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The number of options, directions, and aesthetic approaches you can take from simply adding a texture to your design is mind-boggling. Of course, not every design benefits from even the most subtle of textures, but you might be surprised at how a high-resolution texture can bring a design to life.

Knowing when to use a texture and which texture to use all boils down to the flow of the design and the priority of information on the page. It is a good idea to keep certain textures in mind while working on a project, but don’t finalize them until you’ve seen the design as a whole.

Texture selection can be an involved and time-consuming process. First, you have to search for that particular texture your design needs, and secondly, you have to test and tweak it within your design in the hope of discovering the one that actually works.

It is that search process we aim to help you with. What we have for you today is a vast selection of free high-resolution textures that are just shouting out to be used in your next design project.

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10 Ripped Paper Texture Set (By TuomoDesign, PNG)

10 Holographic Foil Print Effect Textures (By Spoon Graphics, JPG)

12 Organic Textures (By Envato Elements, PSD & AI)

7 Plastic Textures (By Alessandro Silva, JPG)

18 Free Grit Textures (By Diego Arriagada, PNG)

10 Chalk Textures (By Envato Elements, AI, EPS & PNG)

8 Free Vintage Textures (By Flash Graphics, AI & EPS)

24 Free Grunge Textures (By LTC Shop, PNG)

10 Halftone Textures (By Envato Elements, EPS & PNG)

10 Free Digital Grunge Textures (By Pale Supply, EPS & PNG)

10 Vintage Noise Animated Textures (By Diego Darriagada, AE)

10 Marble Textures (By Envato Elements, EPS & PNG)

10 Film Grain Textures (By Arkadzi Ulitski, JPG)

Black & White Seamless Textures (By Timxez, JPG)

Vintage Grit Textures (By Envato Elements, AI, EPS & PNG)

Seamless Vector Textures (By Timxez, EPS & PNG)

10 Vivid Gradient Abstract Textures (By Unio Creative Solutions, AI & PNG)

20 Stone Wall Textures (By Envato Elements, PSD)

12 Free Copper Textures (By The Designest, JPG)

5 Glued Paper Textures (By Indie Ground, JPG)

10 Sky Textures (By Envato Elements, PSD, AI & Sketch)

12 Film Dust Vintage Grunge Textures (By MiksKS, JPG)

24 Authentic 1930s Vintage Postcard Textures (By Spoon Graphics, JPG)

Blackview Free Vector Grunge Textures (By The Designest, PNG & EPS)

6 Free Wrinkle Paper Textures (By Deezy, JPG)

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16 Free Vintage Paper Textures (By Nassy Art, JPG)

5 Subtle Grunge Vectors (By Liam McKay, PNG, EPS, SVG, AI & JPG)

Free Artistic Paint Textures (By Deezy, JPG)

5 Holographic Textures (By Indieground Design, JPG)

5 Photocopy Noise Textures (By Indieground Design, JPG &PSD)

16 Free Sprayed Vector Texture (By Texture Fabrik, EPS & PNG)

8 Free Ethnic Abstract Textures (By Creative Veila, PNG)

Celtx free download windows 10

10 Free Marble Paper Textures (By Nastia Smiyan, JPG)

14 Urban Texture (By Nova Design Co, JPG, PNG & EPS)

36 Free Garden Textures (By Shiraz & Daryan., PNG)

8 Free Abstract Watercolor Textures (By Creative Veila, PNG & JPG)

10 Free White Subtle Grunge Textures (By GraphicsFuel, JPG)

5 Free Streaky Ink Textures (By Sivioco, JPG)

Celtx Art Pack Free Download

5 High-Resolution Brick & Tile Textures (By Michael Hylton, JPG)

22 Textures on Black Backgrounds (By Media Militia, JPG)

10 Old Wall Textures (By GraphicsFuel, JPG)

5 Free High-Resolution Wood Textures (By Isaac Gube, JPG)

Free Download Celtx For Windows

14 High-Resolution Graffiti Textures (By Orman Clark, JPG)

Celtx Script Download Free

25 Colorful Grunge Textures (By Michael Hylton, JPG)

9 High-Resolution Fabric Texture Pack (By Orman Clark, JPG)

Celtx Free Download Windows 10

6 Free High-Resolution Fabric Textures (By Design Instruct , JPG)

100 Free Blurry Textures (By PEPSized, JPG)

10 Free Dust & Dirt Overlay Textures (By GraphicsFuel, JPG)

20 Organic Vector Textures (By GraphicsFuel, PSD)

10 Free Withered Wood Textures (By GraphicsFuel, JPG)

9 High-Resolution Metal Surface Textures (By Orman Clark, JPG)

Celtx Free Download Mac

10 Free Concrete Textures (GraphicsFuel, JPG)

Free Wood & Paint Textures (By Eilert Janen, JPG & PNG)

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No dial pad in skype. While it is true that you can use very subtle, unobtrusive textures, you should also keep in mind that some textures can draw the eye more than just a solid color. This means that it’s best to use textures that create contrast and highlight areas of the page that are important.

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