This is a treasure house of circuits that address many applications. Robotics, analog circuits, digital circuits, electronic measurements, microcontrollers, arduino. You name it, it is there! The circuit collection is from 2000 to 2014 from the annual circuit collections issues of Elektor magazine. 307 Circuits Elektor Electronic ISBN Clearance This time as well, two tables are printed here. July 1, by Elektor Team Distance Measurement using Infrared In the form of the GP2D02, Sharp have produced a sensor which, with the aid of a microcontroller, can provide reasonably accurate measurements of distances in the range 10 to 80 cm. The circuit can easily be poses. Powered from two 9 V batteries, as its One of this circuit's greatest attributes is current consumption is only 25 mA that its lower voltage threshold is really and, in any case, the tester is hardly and truly O V - a commodity which likely to be switched on for hours on very few other circuits can boast.

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