Are you very much fascinated by the specifications of Aptoide app and looking forward to have this on your iOS device?

What Is Aptoide & Why Download Aptoide? Aptoide is basically an app store. Fortunately, it is available for both iOS and android. Since Aptoide is an app store, it consists of all the apps available in iOS app store and Google Play Store. But, why would some one build an app store just to include already available apps? كيف يمكنني الغاء تشغيل اللاب توب عند فتح الغطاء. ديمي مور تكشف كثيراً من أسرار حياتها في كتاب الشرق الأوسط. Jalebi (2018) Jalebi Movie Jalebi Bollywood Movie. العاب سكوبي دو 2018 - اعتماد حركة النقل الداخلي لـ2629 معلماً ومعلمة. ‎Download apps by Apple, including TestFlight, Beddit (for Model 3.5), Apple Developer, and many more.

If you are, then this article is surely for you guys. Since today I am writing a tutorial to help you out in download Aptoide for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.

Aptoide is a third-party app store which stores millions of apps to be downloaded. Downloading paid android apps for free is among one of the best features of Aptoide. You can actually download paid apps for free and have them on your device for unlimited time.

Download Aptoide

So here you need to follow some simple steps to download Aptoide on iphone and iOS device. I am sure you are eager to get the solution so without taking your more time lets head to the steps;

  • First you need to Download Aptoide on iOS device
  • Now tap on the downloaded file to begin the Installation process
  • After that you need to wait to get it completely installed on your iOS device
  • Ones it is downloaded you will have Aptoide icon on the homescreen of your device
  • Double tap on the Aptoide icon and start using Aptoide.

Alternate Method

In case above method does not work for you then you need to follow these alternative methods to enjoy all third-party apps.


I would recommend you to use Cydia if Aptoide does not work for you. Cydia is a third-party app store which allows you to download many paid apps for free along with many exciting apps which are not available on official apps store.

However, you will be required to Jailbreak your iOS to get Cydia app store on your iOS device. And do remember that Jailbreaking may turn your warranty void. So you need to proceed at your own risk.

This was my tutorial on Aptoide for iPhone, iPad and iOS device and I am sure it must have helped you getting Aptoide for your iOS devices. If you are facing trouble or issues in downloading Aptoide then feel free to send me your queries using the medium of comments, I shall try my best to assist you as soon as possible.

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Aptoide is an alternative app for Play Store that let the users download various apps and games for free of charge. Applications that have in-app purchases or paid apps in Play Store are available free of cost in Aptoide. Aptoide has a simple to use interface that helps users to navigate through the app easily. Aptoide has an alluring shelf: apps, games, movies, books and a lot more. With multi-lingual support, a user can also create their app store. Aptoide allows frequent updates available for all apps and games.

Most of us feel lethargic as an excuse when it comes to downloading an app, because app size become a barrier, either mobile is out of memory, or net doesn’t allow that much downloading. To do away with such tension, Aptoide is smaller in size, and works in all mobiles (Android or iOS), and also on PC and TV.

So, the question comes how to install Aptoide on Android, iOS, PC, and TV?

So, what users do mistake is when downloading they type name as Apptoid, Apptoide, Aptoid, but the actual name of the app is Aptoide.

How to Install and Download Aptoide APK on Android

The simplest way to download the app is to download the Aptoide APK from your built-in web browser.

Steps to Follow:

  • Open your Android devices and head over to official site Aptoide Download link.
  • Click on the link you find suitable for the downloading.
  • As soon as you find a link and click on download, your application will start downloading.
  • After downloading, find in your device where the downloading is done and click the aptoide.apk file to start its installation.
  • Once the app is installed, you can start using the app.

Barriers While installing.

Some users face the problem while installing; their mobile phones do not allow any unknown source file to get installed in the mobile phone, this is a security barrier, though a plus point because while using internet by chance some unwanted apps get downloaded, and this may raise security threats. But as we now know that Aptoide is a secure app and does not play with your details you can do away with this barrier in the setting:

– Go to Settings > Safety and Privacy > Unknown sources > Provide allowance.

As soon as you give allowance to install the app from unknown sources, your installation will start.

How to Download Aptoide for iOS

The Apple App Store is the official marketplace has a lot of Apps and games but many of them are paid or premium. Aptoide is a third-party app that allows downloading paid apps for free.

  • First of all, go to and find the download link. It is a third-party source for the setup file.
  • Click on the download link to start the download.
  • Once the download is complete, allow permissions to install the app.
  • Tap Install and ignore the other messages.
  • The app will get installed on your iOS device within a few seconds.
  • You can even see the app’s installation progress on the home screen on the app’s icon.
  • Now, go to the settings menu and go to Device Management & Profiles.
  • Find the profile associated with Aptoide and trust it.
  • Now you can finally use the application and enjoy its services.

Downloading For PC

Windows PC comes in the picture while downloading Aptoide for better uses, but as the app is originally intended for Android devices, it becomes a trick to download Aptoide for Windows PC.

Many of you might know or don’t know about the Windows PC app Bluestacks. Bluestacks is android emulator app that allows its users to freely use any android software on Windows PC. Like Whatsapp, and other .apk apps that simply are made to run on mobile phones, do also work on Windows PC, using Bluestacks. This line is for the test. You can even play games like temple run and other android based apps on your PC.

Download Bluestacks

  • You can download Bluestacks form here,
  • Now Back on Downloading Aptoide for Windows PC
  • Your major step or First step starts when you download and install Bluestacks on your
    Windows PC.
  • Once you successfully install the software, the users need to navigate to the download page on your Windows PC.
  • Just click to open the software and launch the Android emulator on your Windows device.
  • Go to the search field and enter the name of the app that you want to download on your
    Windows PC.
  • Enter Aptoide app in the search field and search for the app.
  • From the results shown choose appropriate Aptoide application on the screen.
  • All you need to do is click the download button of Aptoide and continue the downloading process.
  • You can then install the Aptoide application on your Windows 7, 8, 10 PC without any hassle.

DONE!!! You can now use the application on your Windows PC.

Install Aptoide on TV

As per a human best assumptions, we have put forth what all you can think, of where Aptoide application can work, but taking it further, you can also use your Aptoide Application on TV. Aptoide has an Android Smart TV (and Android set-top box) version called Aptoide TV. Now you must be thinking what all Aptoide TV gives you.


3 ways to download and install Aptoide:

Install from Browser

Aptoide For Ios Free Download

Mexico empty spaces the blog free. This is the easiest way, just go to Aptoide TV install page and click on Install AptoideTV

Install via USB

On either your smartphone or computer, download the android installation file and put the APK in a USB Pen drive and connect it to your TV. Use a file manager app to open the APK.

Download Aptoide For Iphone Free Band Youtube

Install via WiFi (Requires ES File Explorer)

ES File Explorer offers a Net Manager feature, in which we can transfer the Android phone’s app to
Android TV. You need to make sure that you both your android smartphone and tv, are connected to same network (LAN, WiFi), and you need to have ES File Explorer installed on both devices.

In Android TV: Receiver Side

  • Start ES File Explorer program; once it is up and running, you need to open Net Manager Tab. Under Homepage view, you can find Net Manager tab in Network category.
  • Confirm that you’re connected to Net Manager. You can see “You have joined a network,
    SSID is your-wifi- spot-name”. Keep this display.
  • In Android Phone: Sender Side
  • Connect a device to the same Wi-fi as your TV.
  • Launch the ES File Manager. Go to your homepage tab, and Under your Homepage tab, find and click on the icon with text “APP.”
  • App Manager shows the list of installed apps on your device. Select and long press (touch)
    apps that you want to sideload on Android TV.
  • After selected, press “send” button on overflow menu.
  • The app will start scanning to find the common network device and shows on the list once it is found.
  • After you select the target device whom you want to send the file to, you can press the “send” icon button to send apk file.
  • After confirming on the receiver side, ES file explorer starts to send the app to the target device.

In Android TV: Receiver Side

  • Receive APK and Install
  • When the confirmation display appears, press OK to proceed.
  • Choose the folder to copy receiving files.


So, all in all, what we have discussed is that Aptoide is a great App for multi Devices downloading facilities. Enjoy using the app, on your Android Mobile Phones, iOS Devices, Windows PC, and on TV.


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  • 3 Downloading For PC

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