23” High resolution Multi-color LCD

Furuno FAR-2107 Series Service Manual. Download Service manual of Furuno FAR-2107 Series Marine Radar for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. This version of Furuno FAR-2107 Series Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: FAR-2107 Series, FAR-2117, FAR-2137S, FAR-2817, FAR-2837SW. Page 3X-band antenna for FAR-2157 50 kW TR up (8 or 10 ft ANT selectable) The FAR-2157 radar is suitable for detection of vessels and buoys under most sea conditions. The 50 kW high-power output enables long range detection and its long antenna delivers high-resolution images. Page 4The chart may be displayed in combination with radar images.



Furuno Marine Radar Far 2157 Service Manual

Advanced signal processing for improved detection in rough sea

LCD display providing crisp radar images

Designed to comply with SOLAS carriage requirements for all ships

Up to four radars can be interswitched in the network without an extra device

Automatic plotting/tracking of 100 targets manually or automatically acquired

Easy operation by customizable function keys, trackball/wheel palm module and rotary controls

Low spurious magnetrons meeting ITU-R unwanted emission standards

Displays 1000 AIS equipped targets

Catalogue No. R-185b

The future today with FURUNO's electronics technology.


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FURUNO's user friendly concept and leading-edge technology are integrated! Reliable performance, Ease of installation

EBL controls

VRM controls


Menu Item Selector (wheel and enter keys)



Function Keys

Full-keyboard Control Unit

Palm Control Unit

The control head has logically arranged controls in a combination of push keys and trackball. Well organized menu ensures that all operations can be done by trackball.

Good pizza great pizza - cooking simulator gamecooking simulator game. Alternative to the Full-keyboard Control Unit or additional as

a remote operation.

This series of radar comply with
IEC 60936-1 shipborne radar IEC 60936-2 HSC radar
IEC 60872-2 ATA
IEC 60945 General requirements IEC 61162-1 ed 2
IMO MSC.74(69) Annex 3

The revolutionary FAR-28x7 series of X- and S-band radars are

the result of FURUNO’s 50 years of experience in marine electronics and advanced computer technology. This series is designed to meet the exacting standards of the International Maritime Organization


(IMO) for all ships.

The display unit employs a 23.1” LCD which provides an effective picture diameter of larger than 340 mm. The SXGA monitor provides crisp radar images, which are presented in a selectable color with

a day and night background color for easy observation in all lighting conditions. Different colors are assigned for marks, symbols and texts for user-friendly operations.

Target detection is enhanced by sophisticated signal processing techniques.Two guard zones can be set at required ranges in any sector. Other ship’s movements are assessed by advanced target tracking software and alerted by CPA/TCPA data readouts.

The FAR-28x7 series can display AIS-equipped ships, when connected with an AIS transponder.

The radar antenna is available with 4, 6.5, or 8 feet radiator. For the X-band, the rotation speed is selectable from 24 rpm for standard radars or 42 rpm for HSC. The S-band radar is also available with the antenna radiator of 10 or 12 feet. The S- band radar assures target detection in adverse weather where an X-band is heavily affected by sea or rain clutter.

100 Base-TX Ethernet Network System

Antenna Unit

Antenna Unit

Furuno Radar Repair

Radar System 1

Radar System 2







Antenna Unit

Antenna Unit

100 Base-TX





Other Radar Images

Chart Information

COG, SOG, STW, etc.

The radars can be connected to an Ethernet network for a variety of user requirements. SOLAS Chapter V as amended requires X- and S-band radars for ships 3000 GT and over. Each of X- and S-band radars can be interswitched without using an extra option. Up to four radars can be interchanged in the network. In addition, the essential navigational information including

the electronic chart, L/L, COG, SOG, STW, etc. can be shared in the network.


Antenna Unit

Antenna Unit

Furuno Marine Radar Model 1623







Here is the list of antenna selection for FURUNO ARPA Radar FAR-21x7/28x7 series.

FAR-2117/2817X-band, 12 kW, TR up
FAR-2127/2827X-band, 25 kW, TR up
FAR-2827WX-band, 25 kW, TR down
FAR-28137S/2837SS-band, 30 kW, TR up
FAR-2837SWS-band, 30 kW, TR down
X-band antenna for FAR-2117/2817/2127/2827/2827W
S-band antenna for FAR-2137S/2837S/2837SW

100 Base-TX Ethernet Network System

The 100 Base-TX Ethernet is utilized to network up to four sets of FAR-21x7/28x7 series radar with ECDIS FEA-2107/2807. This Ethernet data link gives high-speed and stable navigational data sharing amongst the equipment networked within the system. This network capability gives options to choose from a single station system configuration to complete Integrated Navigation System (INS).

Target Tracking(TT: ARPA)/AIS

The FAR-21x7/28x7 series radar delivers full TT functionality and can plot up to 100 targets. In addition, this radar series is displaying up to 1,000 targets received from the AIS transponder system. Detailed information about the targets can be shown in data cells on right hand side of the screen. TT/AIS information Scheme gives the operator full control over dense traffic. The type of AIS Symbol shows if it is a sleeping target, a normal target, a selected target, a dangerous target or a lost target.

AIS Symbols

COG/SOG vector changes its length with speed. ROT mark is viewable at the COG/SOG vector tip when a target has FURUNO Satellite Compass SC-50/110 or gyrocompass, which deal ROT serial sentence, installed.

Guard Zones

Automatic Acquisition Zones

Two automatic acquisition zones can be set in a sector or in any form. These zone act as suppression zones, avoiding unnecessary overloading to the processor and clutter by disabling automatic acquisition and tracking outside them. Targets in an automatic acquisition zone are shown with an inverse triangle. The operator can manually acquire important targets without restriction, an essential aid and source of information on assessing the situation.

Guard Zones and Anchor Watch Zone

Guard Zones generate visual and audible alarms when targets entered the operator-set zones. One of the Guard Zones can be used as an anchor watch to alert the operator when own ship or targets drift away from the set zone.

CPA Alarm

Furuno Radar Reviews

The target tracking symbol changes to a triangle when its predicted course violates the operator-set CPA/TCPA so that the operator may be notified of the approaching targets to the own ship for collision avoidance. The operator can readily change the vector lengths to evaluate the target movement trend.

Furuno Far 2827

Target Trails

Target trail feature generates a monotone or gradual shading afterglow on all objects on the display in order to help clarify traffic situation. Echo trails can be displayed in either true or relative motion (only true trail on TM). Relative trails show relative movements between targets and own ship. True motion trails require a gyrocompass signal and own ship speed input to cancel own ship's movement and present true target movements in accordance with their over-the-ground speeds and courses.

Radar Map


A radar map is a combination of lines and marks whereby the operators can define and input the navigation area and route planning/monitoring data. The radar map can include up to 20,000 points for lines and marks. The map data can be saved to facilitate repeated use on a regular navigation area. Planned routes created on ECDIS can be transferred onto a radar display when networked with ECDIS.

Furuno Marine Radar Far 2157 Service Manual Number

Stress-free Operation through Ergonomically-designed Control Unit

Furuno Marine Radar Far 2157 Service Manual Pdf

The control head has logically arranged operation Scheme through a combination of push keys and a trackball. Well-organized menus ensure that all operations can be performed with a trackball.

Full-keyboard control head

Furuno Radar 1715 Manual

Trackball control head
Alternative to the Full-keyboard type or additional control head to be placed close to captain chair for remote operation.