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E-Transcript Viewer

  • OsiriX Lite, the free demo version, is the solution. OsiriX Lite is available for Mac computers running macOS. OsiriX Lite enables you to view your medical images at home. The installation is quick and easy.
  • Download a CLT Viewer. After you receive your PTX file in CLT format using the directions in the above step, you’ll want to vew that CLT file on your Mac. There’s a few ways to do this. (a) Download the free Clarity Viewer for MacOS (b) Download the free Clarity Viewer for your iPad or iPhone (search the APP store).

Opening transcripts in the Viewer gives you the same functionality as opening any other file types in the Viewer. For more information, see Viewer. When you open transcripts in the Viewer, you also have the ability to add the following annotations.

Just like with the popular Adobe PDF Viewer, after you have downloaded the E-Transcript Viewer once, you can open any RealLegal E-Transcript file you receive.

Westlaw Case Notebook

Portable E- Transcript Professional grade application available for your iPad or iPhone. You can revise and annote E-Transcripts anytime, anywhere.

Case View Net

Live testimony immediately appears on your computer screen as the court reporter writes realtime into your CaseViewNet Client software.


Free-and-Easy Realtime Viewing Software with Instant Auto-Refresh From Your Friends at Advantage Software.

E Transcript Viewer Free For Mac Download

Clarity Legal’s DepoSmart

Annotate transcripts on Mac OS X or Windows.When connected to Realtime depositions, DepoSmart allows users to hyperlink exhibits to pertinent words in a transcript, create issues, video clips, and more.

iCVNet (for iPad)

Stenograph’s iCVNet iPad app provides attorneys and judges instant viewing of realtime deposition and trial transcripts on an iPad.

DepoView (for iPad)

DepoView for iPad is a simple, easy to use deposition review and management tool designed specifically for use with the iPad.

Adobe Reader

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader

LiveNote Stream Manager

LiveNote Stream Manager enables reporters to transmit live deposition transcripts. LiveNote Stream Manager streams transcripts to Westlaw Case Notebook.

E Transcript Viewer Free For Mac Windows 7

Electronic Transcript
E Transcript
Adobe PDF

At Foldy Reporting we are often asked about getting a legal transcript via e-mail. It may be called an electronic transcript. Attorneys and legal professionals often wonder which file format will best meet their needs. Here is information about the most popular formats: ETranscript, ASCII, Adobe PDF.


E Transcript Viewer Free For Mac Pc


Of this group, RealLegal E-Transcript format is the only one that is specific to the legal industry. Since its product launch in late 1990, E Transcript has continued to gain popularity.

E-Transcript files are usually sent as a .ptx file. Opening to view these .ptx files requires downloading E-Transcript Viewer software by the recipient. E-Transcript viewer is a Free download on the RealLegal Website.

ETranscript .ptx files will not open in any other software program. However, once open utilizing E-Transcript Viewer, you can export transcripts to ASCII, PDF, as well as other file types.

E Transcript contains a hyperlinked word index. Click on any word in its word index to be instantly taken to pages where it appears. Your ETranscript is completely text-searchable with many printing options, including your ability to print your own condensed legal transcript including a word index.

File Viewer For Mac

Scanned exhibits may be 'bundled' with your E Transcript. Hyperlinks will connect exhibit names and references to the scanned exhibits. The hyperlinks will show up as underlined text. Simply clicking on Exhibit 5, for example, will cause that exhibit to open and display onscreen.

  • The most feature-rich format, providing the widest range of compatibility
  • Each user must download ETranscript Viewer software

Photo Viewer For Mac

E Transcript Viewer Free For Mac

ASCII format has been in use for many years. ASCII files generally appear as .txt files, that are compatible with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Windows text programs such as Notepad, Wordpad and Mac computers. The ASCII file is, basically, universal. ASCII files are also easily imported into legal case management software.

The ASCII file is easy to open or import, but it is actually nothing but text. Additional features only come from programs used to view it. It prints terribly when opened in programs such as Notepad.

  • ASCII file is the most compatible with legal case management software
  • Provides the least functionality