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Are you making metal fabrications and you want to open your design horizon to the cost-effectiveness of castings ? Maybe you are a casting designer for a foundry and you want to optimize metal yield ? Salesforce lightning for outlook mac download. This article announces that SF and the engineers behind SOLIDCast, FLOWCast and OPTICast are now working together for cost-effective casting design simulation, comparison and optimization in Canada. How do you choose from the casting simulation software list? Do you really need casting simulation? Continue reading “Your new casting design simulation, comparison and optimization service in Canada”

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Test the following programs for free. NovaOne Gravity - A quick and easy casting simulation software from NovaCast. NovaCast Systems. 161 views February 3, 2020. SUTCAST casting simulation will optimize your casting parts resulting in lower cost and higher productivity. To find out how you can get 88 days free trial to see how SUTCAST works for you please go to the contact us page and fill up the request form. The GoFormulate™ Formulation System is a pre-calculation / simulation design tool for use in formulating isocyanate reactive systems for the preparation of polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, and polyurea based products. It will allow you to balance the reactions while at the same time targeting certain processing ratio and properties.