this lesson you will learn the different alerts and the severity of each. Know how to read these alerts so you can get to fixing the problem right away.

Duration: 19 Minutes 30 Seconds

Terrain & Traffic

You’ve heard of defensive driving, and these systems help you in defensive flying. Not only is terrain awareness so important for a flight crew, but the position of other aircraft is important as well. There are plenty of hazards out there, and you need to know where they are.

In this lesson you will learn not only where the hazards are, but also how to react to them and interpret the information.

How to unlock zte phone pattern without losing data. Duration: 17 Minutes 34 Seconds

Fire Protection

Although extremely rare, fires do occur. Just in case one does occur, there are various levels of detection and extinguishing that are available through the engine and cargo areas.

In this lesson you will learn about those detection systems and the extinguishing systems that will put the fires out.

Duration: 40 Minutes 48 Seconds

Ice and Rain Protection

We talked about fire, now let’s talk about ice. Rain and ice to be exact. These conditions are hazardous to an aircraft as well, and need special attention while the 777 is navigating through all different kinds of weather around the world.

In this lesson you will learn about the systems that prevent the buildup of ice and the heavy rain that can become an issue as well.

Duration: 30 Minutes 5 Seconds


Autoflight and FMS

Perhaps one of the most unique things about the 777 is it’s automated flight system. This system, composing of many flight computers, servos, wires and actuators, just to name a few, guides the 777 through the air with precision and fluidity only imagined in past decades.

In this lesson you will learn just how smart the 777 is. Onboard are many computers and systems working to make the flight as smooth and successful as possible.

Duration: 47 Minutes 45 Seconds

Cockpit Instruments

In a transitionary lesson you will learn more about the cockpit instruments. Soon you will be flying the aircraft, so it’ll help to know a thing or two about the information that is displayed.

In this lesson you will learn much about what is behind the scenes of the instrumentation system. Now as you enter FlightWork, you’ll have a full grasp on all the systems, even the displays that show all that relevant system information.

Duration: 27 Minutes 24 Seconds

What’s Next?

If you are looking to gain a strong foundation of 777 knowledge, and the perfect start to your training in this aircraft, look no further than 777 GroundWork.

Learning the systems of the aircraft is so important before being able to adequately and professional handle it in flight, or even on the ground.

If you aren’t already convinced, we invite you to sign up for the trial to see just how in-depth these systems are.

To get all the systems training from GroundWork, simply signup for the full ‘Buy Now’ version and get it all in minutes.

Every purchase is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. There is truly no risk in seeing if 777 GroundWork is for you.

Let’s be honest- there are plenty of people out there on Youtube and other sources willing to tell you how to fly the 777.

The problem? None of them are real pilots. Would you want to learn how to fly from a non-pilot? Didn’t think so.

There are also other tutorials that are text based. These can be high quality for text, but they leave a lot of ‘questions’, like, “How does this really look in real life?”, “What happens between that instruction, and the next instruction?”.

Truth is, no on ever learned to fly from a manual.

Videos are absolutely fantastic for learning how to fly something like the PMDG 777, but it has to: 1. come from a qualified person, 2. be a high quality production, and 3. done in a thorough and complete way.

Truth is, this simply can’t be found from current tutorials on Youtube.

If you want to fly like a true professional, and get the most realism out of that simulator, you need training from real pilots. Otherwise, that simulator you have made to be realistic will become unrealistic based on the lack of knowledge.

If what you are trying to do is simulate being an airline pilot, this training is for you.

FlightWork is our way of Flight Training. We believe here at Angle of Attack that the best way to learn is to get on the flight deck, and do a real flight, to real places, in real weather, with real procedures. That’s a lot of ‘real’, but this is the real deal.

Flight #1

Short Haul to Medium / 8 Hours or Less

Dubai to Amsterdam


Lesson Length: 2 Hours 44 Minutes

About this Route:

777 Cbt Manual Download

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is largely considered to be the center of business in the Middle East. Over the last 15 years, Dubai has experienced an incredible and unprecedented growth, which only seems to be accelerating. Although most of the industry was backboned on oil, it is largely and a majority of tourism, finance, and other business in today’s world. This means people from all corners of the world are converging on Dubai, making it a very popular destination for the 777.

777 Cbt Manual Pdf

This Oasis of a city is not only incredibly new, beautiful, and fashionable, but sitting on the ramp at Dubai International brings with it eye candy that would make any aviation geek slobber with delight. Eccentric tastes and lifestyles deserve beautiful aircraft along with them.

Amsterdam, quite an old city, and certainly opposite in climate, is our destination on the short 6.5 hour journey from Dubai. Amsterdam is notorious for it’s artistic-rich culture, it’s well kept streets, and iconic sub-sea level channels making for a popular tourism spot.

Not only does is Amsterdam thick with culture, but the Dutch are an aviation loving people. With the iconic KLM airlines, commercial aviation here is as old as the jet age itself. Nearly every aircraft has seen regular service in this area, and the 777 is certainly not an exception.

What You’ll Learn:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to start up an aircraft from ‘cold and dark’? Cold and dark means the engines aren’t running, and the whole aircraft is powered down.

Learn each and every step, what each switch does, the order of the startup, and all the things needed to get prepared for the flight before the aircraft ever moves.

Not only will you be awakening the beast, but you will learn and see every detail of how to take it from Dubai to Amsterdam. Seeing is truly believing.

Like all of FlightWork, you’ll be taken from one step to the next. In other words, you’ll learn the preflight, then you’ll do the pushback, startup, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing, taxi-in, shutdown, and secure. There are hundreds of little tips and tricks and bits of information along the way.

This is information that is nearly impossible for any one person to gather on their own, or acquire through Youtube tutorials or manuals.

It’s worth noting that Flight #1 has a substantial preview available in the 777 FlightWork Trial. The full flight is available only to those trainees who purchased the full training.

Flight #2

Long Haul / 8 Hours to 15 Hours

Paris to San Francisco


Lesson Length: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

About this Route:

Paris, much like Amsterdam, and perhaps to a whole new level, is thick with fashion and artistic culture. The city, and it’s country, have always been diverse in many ways but certainly always known for the finer things in life. Aviation here too has nearly always been a way of life since powered flight.

On May 21st, 1927, Charles Lindbergh completed the first Transatlantic flight, landing in Paris. “But suddenly, a hysterical, ecstatic crowd broke through the restraining ropes and stampeded toward him, cheering and shouting. As he opened the door, he was lifted down and hoisted onto the shoulders of the police, who carried him through the surging crowd, cries of “Vive” ringing through the night. He had conquered the Atlantic alone, covering 3,610 miles in 33 1/2 hours.”

Not to mention the support of Air France for the Concorde, and the birth of Airbus.

San Francisco, many hundreds or even thousands of years younger than Paris, is well known for it’s ‘silicon valley’ and high-tech industries. When you want to start a technology business, this seems to still be one of that major hotspots to incubate a startup. Home to Apple Computer and Intel Processors, just to name a very large and noticeable few, it’s no wonder why.

What You’ll Learn:

While in the first flight much time was spent on each and every switch, knob and button, this time you’ll get a better feel for the ‘flow’ that a real flight crew would have.

In other words, you have the base set of knowledge, and now it’s time to speed up the process and get the passengers pushed back from the gate on time.

Being an airline pilot is largely about flows, procedures, and checklists. By having a methodology of cockpit setup, and a way of communicating as a crew, you will essentially do the setup the same way every time.

You have an even larger challenge.

Because this is a simulated environment, you will be doing the work of the entire crew. In other words, all the setup will be up to YOU as you do not have a co pilot. This makes your task as a simulation pilot even more difficult.

So, on this flight you’re going to work a lot faster, get a better feel for how things go, and continue to sharpen your skills.

Flight #3

Ultra-Long Haul / 15 hours or More

New York to Hong Kong


Lesson Length: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

About this Route:

New York nearly speaks for itself. The famous entry to and the epitome of American Life. Millions of immigrants have passed through Ellis Island, and many more millions of visitors have walked it’s streets, taken a stroll in Central Park, or have taken pictures from the top of the Empire State Building.

Of course, New York isn’t all about fun and tourism. Business and the economy is serious business here. This is the financial capital of America, after all, with the New York Stock Exchange and countless large corporations calling it home.

Hong Kong, also a booming and quite diverse metropolis, has seen incredible growth over the last decades. As China has risen as an economic power, much of that process revolves around Hong Kong as a driving force to the economy, not so much in products made, but in deals made.

This route is particularly interesting because it is so long, in addition to being a Polar Route, or a route flown over a pole (the North Pole in this case). That makes for some very interesting operational procedures.

What You’ll Learn:

Now is where the true test comes. You’ve gained all the knowledge from GroundWork, and the majority of FlightWork. What is the ultimate test? How about flying an ultra-long-haul flight, over the North Pole, to a far distant land.

This is truly a gauge of where you’re at as a 777 Aviator. If you can’t do this, then you can go back and watch the videos, practice more, and give it another go.

Truthfully, you have all the knowledge to make this a successful flight. All you need to do now is put it all together and tackle this monster.

Flying a polar route is quite unique, with many different challenges. Nick talks about a few of those challenges, although some of them aren’t simulated.

The 777 GroundWork systems training and the 777 FlightWork flight training are both fantastic and useful products, but on their own just don’t give you a full picture of what you need to know to fly the 777 well.

That is why we created the 777 Captains Package.

With the 777 Captains Package you get everything from GroundWork AND FlightWork, all in ONE package.

This is by far our most popular training package. Pilots want and need to know everything they possibly can about these aircraft before stepping in and controlling it effectively.

Combine the systems training from GroundWork, and the challenging flights from FlightWork, and you have a complete picture of how to fly the 777.

What’s even better is the 777 Captains Package is slightly discounted, making it cheaper to buy than both GroundWork and FlightWork individually.

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