What if you need an Android platform but do not want to invest in a mobile device? The chances are you have to have an Android device to access the world-famous Google’s operating system, isn’t it? Well, not really! If it sounds intriguing to you, then read this post. Here, we will talk about Bluestacks, how you can download Bluestacks, and pretty much everything about this popular Android emulator.

The good news is that the mentioned questions can be answered with a single program that has been around since 2011. It is where you can taste the goodness of Android on a PC desktop. Let me give you good news with a question; have you ever heard of Bluestacks?

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Well, what started as a portal to play high memory-consuming mobile games through a powerful desktop, is now a full-functioning app player. The entire ecosystem of Android in the form of a desktop program, designed uniquely for your windows and Mac devices.


  • 1 Only BlueStacks, why?
    • 1.2 BlueStacks Features

Only BlueStacks, why?

This is due to the thriving app world which is expanding on an everyday basis for smartphone users. It’s not a secret that the most widely used mobile platform is Android which is Google’s operating system. There are other competing platforms; iOS and Windows to name a few. But as far as the universal compatibility is concerned, nothing beats Android. It’s currently the most compatible platform in the world.

Well, the fact that the most of the apps developed for the Android operating system are free to download is another contributory factor for its popularity.

There are various categories for these applications such as games, education, social, etc. Each of these apps can be downloaded on Android’s platform.

The quest to use these popular Android apps on a larger screen has resulted in this app player; Bluestacks. It was for solving this issue, ‘Bluestacks’ which is an American technology came up with this program. It came out as a unique platform that pushed the boundaries of the mobile ecosystem to desktops. BlueStacks App Player is also known as an Android Emulator for its ability to play all the Android apps on Windows and Mac devices. Bluestacks stimulates all the features of an Android device such as receiving text messages, access to the Google Play Store, developer Android mode, etc.

Statistical Data of Bluestacks

  • According to statistics obtained from various sources, it is estimated that almost 96% of the apps which are available for Android devices are compatible with Bluestacks.
  • Approximately 86% of the games which are available for Android devices can be played using Bluestacks than any other Android emulators.
Bluestacks 4 os update

BlueStacks Features

  1. Integration friendly: It integrates mouse, camera, microphone, sensors, everything. Bluestacks makes it easier to use Android apps on a Windows device. These integrations are particularly imperative for gaming purposes.
  2. Developers friendly: If you’re an Android developer, who wishes to check the performance of the developed Android app, you can do it using Bluestacks. It has a ‘Developers Test Support’ mode, which helps in completing the test smoothly.
  3. Gamers friendly: Gamers can now live-stream their game to Twitch or Facebook directly using Bluestacks without going through any hectic process.
  4. Quick updates: Soon after Bluestacks proved to be a success, the company released BlueStacks 2 and recently, Bluestacks 3. These are the improved and updated version for Bluestacks, with added features.
  5. Resembles Android Devices: The home screen of the Bluestacks App Player resembles the home screen of the Android devices. It has a similar menu and icons. Whenever an app installs, its icon appears on the home screen of Bluestacks.
  6. Easy App Installation: There are two different methods for installing an app on Bluestacks. Firstly, directly download it by using the Google Play Store. Secondly, download the APK of the app and then install it using Bluestacks.

Final Thoughts

Bluestacks 4.4 Download

Bluestacks has features that not many Android emulators can provide to its users. Also, it has a great helping community. People who seek any help can definitely find the answers to their problems in the forums. The developers of Bluestack are constantly trying to update the App Player according to the ever-changing needs of the people. Thus, they keep rolling out with the updates every now and then to make some minor changes or to remove the bugs from the previous update.

If you have any queries regarding Bluestacks Android Emulator then, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Happy BlueStacking!

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Bluestacks which was founded back in 2009, started a revolution to connect the gap between mobile and PC ecosystems. Bluestacks can run your favorite Android games on a desktop operating system. We all are well familiar while running Android applications using Bluestacks on Windows or Mac based PCs. But, what about when it comes to run Bluestacks on Chromebook? Well, we got the right solution for you – in this article, we will guide you through the process to run Bluestacks on Chromebook.

Chromebook is a PC running Google’s ChromeOS as the operating system. Google claims ChromeOS is one of the most simple and secure operating systems till date. Furthermore, Google adds up that Chromebook is easy to use, have inbuilt virus protection plus a long battery life to sustain for hours.

The biggest issue we face with our regular operating systems is that they slow over the time. Google has observed this flaw in most of the operating system and developed Chome OS which claims to be fast even after years of usage.

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  • Quick Bluestacks Features

    • Optimized environment to run Android applications smoothly.
    • Google Play integration.
    • Fully Customization Interface
    • Supports multiple operating systems.
    • Clean user interface.
    • Uses low system resources.
    • Regular updates.
    • Large community to discuss and get problems resolved.
    • and much more!

    It’s enough of basic information about Bluestacks and Chromebook, so without further ado let’s start the guide to Run Bluestacks On Chromebook.

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    Installing Bluestacks Using Google Play Store

    1. For this procedure to work, you need to check whether your Chromebook is compatible to install Android apps.
    2. Once you are sure that your Chromebook is compatible to install Android apps, search for “Bluestacks” on Google Play Store (If you don’t already have Play Store installed, you can get it by visiting this link).
    3. Now just run the Bluestacks launcher and you’re ready to enjoy Android applications on Chromebook.

    Running Bluestacks Using Rollapp

    1. Somehow if the first procedure doesn’t work for you, then you can visit Rollapp website which is a very useful website to access any software on your Web browser.
    2. Visit Rollapp’s website and search for “Bluestacks” and run the Bluestacks app online.

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    Installing Bluestacks Using Chrome Web Store

    Bluestacks 4 Os

    Bluestacks 4 Osx

    1. If either of the above two procedures doesn’t work for you, then you can get the Bluestacks application on Chrome Web Store.
    2. Just open Google Chrome, go to Chrome web store, search and install Bluestacks.

    We hope that you found this guide useful to run Bluestacks on your Chromebook. We have tried to include all of the possible procedure to access Bluestacks on Chromebook.

    Update Bluestacks 4

    This article has been written in a way to make it easy for you the understand each of the processes. Still, you can use below comment section if you encounter any problem while trying to install Bluestacks on your Chromebook. Maya 2014 for mac os. We love to hear from our visitors, drop your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

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