For Resident Evil 7, Capcom went back to what made the series so popular in the first place, horror. While I liked the Resident Evil games that were more action based, fans were growing tired of this so Capcom decided to take things back. Resident Evil 7 would be a new beginning for the series and one of the scariest games in the franchise’s history!

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Where Is She?????

Resident Evil 7 features a story that is quite unlike any that have come before it. The game sees you playing the role of a man called Ethan who is still missing his girlfriend that went missing a few years earlier. Out of the blue, Ethan gets a message from her telling him that she is alive and being held in a plantation somewhere in the south.

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That is all Ethan needs to hear and he heads off to “save” her. Well, Ethan gets into the middle of a right mess. While he finds her, she is not the same as she was before and even worse is the Baker family. This is the family that lives here and they are infected with…. Let me not spoil that for you. Just know that they are freaking nuts and they do not want Ethan or his girl to leave.

The story is absolutely fantastic and had me on edge the whole time I played it. Writing for ielts pdf. You do care about Ethan and the Baker family are tremendous villains. Also, there is more to the game than just that, but I will not spoil it for you guys.

Horror in The First Person

The biggest change that Resident Evil 7 went from Resident Evil 6 was not that it scaled back the action. It was that the game was now all in the first person. This is not the first Resident Evil game to actually do this, but this one here absolutely nails it. The first-person point of view makes you actually feel like you are Ethan and it works incredibly well.

The actual gameplay is a great mixture of exploration, puzzle solving, action and changing your underpants on a regular basis as this game without a shadow of a doubt is scary!

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This Place is Huge!

When you hear that Resident Evil 7 is set on a plantation you might think that it is a step back from the worldwide trotting that Resident Evil 6 had. The plantation is actually really large and features many different areas that you will need to explore. Finding keys and moving things around to get into areas are all classic Resident Evil gameplay tropes and this game really embraces them.

I love the design of the plantation and the place the Baker family call home. You can explore all around and as you do you start to piece together that these were once just normal folks and you start to feel sorry for them. Then the dad or mom chases you down and that feeling goes straight out of the window.

What About VR?

Sadly, there is no VR for the PC version of Resident Evil 7. However, I will say that if you do have a PlayStation 4 that checking out the game in VR is well worth doing. I will say that Resident Evil 7 is one of the better VR experiences I have ever had so I really do hope that they bring the VR mode to PC sooner than later.

I fell in love with Resident Evil 7 after the first 30 minutes. This is a game that has it all. While it may not have the action of the last three games, there is still plenty of action here. It is just this game is more focused on making you scared and worried about what could be behind each door. If you got burned out as the series went into a more action style, Resident Evil 7 is the perfect game for you.


  • The story is very engaging
  • The Baker family are crazy with a capital C!
  • Exploring the house and plantation is great
  • The story has some great twists
  • The first person POV is a great addition to the series


  • It is very, very scary!
  • There is still no VR mode on PC
Overall rating: 9