Think of Alfred as Spotlight with a dash of Siri. It’s an application launcher, but it can do a lot more than just that. With Alfred, you can quickly perform calculations, execute web searches, and find word definitions, among many other functions. Top applications for mac. Apr 15, 2020. May 27, 2020.

Now I happily announce that I-NEMO (thanks for his effort) has succeeded to increase the frame rate of current B777 Tor For Mac

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Front view and overhead view are even better than old non-Seattle model and pedestal view becomes same as other views. I can not say exact number but promise it's better than before.
And Jean-Yves prepared the own 777 git site therefor you can clone it or just download the tar ball much easily.
Here's the site url. Tor For Mac Os Tor For Mac Catalina

You can clone the git.
if you don't have git environment, use Download button to get the tar ball.
If you want to have 2.12.0 version, select branch 2.12.0 at branch selection then use Download as well. Tor For Mac Download

Tor Tor For Mac High Sierra