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OCIO offers a variety of public domain, bulk purchase, and site-licensed software to the Ohio State community. Distribution of site licensed software varies according to the application; see Distribution Methods below for details.

Downloads - Free University Software Brian Monroe January 05, 2021 22:41. This page has software that students, faculty, and staff can download. Software for Students The following list of software includes popular campus applications utilized by students and other academic constituents. Although it is recommended students download and install the following applications on their own computing devices, the new Virtual Software Lab service is also available as an alternative option in.

Site Licensed Software

Available Software by Platform

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  • Broad Multi-Platform Agreements

Access to download software from the OCIO site is restricted to current Ohio State University faculty, staff, and students. The right to distribution of site licensed software is limited to the Office of the CIO. Individuals are strictly prohibited from loaning such software or making a copy for anyone else.

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Free Office Software For Students

Distribution Methods

Free Windows Software For Students

There is a complete summary of all software available from OCIO at the Available Software by Platform list above. Software is distributed via several channels, but all software on our local servers can be requested through our self-service pages. Software distribution methods include:

  • Electronic distribution via the software distribution server (start at our self-service pages).
  • Additional Site Licensed Software distribution can be obtained from three walk-in areas on campus:
    • Tech Hub offers the Microsoft Personal Use software and the Adobe Personal Use software.
    • The BuckeyeBar in Thompson Library is the primary distribution point for software media distributed directly by OCIO that is not available via download. Some software is provided on a media exchange/loan out basis, while other packages can be purchased at discount. If you request software from OCIO, you will be notified when it is prepared for pickup.
  • Registered Site License Software coordinators can request certain additional software products for departmental distribution. An SLS Coordinator is authorized through their department chair or unit director to partner with OCIO to distribute site licensed software to end users within their department or unit. They must be a regular faculty or staff employee. You may request to become a coordinator through our self-service pages (select 'more options' under the software services order forms).

Free Software For University Students Admission

NOTE: If you as the end user wish to send a student or other employee (proxy) to pick up your software, that proxy must provide the BuckeyeBar with a note signed by you authorizing the proxy to get the software media and, if applicable, a properly filled out eRequest or an eRequest reference number.