Fallout 4 may be a long way off but these weapons must make an appearance.

Fallout 4 Dart Gun

Just a heads up to people wondering why the dart gun is no longer crippling legs and doing poison damage For the gun effects in the TaleofTwoWastelands esp the guns effect is replaced by a dummy one, use FNVedit to copy over the old dart gun effects into the new one, dont just copy the whole effect list or it overwrites the 2 already in there to reduce target dt and another im forgetting, you. 5 Dart Gun (Fallout 3) Crafting might not have been incredibly strong in Fallout 3, but it was responsible for some of the strongest items in the game. No weapon exemplifies this better than.

Whilst no official announcements have been made recently regarding a follow up to 2011’s Fallout: New Vegas there has been plenty of speculation regarding possible content for the game, whether it’s guesses, some of them educated, on potential locations or the nature of the main protagonist it seems everyone has strong opinions on a game that may never be made.

When thinking about the Fallout Universe it would be impossible to ignore the fantastic array of weaponry available, from Unique items such as the Lincoln Repeater to the more standard Laser Rifle the design and effect of the weapons has reached iconic levels.

So with this in mind we take a look at some of our favorite weapons from the series that we certainly want to see make a return when, or if, the next game is released.

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Not all weapons in Fallout are range based and the Shishkebab has to be one of the more amusing and deadly melee weapons in the game. Essentially a flaming sword the Shishkebab not only deals out 35 Damage but adds a savage 8.1 Damage per second for 5 seconds as your victim burns. Effective and fun at the same time.

Dart Gun

The Dart Gun was a real Godsend in Fallout 3, why you ask? Well mainly because it had the power to cripple Deathclaws, giving you half a chance to take them out effectively. Whilst it’s stats seem rather weak, only 6 Damage followed by a further 8 Damage per second for 8 seconds, it was the hidden bonuses that made the Dart Gun so useful, dishing out 1000 Damage per leg, essentially an instant crippling effect on even the toughest opponents. Enttec open dmx usb drivers for mac.

Plasma Rifle

Fallout 4 Dart Gun Accessories

Ahhh the trusty Plasma Rifle, where would the Wasteland be without it eh? Well, it would be a lot safer but let’s skip over that. The Plasma Rifle is probably the most iconic of all the Fallout weapons with it’s green glow and industrial paint job. As one of the standard weapons in the game we are certain that it would make an appearance in any future games. Turning a Deathclaw into a pile of goo is a sensation you never get tired of.

Fallout 4 Dart Gun Mod

Fallout 4 Dart Gun

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Rock-It Launcher

Whilst a very silly weapon the Rock-It Launcher was great fun and surprisingly powerful, packing a mighty 50 Damage. Building the Rock-It Launcher lead to many players getting very sidetracked, scouring the Wastelands, searching for the silliest items to fire at their foes. That was the real joy of this weapon, firing Teddy Bears or Toasters at your foes was simply hilarious.

Riot Shotgun

The Riot Shotgun was absolutely lethal, firing out scatter shots at 67 Damage and obliterating most foes with ease. It genuinely felt really cool taking out enemies with it, very few weapons in a game can make you feel invincible but the Riot Shotgun did just that. Suddenly you didn’t worry at all about running into a room full of Super Mutants as you had old faithfull with you, ready for action.

Fat Man

The weapon that makes your foes almost wish for a Nuclear Winter before duly giving it to them. The Wasteland is essentially ruled by the effects of Nuclear War so what better that a heavy weapon that shoots Mini Nukes? The Fat Man really is the ultimate in heavy damage and lets face it, watching those mushroom clouds go up for the first time was awesome. If there is one weapon that has to feature in a new Fallout game it’s the Fat Man.

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Fallout 4 Gun Mods

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