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• Install in recreation vehicles only. RV’s are recreation vehicles
designed as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping, or
travel use having their own power or towed by another vehicle.
• All combustion air must be supplied from outside the RV, and all
products of combustion must be vented to outside the RV.
DONOTvent water heater with venting system serving another appli-
DONOTvent water heater to an outside enclosed porch area.
• Protect building materials from flue gas exhaust.
• Install water heater on an exterior wall, with access door opening to
alter water heater for a positive grounding system.
DONOTHI-POT water heater unless electronic ignition system (cir-
DONOTuse battery charger to supply power to water heater even
• National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1 and/or CAN/CGA B149 Installation
• Federal Mobile Home Construction & Safety Standard, Title 24 CFR, part
3280, or when this Standard is not applicable, the Standard for Manufactured
Home Installations (Manufactured Home Sites, Communities and Set-Ups),
ANSI A255.1 and/or CAN/CSA-Z240 MH Series, Mobile Homes.
• National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70 and/or CSA C22.1
• CSA standard Z240 RV Series, Recreational Vehicle.
This is a common installation for water heaters. There are other
approved methods such as Baggage Compartment (MPD 90093) and
Flush Mount (MPD 93948) installations. Consult with your Field
Auditor, Account Manager, or the Atwood Service Department if you
1. Locate water heater on floor of coach before erecting side walls.
The water heater tank must be permanently supported at the same
level as the bottom of sidewall cutout (by the floor or a raised floor)
FIG2. Provide adequate clearance at rear of unit for service of water
2. To install water heater on carpeting, you must install appliance on a
metal or wood panel that extends at least three inches beyond the
3. If the appliance is installed where connection or tank leakage will
damage adjacent area, install a drain pan (which can be drained to
All wiring must comply with applicable electrical codes.
COMBINATION GAS/ELECTRIC MODELSare designed to operate with gas,
• Use electrical metallic tubing, flexible metal conduit, metal clad
cable, or nonmetallic-sheathed cable with grounding conductor.
Wire must have a capacity of 1400 watts or greater. The wiring
method must conform to applicable sections of article 551 of
1. Refer to Wiring Diagram(
tions from junction box on back of unit.
b. Connect common lead to (2) White.
c. Connect ground wire from electrical service to (3) green ground lead
• When a cord and plug connection to the power supply are used on
water heater, power cord must be UL listed as suitable for damp
locations, hard or extra hard usage. It must be a flexible cord such
as type S, SO, ST, STO, SJ, SJT, SJTO, HS or HSO cord as described
in National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70. The length of external
cord to water heater, measured to face of attachment plug, shall be
no less than 2 feet nor more than 6 feet. Supply cord must be a min-
imum of 14 AWG and attachment plug must be rated at 15 amps.
Label all wires before disconnecting when servicing controls.
NOTE: It is recommended unit be connected directly to a 12V DC bat-
tery or to filtered side of an AC/DC converter. Avoid connections to
unfiltered side of an AC/DC converter whenever possible. Use a mini-
1. Refer to Wiring Diagram(
ient location. Position wall plate with letters up. Before making con-
2. Install wires see
1. Install unit according to GENERAL INSTALLATIONinstructions.
2. Refer to Wiring Diagram. Use 18 gauge wire, UL/CSA listed.
1. Push a 5/8˝ diameter coolant system hose (5-A) [with SAE 053 A
Type “E”clamp attached] onto heat exchanger tube (5-B) making a
2. Spread hose clamp and slide toward heat exchange unit past annu-
3. Continue to HOW TO OPERATE YOUR WATER HEATER and/or Electronic
FIG2) hot water outlet female
and cold water inlet female and 3/8˝ flared LP gas line to the water
a. Allow flexibility in water and gas lines so you can pull unit for-
b. Seal gas line entrance opening (
onto 3/8˝ tubing (9-D) before flaring tubing (9-E). Pull gas line and
grommet through opening in housing (9-A). Connect flare fitting
(9-C) and press grommet into opening. If gas line tubing is
already flared, cut grommet on one side. Place split grommet
c. Always use pipe lubricant on threads when connecting hot and
cold water couplings. A suitable plastic fitting is recommended.
5. Erect side walls and cut opening. See chart and
Frame with 2x2 lumber (or equivalent).
(FIG 1 & 2)
6. Bend all flanges 90˚ along scored lines (FIG3-A).
7. To prevent water leaks caulk thoroughly around opening, including
bend slots. Butyl Tape (1-1/3˝x1/8˝) may be substituted for caulking

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