Most men who have really lived have had, in some shape, their great adventure. This railway is mine.”—James J. Hill“

Burlington Northern, Inc. Serves in the rail transportation business in the United States. It primarily transports low-sulfur coal, as well as agricultural commodities, forest products, chemicals. There are several section to the Burlington Northern Freight Train Symbol History. The freight train symbols are in numeric order by the last symbol used by each train on May 2, 1989. The list includes many trains no longer in operation. Many of these trains operated before the formation of Burlington Northern on March 3, 1970. WalthersProto 89' Thrall Bi-Level Auto Carrier - Ready To Run - Burlington Northern Rack, TTGX Flatcar #151004 (green, silver; yellow Flat) Part #: 920-101326 Advanced Reservation. Jan 10, 2021 - Anything and everything for the Burlington Northern Railroad! See more ideas about burlington northern, burlington, railroad. Over the years the number of major US railroads has dwindled, but Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) thrives as one of the survivors. Through its primary subsidiary, BNSF Railway, the company is one of the largest railroad operators in the US along with rival Union Pacific. BNSF makes tracks through 28 states in the West, Midwest, and SunBelt.

Others also found their great adventure with Great Northern—thousands of dedicated, loyal employees spent their working careers in service of the company.”—John Budd, president of the Great Northern Railway

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Burlington Northern (BN) formed from the merger of four long-affiliated railways that shared James J. Hill and John Budd’s spirit of railroading as a great adventure. Still, the move required complex planning and implementation programs. Soon after “M-day,” the electric-power industry summoned BN to transport immense amounts of low-sulfur coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana across thousands of miles of BN rail lines. To cope with the unexpected but exiting demand, the company hired and trained thousands of workers to improve the railroad, increase its capacity with a much larger fleet of coal-hauling cars and locomotives, construct new lines, build new sidings, add miles of double track, and upgrade thousands of miles of existing track to meet higher standards. In just a few years, BN lines were handling the highest tonnages of any railroad lines in the world—past or present. Burlington Northern: A Great Adventure, 1970–1979, the first in a two-volume series, covers this important decade.

Earl J. Currie spent forty years in line management of operations and maintenance in the rail industry, including as BN’s Senior Vice President–Maintenance and Transportation.

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