• ACID Xpress is the next free recording mixer software for Windows. It is primarily an audio editing software and comes with all standard audio editing features like Audio Effects, Timeline, Time Selection, Split, Trim, Join, etc. Besides audio editing tools, it comes with essential recording mixer tools namely Multiple Tracks and Audio Recorder.
  • Free, open source, cross-platform audio software. Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. Developed by a group of.

When we record voice files with the help of smartphones or PC, they are not always up to the mark. Most of the time, they lack quality and can bring a negative impact on the audience if we publish that. Here comes the necessity of voice recorder tools that make such low quality recorded files to awesome recorded tracks!

There are plenty of voice recording tools available online that support Windows 10. But not all the tools are easy-to-use and give you high-quality output audio tracks. I have done a lot of trial and error methods to find out the most suitable voice recorder for Windows 10 that solves all the issues and produces extraordinary audio tracks. On this page, we'll talk about the top 9 voice recorder tools on Windows 10 that turn the low-quality audio files to the noise-free audio tracks within minutes!

This free software from Roemer Software is a sound recording software that is used for recording streaming audio, internet radio, meetings, webcasts, seminars, classes, tapes, etc. It is an MP3 sound recorder.

1. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is the software that comes at the top in the list of the best voice recorders for Windows 10. It not only produces high-quality audio output but also allows you to edit the audio files, add effects to that, share them through social media platforms, and a lot more. Apart from that, you also can use it to record any area on your screen, capture webcam, record live streaming video, and grab popular gameplay by using this screen recording software.


  • Simple user interface
  • In-built audio editing options are available
  • Can do screen and webcam recordings, gameplay recordings
  • A free version of this software is available
  • Supports all types of file formats


  • Only for Windows

Let's find out how you can record an audio file using EaseUS RecExperts from the stepwise instructions mentioned below.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, you can choose one of the four main functions on the main screen. Here you need to click 'Record Audio'.

Step 2. In the 'System sound' setting, you can select the audio type you need to record, such as System sound, Microphone, System sound and microphone, and Record without audio. And then click the 'REC' button to start recording.

Step 3. When you finish recording, you will see your audio recording file in the video list, and then select the file and right-click it that you can compress, edit, share, and rename your audio file.

You also can click the 'Open folder' button to find this audio file on your computer.

2. RecordPad

The sound recording tool that easily records audio from notes, sounds, or any form of music. It is best suitable for recording digitized representations to support mp3 and WAV format soundtracks.

RecordPad has made it easier to record audio tracks using your PC, laptop, or any other devices quickly and easily. It also allows the user to send the recorded files through emails.


  • The output file can be saved on hard drives
  • Simple and robust recording software allowing to record audio tracks for personal and professional use
  • You can burn the file directly to CD/DVD while doing the recording


  • Works better for small size audio files

Link: https://www.nch.com.au/recordpad/index.html

3. Ardour

When you are looking to extract the audio track from a video, then this software can turn out to be quite handy. The software is one of the easiest voice recorders for Windows 10 that allows the user to record audio tracks through multiple channels.

You can easily record clear audio tracks and save it on your Windows 10 desktop/ laptop and keep it for future editing tasks. The best thing is that the files recorded by this software occupy very little space on your PC and can be deleted anytime when there's a space issue.


  • The voice recording software is available for free to download
  • It records any audio track very quickly
  • The simple interface makes it easier for users to record high-quality audio tracks with less/no efforts
  • Powerful editing features available


FATEK Automation Corp. Was established in 1992 in Taiwan by a group of engineers engaged in PLC design and development for many years. Since its establishment, FATEK has strived for R&D in order to provide high-quality, high-function and user-friendly automatic control products. The product line focuses on PLC, HMI, IoT solutions, SCADA application software, OPC Server and power supply, etc. Software Name Version Size Updated Type WinProladder: V3.25 Build 19118: 3.11MB: 2016-05-23: URL: FBs-30GM ProgramBlockandIOPlugin V1.1: V1.1: 8.49KB: 2015-04-20. Fatek winproladder.

  • A mobile application is not available
  • It occupies a huge space in the memory

Link: https://ardour.org/

4. Audacity

One of the most popular audio recorders for Windows 10, it is available online for free, though there is an option of donating funds for this voice recording software to support the advanced development. Otherwise, it is a 100% free, open-source tool that allows professional audio recordings through any devices of your choice.


  • It is completely free, and an open-source audio recording tool
  • The software supports all types of operating systems
  • Live recordings can be done through microphones or any other devices


  • There's no premium version available for this software for privileged users
  • You need to clear too many captchas when you visit the official website of Audacity

Link: https://www.audacityteam.org/

5. WavePad

A free voice recorder and audio editing software for Windows 10 that works perfectly with Windows, macOS, and Linux based operating systems. Plenty of features make the tool appreciated worldwide, whereas one can get more advanced features integrated with this easy-to-operate audio recorder as you purchase a premium version of it.

The software supports all types of file conversion and produces high-quality outputs with most popular file formats such as MP3, OGG, WAV, AIFF, GSM, VOX, WMA, and a lot more.


  • The audio recording software is available for download for free
  • Batch processing is supported
  • It supports all types of major file formats
  • While recording the audio, you can control the track by amplifying it, normalizing it, or equalizing it


  • The free version of the software has limited functionalities
  • Even after performing the noise-cancellation process completely, sometimes there are too many distortions that can be found
Best free online voice recorder

Link: https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html

6. GoldWave

It's a very old and renowned voice recording software for Windows PCs. The software is available to download for free, while there is also a paid version of the software available with many more features and functionalities. Apart from voice recording, you can also use this tool for recording any type of audio through any devices and make awesome audio tracks for your social media channels.


  • Available for free
  • Plenty of editing options are available with multiple effects
  • It supports almost all types of file formats and export files of all types of popular file formats


  • The free version has limited features and functionalities
  • Online support is lacking in some cases

Link: https://www.goldwave.com/

7. Zynewave Podium Free

It's a top-class audio recorder and editor that supports all types of operating systems and works completely fine with Windows 10. It's free software with lots of freeware plugins available at Zynewave's official website.

Zynewave is a famous name when it comes to audio recording processes. It produces high-quality audio tracks when blended with powerful editing features. In spite of performing all the basic recording and editing functionalities, this free voice recorder for Windows 10 lacks a number of features and functionalities of the Zynewave Podium software.


  • Performs basic audio recording and editing work
  • Very easily accessible and one can become an expert with this software very quickly
  • It has a very simple user interface, helps to get the output file in no time


  • This is the free version of the Zynewave audio editor with very basic and limited functionalities
  • You can use only 50% of your total CPU usage while using this free software

Link: https://zynewave.com/podium-free/

8. Recorder Ones

When you are looking to make lengthy audio recordings, then you can definitely try out using Microsoft's Recorder Ones software. This software is not only available for free but also allows you to create awesome audio tracks and save them within the DropBox.


  • Long recordings can be made
  • Available for free
  • All the files will be auto-saved
  • The output file can be saved on your PC or mobile phones


  • It does not support MAC or Android
  • Works only on specific system requirements

Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/recorder-ones/9nblggh65v5j#activetab=pivot:overviewtab

9. Lucky Recorder


A very simple and powerful audio recorder powered by Microsoft mainly serving the purposes of making high-quality playbacks, recording long meetings, class lectures, online lessons, and more. The voice recorder for Windows 10 supports almost all types of file formats and allows you to share the recorded audio files with your friends and family through social networking channels without leaving the application.


Free Voice Recorder Transcription Software

  • One-click recording features
  • It supports very lengthy recordings, there is no time limit


  • Very simple and powerful user interface
  • It doesn't have any editing advanced options
  • The free version doesn't have much to offer

Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/lucky-recorder/9wzdncrdgjrp?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

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Free Voice Recorder For Computer

Recording audio is not just about making it noise-free. The audio track should also be pleasing, soothing, making people understand each and every sound with accuracy and perfection. From my personal experiences, I can say that I have tried and tested many famous audio recording tools for Windows 10 and finally decided to stick to EaseUS RecExperts (it's mentioned at the number one in the list above). Comparing the features, pros, and cons, and pricing, I feel EaseUS RecExperts is the best among all the other audio recorders for Windows available in the market.