ERNIE BROOKS, just 39 when he died, designed the one-seat gyrocopter in his garden shed in Tudhoe Colliery and built it at a commercial garage in Low Spennymoor. The first flew in 1962. IN the 1960s, Ernie Brooks in his garden workshop designed a revolutionary single-seater gyrocopter. It took the aviation world by storm and was predicted to transform local air mobility as the motor car of the air. The engine was in fact a converted Volkswagen engine. It had a cruising speed of 80mph and priced at around PS1,150. A Mini-Gyro Plane, developed by Ernest Brooks of County Durham offers economy flying within a motoring budget. Vanavil tamil software free download for windows 7. SHOTLIST: LS mini-gyro being towed by Mini at airfield near Darlington. CU name Gyroplane. MS mini-gyro pushed off trailer. MCU Mini boot opened and petrol can & funnel taken out. MCU petrol poured into mini-gyro by Ernie Brooks.

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Ernie Brooks, from Tudhoe Colliery, designed a one-seat gyroplane, the Brooklands Mosquito, in his garden shed and then built it in his garage at Coulson Street, Spennymoor. He was planning to open a factory in the town but tragically Ernie died on March 9 1969, aged 39, when his Brookland Mosquito crashed 150ft at Teesside Airport.

Trevor Brooks, Ernie’s nephew, has rebuilt a Mosquito gyroplane which was revealed at a lunch at the Daleside Arms in Croxdale to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ernie’s death. It was then taken to Teesside airport and will be displayed at the Sunderland Air Museum next to the Nissan factory. Shirley Jennings, a gyropilot and instructor from Cornwall, chronicles the early days of gyroplane flying in Britain in her book Spinning on the Wind: A Gyronaut’s Tale. A blue plaque is now displayed on his house at 45 Attwood Terrace, Tudhoe.


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