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Alien vs. Predator - MAME

4.5 / 10
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One of the great beat-em-ups of all time. Thank you for humoring my bad Arnold impersonation. New SNES-related video every Tuesday, and something else (Genes. Predator is a beat ’em up video game developed and released by Capcom for the CPS-2 arcade game system in 1994. It is based on the science fiction franchise of the same name. In the game, the players take control of up to three out of four cyborg and Predator characters in a battle against the Alien hordes and rogue human soldiers.



Alien Vs Predator Arcade Online

There is always this one thing you can be sure of no matter what, with Capcom: whatever this game you just put on is all about, if it was made by Capcom, you are going to have fun. And in the case of his little gem it is no different. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a fan of 20th Century Fox’s Alien or Predator franchise and neither does it matter whether you do condone the Alien vs. Predator crossover or not, for there is just something so satisfying and cool on grabbing a xenomorph under its neck and slapping it like a little wh*re, that you’re going to like it anyway. Although released in 1999, somewhat already past the glory days of arcades, Alien vs. Predator is a surprisingly entertaining and fun to play brawler. But what’s even more interesting about this game, though, is that it—wait for it—tells an actual story, not altogether different from the storylines of later AVP games for PCs and consoles. As usual, Weyland-Yutani and the military wants to weaponize xenomorphs and brings them to Earth. But some things just won’t go as planned and the hell breaks loose when the transported specimens break the containment and infest the largest city on the 22nd century American West Coast. There, two US Colonial Marines, major Shaefer and lieutenant Kurosawa, making their last stand in the infested city streets team up with two Predators, a warior and a hunter, and engage on a mission to put an end to the mayhem that WY and the military brought on them. Up to three players can play simultaneously, each choosing one of the four aforementioned characters. These have all different stats, depending on their agility, firepower, experience and strength. The players control their characters an eight-way joystick and three action buttons: one for long-ranged attack, one for melee, and the remaining one for jumping, with the exception of Sarge, whose jump button triggers a charged attack instead, as he can’t jump at all. These three basic actions, along with joystick movements, can then be combined into simple combos, offering a colorful variety of moves. And moves, moves are what is so entertaining on this game. Slashing, cutting and smashing, green xenomorph blood everywhere, and—oh, pulse rifles! God damn it and smartguns! And flamethrowers! Predator throwing discs.. Please, do yourselves a favor, click that ‘DOWNLOAD’ button above, and play the sh*t out of this gold, because you sure as hell won’t regret it… It’s TIME TO HUNT!




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In the year 2493, the colonists of New Shanghai found the Aliens..and they weren't very neighborly! In game, the colonists sent out an emergency distress signal, which was intercepted by an extraterrestrial group of hunters -- the Predators.

As a Predator, you've just found the perfect prey in this one-player, monster-versus-monster beat-em-up.

Activision's Aliens vs. Predator is a monster- mashing beat-em-up, where you play the Predator. Unlike Ripley, you can't just rely on guns to fight the acid-blood terrors. Instead, you must also use your preying strength to make 'em scream. Don't worry! Although the Alien hordes are plentiful, you're more than a match for 'em.

Alien Vs Predator Arcade Free Download

Night of the Hunter

On planetoid LV-426, the six- man crew of a spaceship unearthed the eggs of a terrible parasitic creature -- the Alien! Soon the crew was missing and the cargo was lost. Now a group of colonists on New Shanghai are under Alien attack. They've sent out an emergency distress signal, which has been intercepted by a race of extraterrestrial hunters known as the Predators. The Predators live to hunt and now they believe they've found the perfect prey..

Aliens vs. Predator is a one-player, side-scrolling, punch- and-kick fiesta, where you must hunt down and destroy Aliens to gain honor among your fellow Predators. Traveling through 10 levels of vermin-infested corridors, you hunt through a city, the countryside, the Spaceport, the Space Transport, and finally an Alien world in your final showdown against the Alien Mother.

Your hunting skills had better be as sharp as your opponents' teeth, because you'll face Alien Drones, Warriors, Eggs (complete with Facehuggers), Chestbursters, Guardians, and the Alien Queen. Some Aliens use acid as a defensive weapon, some will skitter across the floor to attack you, and others resort to their molars to mollify you.

Predator Power

Take heart (or the Aliens will), because you have some pretty mean weapons yourself.

You're equipped with a shoulder-mounted Laser Cannon, which can fire Light, Medium, or screen-clearing Heavy Laser bolts depending on how long you hold down the Fire button. You can also pick up a Disc weapon, which shoots deadly discs into your foes, or a Predator's Spear, which takes out whole lines of Aliens.


  • Slide the minute you see the eggs, or they'll hatch.
  • When you pick up a weapon, throw it right away. When you hit an Alien, throw it again immediately to hit 'em once more offscreen.
  • Against the Alien sewer guardian, use Heavy Laser Fire when its feet are touching the ground, or you won't even dent its skin. When you've worn down its energy, slide kick it until it's annihilated.

You also have some basic fighting moves, like an elbow punch maneuver and a spinning kick. Your throw move and a sliding kick are useful in tight situations, too.

To satisfy your extraterrestrial hunger and to help you defeat your foes, you can pick up Rhynth meat (restores some power and extends your life gauge) and Ptera meat (replenishes you). You can also find an invisibility shield and an energy-restoring Blue Bottle.

Trap Aliens in corners and repeatedly slide to get rid of them. Watch your back.

Cinema Fantastique

Aliens vs. Predator looks great. The detailed backgrounds are eerie, and they have a definite 'otherworldly' feel to them. Although the Predator and the Aliens are also well-drawn, the confined depth of animation sometimes misleads you into thinking you have an Alien in your Laser Sights, when in reality the Alien is a little to the right or left of your Sight.

  • When you're on the platform in the Spaceport stage, blast enemies off the center platform and grab whatever goodies are left in their wake. If you stand in the middle, the platform goes up and you can't collect what's on the ground.
  • To get rid of those pesky Aliens, stand in one spot and use Light-to-Medium Laser fire over and over again. Be sure to recharge your Shoulder Cannon when the Alien is down.

The well-drawn cinematic sequences between action scenes are a real help. These scenes let you know what's going on, and what's coming up. Kudos to the artist for those gorgeous illustrations.

They say that no one can hear you scream in space, which is a good thing, since the music in this game may drive you to that point. The sound effects are okay, though, with each punch registering a successful outcry.

Toss all the Aliens to one side of the screen and work from there. Avengers crack fanfiction.

Fanged Fun

The sheer numbers of Aliens this game throws at you makes it hard to qualify it as an intermediate game, but Aliens vs. Predator may seem pretty linear to most experienced gamers. The one-dimensional game play is pretty simple. Basically, it's Final Fight in costume. However, fans of the movies and the comic book series may find enough here to quench their thirst. If you suffer from a bad case of xenophobia (look it up, Junior), this game's got the cure for what's Alien you.

Overall rating: 7.5