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As 80 percent or more of the IT and security workforce relocate to there homes due to COVID-19 the cyber theat does not stay the
same, it increases. What are you doing to increase cybersecurity readiness, and mitigate new threats to your cybersecurity attack surface and training readiness.

About Global Infotech Global Infotech, headquartered in the USA is one of the leading global consulting and IT service providers in product development, consulting and support services. We constantly exceed clients’ expectations by providing high quality innovative business software solutions that strengthen and transform their business. Global Infotech has built its Engineering expertise in various mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. On Mobile User Interface, it offers state of art UX designers who design the Mobile interface considering constraints, contexts, screen, inputs and workflow. PT Global Infotech Solution. Leading a solutions in database management system, wireless managed services, business server, fin-tech software. Based in Jakarta Pusat.

GIT’s has adapted to the new cyber climate and is ready to provide cybersecurity support remotely for RMF (Risk Management Framework), POA&M (Plan of Action and Milestone), ATO (Authority to Operate) as well as distance training support. We understand that this crises brings new challenges. GIT is ready to support you in the transition.

GIT is flexible to the Varying needs of its customers, resulting in increased security and reduced risk.

The Globe InfoTech is the Growing Organization that is constantly working for Innovative Business Opportunities. IT Management of Online Businesses is a crucial aspect for them and they need the digital partner for this goal.

GIT's 30 years of combined experience in information assurance and cybersecurity includes programs for the U.S. Army, U.S. Airforce, DHA (Departnment of Health Agency), GPS (Global Positioning System) and MDA (Missile Defense Agency)

Global infotech pvt ltd

GIT is versed in all six steps of RMF but has also been involved with these steps in multiple roles:

  • Categorization
  • Selection
  • Implementation
  • Assessment
  • Authorization
  • Monitoring

Training and Education

We provide a diverse Cyber training, education, and leader development package for MDA.

Analysis and Planning

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track crawler access.

Relevant Reporting

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track crawler access.

30+ years’ Information Assurance and Cyber Security


Our team members involved in operations from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim represent extensive operational experiences, diverse backgrounds, and seasoned business management qualities. GIT has earned numerous prime contracts, offering both solid teaming opportunities and strong partner relationships. As a prime or subcontractor our aim is to always delver our customers professional excellence equipped with a set of capabilities that are adaptive, flexible, and expansive.

Education & Training

Developing a strategy and
roadmap for success.

Analysis & Planning

Planning elevated cyber security

Global Reach

We support all DOD programs and
their partners.

Global InfoTek, Inc. (GITI) is a woman owned business with an award-winning track record of designing, developing, and deploying best-of-breed technologies to empower the Warfighter and Analyst. GITI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our proven track record of delivering game changing solutions provides our customers with the confidence of receiving solutions that achieve their mission goals; even when those goals challenge the norm, push the envelope and ask for capabilities other contractors cannot deliver. Download bangla books download quran software pdf. We assist our clients with:

  • Enterprise Application Development and Engineering
  • Cyber and Information Assurance
  • Applied Research and Development
  • Program Management

Global InfoTek, Inc. is focused on rapid development and transition of solutions to the Warfighter and on delivering outstanding customer service. GITI develops and integrates advanced information technology. Our staff of senior scientists and software architects apply their expertise to build innovative solutions for our customers, on time and on budget. GITI is based in Reston, Virginia, and has staff deployed worldwide.

Global Infotech Scam

Exceptional Track Record

Global Infotech Corporation

Global InfoTek, Inc. has an exceptional track record of delivering highly innovative solutions to meet demanding customer requirements. We have a profound commitment to our customers, demonstrated by the receipt of a perfect rating in an independent survey of our customers by Dun & Bradstreet, and by our receipt of multiple national awards from DARPA for our work.