Different from other audio streaming websites, SoundCloud hosts originally created contents aimed to provide amateurs as well as professional musicians to share their recordings online. This Swedish-based company was founded in August 2007 in Berlin, Germany. If you are a big fan of original music, radio dramas, audiobooks and other products, subscribing to this site will definitely broaden your musical perspective. Besides, you can use SoundCloud downloader for Mac to save your favorite audio contents directly on your computer.

Dec 12, 2011 SoundCloud Downloader, as common as the name is, is a downloader app for Mac, which allows you to search for a song from the said service, download it, and add it automatically to your iTunes folder. The app doesn’t have a music player, which means you cannot preview a song before downloading it, and will only know if you’ve got the right.

  1. SoundCloud Downloader, as common as the name is, is a downloader app for Mac, which allows you to search for a song from the said service, download it, and add it automatically to your iTunes folder. The app doesn’t have a music player, which means you cannot preview a song before downloading it, and will only know if you’ve got the right.
  2. Alternatively, you can download music from its media library by clicking on “Discover” icon. Here the songs are classified according to the top list, genres and artist name. Select the music file and then select the output format. After you have found your music, select output format either MP3 or MP4 and then click on “Download” button.

However, Mac OS has a great limitation when it comes to download audios. Especially on SoundCloud, some WMA files are not able to be downloaded and played in browser. Besides, majority of the tracks uploaded on the site are not allowed to be saved. If you are having difficulties in downloading your favorite music online, worry no more because below are some of the best programs you could use to easily download SoundCloud contents.

Best 3 Mac SoundCloud Downloader

Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac

If you want an all-in-one audio recording program fully compatible with Mac OS X including the most latest EL Capitan, then the Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is what you need best. This software allows you to record literally any sound playing from your computer. You can use it to grab songs from YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Skype audio conversations, QuickTime, MySpace, VEVO, SoundCloud, and many more.

What’s great about this SoundCloud ripper for Mac is that it can record any sound playing on your computer whilst maintaining 1:1 quality. It doesn’t have time and file size limitation, you can use it to record any audio as long as you want. Also, you can easily set scheduled tasks for a more efficient recording using this software. It is additionally equipped with an intelligent ID3 tagger so you can effortlessly identify as well as edit music track information for a more organized music library. Other features of this Mac audio recorder include split recording, simple audio editing and many more.

To download music from SoundCloud on Mac, first you need to download this software and then do the following instructions:

  1. Launch the software and click the “Settings” button to adjust settings accordingly. Customize the appropriate audio source, file format and keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Play the music you want to record from SoundCloud.
  3. Click the red button to begin recording and click the same button again to stop once done.
  4. Your file would be automatically saved, just switch to the “Library” interface. There provides the options which support you to play, edit, rename or identify info for the music.


If you don’t want to install additional programs on your Mac, there’s another program you can use to grab songs from SoundCloud. Anything2MP3.com offers a highly specialized web tool that can convert as well as download streaming audios online. This website supports SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Dailymotion, Dropbox, LiveLeak and many more.

With this site, you don’t need to pay just to start using its services. Moreover, it doesn’t require memberships or sign-ups. Within several clicks, the SoundCloud downloader for Mac will download audio files smoothly.

  1. From SoundCloud, copy the URL of the webpage containing audio.
  2. Open Anything2MP3 on your browser and paste the link into the blank download bar.
  3. Click the “Convert” button below. Wait until converting process completes.
  4. Then click the download link to save the file on your Mac.
How To Download Music From Soundcloud To Itunes For Mac

Anything2MP3 is a great tool for downloading SoundCloud audio. However, its conversion and operating speed is not so reliable. The output audio format is only limited to MP3. Also compare to other software, the quality of grabbed audio isn’t at par.


Piezo is yet another SoundCloud ripper for Mac. This program needs to be installed on your Mac computer and can do tons of things aside from the ability to download songs online. It has a clear interface, offers a one-click audio recording button, supports recording from apps such as Skype and provides magnifier tool to find recorded files.

Piezo supports web audio recording from different browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox. It can equally grab songs from DVDs as well as playing movies. Moreover, you could also utilize it to grab songs from playing videos, web streaming services such as Spotify, Rdio, MOG and many more. Recording audios using external sources such as microphone is equally supported.

However, not everything with it is absolutely amazing. Downloading the software is free but then right after ten minutes of recording, a noise is overlaid on top of the audio file. It is likewise compatible only to Mac OS X meaning one cannot use it on other operating system such as Linux and Windows.

Clear enough, there are many Mac SoundCloud downloader available out there. You can use the web tool or desktop programs to easily grab audios playing from SoundCloud. If you just want to download audios from the said site, using the online tool is okay. But to download high quality songs and manager them flawlessly on any OS including Mac OS X El Capitan, the program like Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is more suitable.

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How To Download Free Music To Itunes

Is there any easy way to download music from SoundCloud to iTunes?

SoundCloud is a huge database with lots of music from different genres and artists. Having such songs in your iTunes library would come with tones of advantages. These songs must however be downloaded using an appropriate application. Fortunately, there are a number excellent applications that can help you download music from SoundCloud to iTunes with ease. One of the best software to use is iMusic.

Part 1. Best Tool to Download Music from SoundCloud to iTunes

If you are an Apple user, you definitely understand how crucial iTunes is in the general organization of your music, videos, and TVs among others in a single place. Fortunately, iMusic music downloader is a great application that can help you solve this problem. This app is no doubt a smashing tinker tool for iPhone, iPod, iPod users when it comes to music download. This tool features amazing capabilities that would virtually entice every user. It can download and record music from more than 3,000 sharing sites which you can later transfer them to your iOS device, Android Device and portable external drive. It supports iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. This tool is well tested and provides an unmatchable experience.

iMusic - Best SoundCloud Music Downloader to iTunes

  • Discover and Download - iMusic downloader features an in-built music library from which you can access and download multiple songs of different genres, artist as well as moods depending on your interest.
  • Download music from multiple sites - With this program, you can download music files from nearly all music sharing platforms over the internet which include YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Hulu, Twitter, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Spotify among others; precisely over 3,000 sites.
  • Online Recorder - This application features a recording feature to enable users to record killer songs on their devices especially when listening to radios and the ID3 tags such as genre and artist name are added to the recordings.
  • Transfer Music - iMusic makes it easy to transfer media files such as music files, playlists, iTunes U as well as podcasts between Apple devices including iPhones, iPod, iPad, and iTunes Library.
  • Robust Toolbox - iMusic Downloader has a powerful toolbox, which is essential in general, management of music related problems in your iTunes Library, iPad, iPod, as well as iPhone devices.
  • 1 click to transfer downloaded music and playlist to USB drive to enjoy in car.
  • Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists to CDs easily.

How to Download Music from SoundCloud to iTunes in iMusic:

Step 1. Click on GET MUSIC and search for music. On the main interface, click on “GET MUSIC”. This is where you will access music download options. Here, you are provided with three options, Discover, Download and Record.

How To Download Music Into Itunes Library

Step 2. There are basically two ways in which you can download your music. The first case is to click Discover button where you shall be provided with a list of music sources. Click the download icon beside the song of your interest.

The other option is to click the Download button from where you will be able to see the Download window. Open your web browser and locate your favorite song in the SoundCloud database. Once you have found the song, copy the webpage address and paste it in the iMusic download box. Here, you can make use of the in-built browser as well.

Step 3. Select output format. After pasting the song’s address, choose the appropriate format for the song you wish to download. You can either choose the MP3or MP4 option as the format.

Step 4. Download SoundCloud music to iTunes. The elder scrolls v skyrim. In case iTunes Library is installed on your device, then the songs would automatically be saved in the iTunes Library. Otherwise, the SoundCloud downloaded songs would be saved to your media library. You can locate these songs by going to LIBRARY then the download icon.

Part 2. Tips Related to Download Songs from SoundCloud to iTunes

SoundCloud Downloader is a webapp to online download SoundCloud tracks, songs, music in MP3 format. On the above, we have recommended the easiest way to download SoundCloud music to itunes by iMusic. Here we collected some tips related to downloading song from SoundCloud to iTunes, hope these could help you a lot.

Q1: I want to download a song from Soundcloud to my iPhone, is that available?

Solutions: Yes, It is done through the SoundCloud Pro App and you need to pay for it. If you don't want to pay for it , you could try iMusic(win& Mac available) to download soundcloud songs completely free of charge.

Download Itunes For Mac Free

Q2: Are we able to download the soundcloud songs & playlist from Android mobile?

Solutions: Yes, it does. This Soundcloud downloader tool-iMusic is highly optimised for Mobile version . It can let you feel easy to transfer SoundCloud songs from iTunes to Android Phone . Enter the URL of the soundcloud songs or soundcloud playlist and then click Download. Few Seconds later the download process will be initiated. Then Connect your android phone to the pc, choose 'Transfer music from iTunes to device'.

How To Get Free Itunes Music

Q3: How much does it cost to use Soundcloud?

Solutions: SoundCloud Pro supports SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited. The Pro service costs users $7 per month, while the Pro Unlimited service costs $15 per month. So expensive right? Why not try our iMusic -all-in-one-music management tool to hlep you download, record, transfer and manage music between iTunes and PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod/ easily and safely. All for free trial.

Q4: How do you make an account on Soundcloud?

How To Download Music Onto Itunes

Solutions: First, Go to www.soundcloud.com and click the orange “Sign-up” button on the top right corner of your screen. Second , select your wanted music or mp3, last verify your account.

Q5: I want to listen to music offline on Soundcloud, is that available ?

Solutions: To let individual playlists available for offline listening, open the playlist and click 'save offline' button . Then you'll see how many tracks are left available for offline listening in the orange progress bar on the bottom of your screen on iOS, or in the pull-down menu on Android.