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Official Music Videos: (1986-2015) [Superiour Audio Sound]

01. Birthday (English) [Higher Pitched] [superiour audio sound]
02. Ammæli/Birthday (Icelandic) [superiour audio sound]
03. Planet [superiour audio sound]
04. Cold Sweat/Hot Meat [superiour audio sound]
05. Eat The Menu [superiour audio sound]
06. Walkabout [superiour audio sound]
07. Regina [superiour audio sound]
08. Deus [superiour audio sound]
09. Hit [superiour audio sound]
10. Motorcrash [superiour audio sound]
11. Vitamin [superiour audio sound]
12. Luftguitar [superiour audio sound]
13. Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Moulimix - 117bpm) [superiour audio sound]
14. Venus As A Boy [superiour audio sound]
15. Human Behaviour [superiour audio sound]
16. Play Dead [superiour audio sound]
17. Violently Happy [superiour audio sound]
18. I Miss You [superiour audio sound]
19. Possibly Maybe [superiour audio sound]
20. Army Of Me [superiour audio sound]
21. It's Oh So Quiet [superiour audio sound]
22. Hyperballad [superiour audio sound]
23. Alarm Call [superiour audio sound]
24. Isobel [superiour audio sound]
25. Jóga [superiour audio sound]
26. Hunter [superiour audio sound]
27. Hidden Place [superiour audio sound]
28. Pagan Poetry [superiour audio sound]
29. Cocoon [superiour audio sound]
30. Bachelorette [superiour audio sound]
31. It's In Our Hands [superiour audio sound]
32. Nature Is Ancient/My Snare [superiour audio sound]
33. Unravel [superiour audio sound]
34. Who Is It? [superiour audio sound]
35. Oceania [superiour audio sound]
36. Triumph Of A Heart [superiour audio sound]
37. Where Is The Line_[superiour audio sound]
38. Desired Constellation [superiour audio sound]
39. Earth Intruders [superiour audio sound]
40. Wanderlust [3D] [superiour audio sound]
41. Innocence [superiour audio sound]
42. The Dull Flame Of Desire [superiour audio sound]
43. Declare Independence [superiour audio sound]
44. The Comet Song [superiour audio sound]
45. Moon (Lunar Cycles, Sequences) [superiour audio sound]
46. Crystalline [superiour audio sound]
47. Hollow (DNA, Rhythm) [superiour audio sound]
48. Lionsong [superiour audio sound]
49. Stonemilker [4K] (2160p) [superiour audio sound]

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[björk, 'icelandic/nordic goddess viking pose'] for the Volumen VHS/DVD, 1998 Photo courtesy of Inez and Vinoodh, photo @

please buy her albums + support this superb and unique icelandic/nordic artist @

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Björk – Discography (1993 – 2015)
EAC Rip 84xCD FLAC/APE Tracks & Image + Cue + Log Full Scans Included
Total Size: 15.7 GB 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Various Genre: Electronica, Avant-garde

Björk first came to prominence as one of the lead vocalists of the avant pop Icelandic sextet the Sugarcubes, but when she launched a solo career after the group’s 1992 demise, she quickly eclipsed her old band’s popularity. Instead of following in the Sugarcubes’ arty guitar rock pretensions, Björk immersed herself in dance and club culture, working with many of the biggest names in the genre, including Nellee Hooper, Underworld, and Tricky. Debut, her first solo effort (except for an Icelandic-only smash released when she was just 11 years old), not only established her new artistic direction, but it became an international hit, making her one of the most unlikely stars of the ’90s.

Though the title of Debut implied that it was Björk’s first-ever solo project, she had actually been a professional vocalist since she was a child. When she was in elementary school in Reykjavik, she studied classical piano and, eventually, her teachers submitted a tape of her singing Tina Charles’ “I Love to Love” to Iceland’s Radio One. After “I Love to Love” was aired, a record label called Falkkin offered Björk a record contract. At the age of 11, her eponymous first album was released; the record contained covers of several pop songs, including the Beatles’ “Fool on the Hill,” and boasted artwork from her mother and guitar work from her stepfather. Björk became a hit within Iceland and was not released in any other country. ― Allmusic

Bjork Complete Discography Torrent

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1993. Debut (1993, Mother Records, 519715 2, Germany)
1993. Debut (1993, Mother Records, 521 323-2, Germany)
1993. Debut (2001, Universal, UICY-3242, Japan)

1995. Post (1995, Mother Records, 527733-2, Germany)

1997. Homogenic (1997, Mother Records, 539 178-2, France)
1997. Homogenic (2011, Universal, UICY-20155, Japan, SHM-CD)

2001. Vespertine (2008, Universal, UICY-93446, Japan, SHM-CD)

2004. Medúlla (2004, Elektra, CD 62981, Canada)
2004. Medúlla (2004, Universal, UICP-1056, Japan)

2007. Volta (2007, Polydor, 1733524, Germany)

2011. Biophilia (2011, Nonesuch, 528728-2, USA, Deluxe Ed)

2015. Vulnicura (2015, One Little Indian, WEB)

2. LIVE:

1994. Unplugged (1994, Venus Music, VM 017, Germany)

1994. Violently Live (1994, Venus Music, VM 003, Germany)

1997. Celebrating Wood And Metal (1997, MTV Music, BJORK FC 1, UK, Limited Ed)


1993. Big Time Sensuality (1993, Mother Records, 855665-2, UK)

1993. Play Dead (1993, Mother Records, 859893-2, UK)

1995. Army Of Me (1995, Mother Records, 579 153-2, UK)

1995. Isobel (1995, Polydor, Promo, Germany)
1995. Isobel, CD1 (1995, One Little Indian, 172TP7CD, UK)
1995. Isobel, CD2 (1995, One Little Indian, 172TP7CDL, UK)

1995. It’s Oh So Quiet (1995, Elektra, 64353-2, USA)
1995. It’s Oh So Quiet (1995, Mother Records, 577 5092, UK)

1996. Hyperballad (1996, Elektra, 66043-2, USA)
1996. Hyperballad, CD1 (1996, One Little Indian, 192TP7CD, UK)
1996. Hyperballad, CD2 (1996, One Little Indian, 192TP7CDL, UK)

1996. Possibly Maybe, CD1 (1996, One Little Indian, 193TP7CD, UK)

1997. Bachelorette, CD1 (1997, One Little Indian, 212TP7CD, UK)

1997. I Miss You, CD1 (1997, One Little Indian, 194TP7CD, UK)
1997. I Miss You, CD2 (1997, One Little Indian, 194TP7CDL, UK)

1997. Jóga (1997, Mother Records, 571 645-2, EC)
1997. Jóga (1997, One Little Indian, 1XCD TPLP081CD, UK, 11 tracks)

1998. Alarm Call (1998, One Little Indian, 232TP7BOX, UK, 3CD)
1998. Alarm Call (1998. Mother Records, 9005, France, Promo)

War Albums Complete Discography Torrent

1998. Hunter (1998, One Little Indian, 222TP7BOX, UK, 3CD)

1999. All Is Full Of Love (1998, Fatcat, CDFAT622)
1999. All Is Full Of Love (1999, Elektra, 63723-2, USA)
1999. All Is Full Of Love, CD1 (1999, One Little Indian, 242TP7CD, UK)
1999. All Is Full Of Love, CD2 (1999, One Little Indian, 241TP7CDL, UK)

2001. Hidden Place, CD1 (2001, One Little Indian, 587 190-2, UK)
2001. Hidden Place, CD2 (2001, One Little Indian, 332TP7CDL, UK)

2001. Pagan Poetry, CD1 (2001, One Little Indian, 352TP7CD, UK, Black)
2001. Pagan Poetry, CD2 (2001, One Little Indian, 570 489-2, EU, White)

2002. Cocoon, CD1 (2002, One Little Indian, 322TP7CD1, UK)
2002. Cocoon, CD2, (2002, One Little Indian, 570 6722, Australia)

2002. It’s In Our Hands (2002, One Little Indian, 065892-2, EU)

2004. Who Is It, CD1 (2005, One Little Indian, 446TP7CD1, UK)
2004. Who Is It, CD2 (2005, One Little Indian, 446TP7CD2, UK)

2005. Triumph Of A Heart, CD1 (2005, One Little Indian, 447TP7CD1, UK)
2005. Triumph Of A Heart, CD2 (2005, One Little Indian, 447TP7CD21, UK)

2011. Cosmogony (2011, Nonesuch, 1124TP7CD, EU)

2011. The Crystalline Series (2011, Nonesuch, 1123TP7CDA, EU)
2011. The Crystalline Series (2011, Nonesuch, 1123TP7CDB, EU)
2011. The Crystalline Series (2011, Nonesuch, 1123TP7CDC, EU)


2001. Vespertine(2001, One Little Indian, UK, 12CD, Promo)

2002. Family Tree(2002, Polydor, 570 954-2, EU, 6CD)

2003. Live Box(2003, Polydor, 9808348, EU, 4CD+DVD)


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2000. SelmaSongs (2000, Polydor, 549204-2, EU)

2003. The Iceland Mysteries (2003, Blast Recording, BJ 102603 A-B, Netherlands, 2CD)

2005. Drawing Restraint 9 (2005, Polydor, 9872853, Belgium)

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