What is a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL?

Booty BBL Pillow – This is a special seat cushion that protects the newly transplanted fat cells from receiving too much pressure when the patient is seated. The pillow provides support for your weight on your thighs rather than on your buttocks. Answer: The BBL and Mommy Makeover Specials Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us.The cost of these procedures can vary greatly depending on the skill of your surgeon. Here in Florida, cost can range anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 depending on the patient and how much work they want done.

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami (BBL) Cost $2900 Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Miami, Florida at affordable low price to give you a perky, round, and lifted buttock by fat transfer procedure. BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is a perfect procedure for younger women looking to give their body prominent and sensual curves. “Moisturizing is also a great opportunity to start doing self-massage, which is a key element of BBL recovery,” she adds. Jergens Wet Skin Shea Oil Body Lotion ($6.79) Back massager. The name of the surgery, Brazilian butt lift, is a little deceiving because it is not actually a butt lift (gluteoplasty), which surgically removes loose and sagging skin from the buttocks. However, the possibility of new volume added to your butt during a BBL may fill some of the loose skin.

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The BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is the nickname given to a surgery that combines two different procedures; liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks.

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Liposuction is achieved by inserting a small thin hollow tube called cannula to loosen up the fat and extract it. There will be small incisions around the areas of excess fat which in the case of the BBL would be around the torso (also known as lipo 360): the back, stomach, and flanks. These incisions will then be used to drain the lymphatic liquid post-surgery during recovery.

Why consider a BBL?

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The BBL has gained more popularity in the cosmetic surgery world due to the low risk of complications. By using your own fat cells you avoid any chances of rejection and major future side effects. Your own fat cells will be used to give your body the best enhancement with minimal risk and a smooth recovery.

Performing a Brazilian Butt lift with alternative substances can cause serious damage to your skin tissues in the long run. The most popular alternative is the biopolymer silicone injections which can seem encouraging because there is no anesthesia involved and seems “cheaper” to get but in the long run, even years after can cause serious detrimental health conditions.

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The maximum amount of fat that can be removed during the BBL is 4 Liters. 44: it sure seems like it to meditate. Once the fat is removed, it’s strategically transferred to the booty in key areas that will result in that small waist and hourglass figure.

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During this procedure you will not feel any pain as you will be under general anesthesia, the duration is approximately about 2-4 hours in total.