Aug 02, 2019 Artaeum is the third largest island in the Summerset Isles. It is south of Summerset and Auridon. The only way to enter Artaeum for the first time is through the Keep of the Eleven Forces. The Psijic Order is based here. Artaeum Wayshrine; Interesting Locations: Colosseum of the Old Ways; Delves: Traitor’s Vault. Based on the quantity of moldering ruins on Artaeum, once there must have been many more Monks of the Psijic Order than are present today. This hall looks to have been abandoned more recently than most.

Antiquities System in ESO

The Antiquities system in The Elder Scrolls Online allows you to find treasures, relics and knowledge hidden around the world of Tamriel (most zones), to be able to use it you need an active ESO Greymoor Chapter.

It is important to note that although the Antiquities System is only available to Greymoor Chapter owners, it is not limited to the Skyrim Zone, but covers most of the lands available in ESO, including those available in DLCs.

The list of potential finds is extensive and includes new and unique Markings, Adornments, Emotes, three new Ancestral motifs, siege weapons called Magicka Lances, Ebon Dwarven Wolf mount lot of new furnishings and in particular six possible one item Mythic Sets.

Especially at higher difficulty levels, the Antiquities System is a great source of gold in the game, because some of the finds can be sold, and in addition to the main find we find additional items. Within a few days, with no problem I dig up 100K gold worth of items, and the developers ensure that the value of items I can find exceeds 300K gold.

Antiquities has two new skill lines

  • Scrying - uncover hidden loot location
  • Excavation - digging a treasure

How to start Antiquities

To start recover lost artifacts you have to:

  • Own ESO Greymoor Chapter
  • Go to Solitude City in Western Skyrim
  • Find and talk to Verita Numida in Antiquarians Circle
  • Get Antiquarian's Eye tool
  • Get and finish The Antiquarian Circle Quest
  • Get and finish The Antiquarian's Art Quest - tutorial


Every antiquity you want to find and dig, has its own Lead. Lead contains information about the name of the searched object, what type it is, where you can use it and what is the difficulty in finding it.

After you finish starting quests for Antiquarians Circle you will got new tab in your Quest Journal: Antiquities, there you can check what Leads you have.

Each Lead is assigned to a specific Zone and can only be used there. Each Zone has one basic free Lead that you can find in Quest Journal: Antiquities, they are reusable.

All other Leads are one time use, however you can find them many times. Some, the most powerful items require up to 5 separate Leads to dig them up completely.

Leads are account bound and are not tradable. They are up to date for 30 days, then disappear. You can find them again.

To be able to find high level (best) Leads you have to have a high level Scrying Skill Line, especially a skill Antiquarian Insight.

    Leads Difficulty Levels

  • Green - Basic - you will earn 1 exp, its possible at lvl 1
  • Blue - Intermediate - you will earn 3 exp, its possible at lvl 3
  • Purple - Advanced - you will earn 5 exp, its possible at lvl 5
  • Gold - Master - you will earn 10 exp, its possible at lvl 7
  • Orange - Ultimate - you will earn 10 exp, its possible at lvl 10

    Lead Types

  • Mythic Items - each item need 5 separate leads to complete
  • Furniture - Antiquity Furnishings, Maps and Music Box.
  • Motifs - Ancestral High Elf, Ancestral Orc and Ancestral Nord
  • Mount - Ebon Dwarven Wolf
  • Cosmetics - Body and Face Markings, Crown, Coronet
  • Emotes - Alinor Allemande
  • Siedge Weapons - Magicka Lances
  • Treasures - to sell for gold, Green 250 gold, Blue 1000 gold, Purple 5000 gold.

Sources of Leads and Leveling

Leads are assigned to a specific Zone, which means that you can only find them in a given area. To access all Leads you will need all Chapters and DLCs so ESO+ is required.

'Free' Leads are in your Antiquities System from the beginning. You get one Free Green (Basic) Lead for almost every zone you have access to.

After finding and digging Green (Basic) Lead, you'll receive the Blue (Intermediate) Lead as a reward, after finding and digging it you'll get Purple (Advanced) Lead. After finding and digging Purple you can start again Scry Free Green Lead for each Zone and again you'll get Blue and then Purple Leads.

This is a simple way for Leveling of Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines without having to search for hidden Leads.

There is a popular theory among the ESO community that all (leveling) is worth doing only in Artaeum, because the land is small and it is easy to move around. In my opinion, there is no such need and it is boring and tiring.

You can easily go around all the lands available to you and dig up Free Green leads for them. In the next circuit you can do the same with Blue and then Purple Leads.

To gain experience points in Scrying and Excavating Skill Lines, you have to complete a full Scrying and Excavating cycle for a specific item and bring it out successfully.

Lead Locations

  • Free Green Leads from Antiquities System
  • Free Blue Leads from diging Blue Leads
  • Free Purple Leads from diging Blue Leads
  • Treasure Maps - finding Treasure Chests from Treasure Maps are a source of most Motifs Leads
  • Inn Vendors - in every inn (most zones) you can buy Green Lead for 1000gp if you got Pathfinder Achievment for this zone.
  • Public Dungeons Bosses - chance for Purple and above Lead
  • Safeboxes - chance for Purple and above Lead
  • Thieves Troves - chance for Purple and above Lead
  • Raw Material Nodes - chance for random Leads
  • Random Mobs - chance for random Leads
  • Psijic Portals - chance for random Leads
  • Fishing - chance for specific Leads
  • Some Delve Bosses - chance for specific Leads
  • Some rare NPCs - chance for specific Leads
  • Specific Bosses - most of Mythic Items Leads are from specific Boss or Bosses in specific locations (see below)

So you can get most Leads through various activities in a particular Zone.


Scrying is a mini game of locating the dig site where Antiquitie is buried.

To start Scrying in a given Zone you must have a unused or repetable Lead assigned to this Zone.

At first, Scrying looks like a difficult process, and its level of complication increases with the Lead level, but that's just a semblance.

The most important is raising the level in Scrying Skill Line, the next skills make the Scrying process much easier and at high levels it becomes very easy.

Actually, you can win the mini-game of Scrying entirely using only Coalescence Skill (whose power increases with levels) and single clicks.


Excavation consists of two steps, first finding dig site and second extraction of treasure.

When locating dig site you should have your Antiquarian's Eye fitted in quickslot, using it you get tips on where to look.

When you find the dig site, the second mini game - extraction begins. You must excavate the artifact. In addition to the main relic, you have the chance to find additional treasures.

If you fail to extract the artifact the first time, you can try again looking for another dig site in the same region.

Excavation also looks like a complicated procedure whose difficulty increases with the treasure level, but the truth is that it all depends on the level you have in the Excavation Skill Line. And at the end everything becomes very simple.

Advanced tools are unlocked at higher levels of Excavation Skill Line.

  • First use Angur to locate place to dig.
  • Then use two time Hand Brush Skill for rising Intuition points and leveling the ground.
  • Next use Heavy Shovel to remove large layer of soil.
  • Next repeat 2 times Hand Brush to generate Intuition and then Heavy Shovel again.
  • Trowel i great for removing gas sources

If you fail to dig up an item, find another dig site within the same area to try again.

Mythic Item Leads Location Maps

You have to find five separate leads for each Mythic Item.

You can only use one Mythic Item at a time.

Drop chance is random.

Ring of the Wild Hunt Leads

One Item Set The Ring Of The Wild Hunt - Increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat. Increases your movement speed by 45% while out of combat.

Symbol of Yffre Lead Locations


Location:Pelda Tarn or Thodundor's View World Bosses.

My attempts to succeed:1

Info: Solo or Group, I tried Pelda Tarn only once and I succeeded, maybe I was lucky.

Face of the Serpent Lead Locations


Location:Elden Hollow I Group Dungeon - Canonreeve Oraneth Boss

My attempts to succeed:3

Info: Group, this is an easy dungeon, Canonreeve Oraneth is last Boss.

Band of Water Lead Locations


Location: Bad Man’s Hallows Public Dungeon Boss

My attempts to succeed:1

Info: Solo or group, any Boss in this dungeon, my was Skitterflame.

Charm of the Shapeless Lead Locations


Location:Bok-xul or Echoing Hollow World Bosses

My attempts to succeed:3

Info: Group of solo, drop was on Bok-xul.

Face of the Wolf Beast Lead Locations

Zone:Malabal Tor

Location:Any World Boss

My attempts to succeed:8

Info: Group or Solo, my drop was from Bone Grappler Nest

Thrassian Stranglers Leads

One Item Set The Thrassian Stranglers - Killing an enemy grants you a persistent stack of Sload's Call, up to a maximum of 20 stacks. Each stack increases your Spell Damage by 150, but also increases your damage taken by 2%. Removing Thrassian Stranglers, crouching, or going invisible removes all stacks of Sload's Call.

Nautilus Shell Gaurds Lead Locations


Location:Karnwasten Public Dungeon - Gilleruk the Viscous

My attempts to succeed:1

Info: Solo or Group, it is highly likely that other Bosses in Karnwasten also drop this lead.

Inert Anemone Inlay Lead Locations


Location:Soulfire Plateau World Boss

My attempts to succeed:4

Info: Group, other Bosses in Auridon will probably also be OK

Coral Planting Lead Locations


Location:Fishing Saltwater

My attempts to succeed:2 hours, about 100 Worms, Saltwater Baits

Info: Solo, it was quite tiring .. there are about 9 fishing spots in Artaeum, and there were about 10,000 fishermen.

Sticky Integument Leather Lead Locations

Zone:Eyevea (Artauem or Summerset)

Location:Psijic portal in Summerset or Artauem

My attempts to succeed:1

Info: I got it on first try in Psijic Portal near road to Sunhold in Summerset. Psijic Portals are in a fixed same location.

Bouyant Steel Lead Locations

Zone:Stros M'Kai

Location:Fishing Saltwater

My attempts to succeed:15 minutes of fishing

Info: There are lot of saltwater fishing spots in Stros M'Kai, I take north one.

Malacaths Band of Brutality Leads

One Item Set The Malacath's Band Of Brutality - Increases your damage done by 25%. You cannot deal critical damage.


Malacaths Brutal Scourge Hoop Lead Locations

Zone: Betnikh

Location:Random Mob for me it was Wasp, but its random.

My attempts to succeed:3 hours of killing

Info: Solo, it was frustrating but you have to believe that a millionth killed Mob will have a drop. The bright side is that I have collected many other interesting things, including other Leads.

Malacaths Brutal Might Loop Lead Locations


Location:Any Old Orsinium Public Dungeon Boss for me it was Great Zoraluma

My attempts to succeed:3

How To Get To Artaeum

Info: Group or Solo

Malacaths Brutal Ritual Oil Lead Locations


Location:Any Bonesnap Ruins Public Dungeon Boss for me it was Lughar

My attempts to succeed:1

Info: Group or Solo

Malacaths Brutal Rune Core Lead Locations

Zone:Bal Foyen (Imperial City)

Location:Imperial City Upper Bosses (Patrolling Horrors)

My attempts to succeed:no success, but the information is correct

Info: Large Group, this one is hard one, you have to kill one of Imperial City Upper Bosses (Patrolling Horrors): Amoncrul, Baron Thirsk, Glorgoloch the Destroyer, Immolator Charr, King Khrogo, Lady Malygda, Mazaluhad, Nunatak, The Screeching Matron, Volghass, Ysenda Resplendent, Zoal the Ever-Wakeful

Malacaths Brutal Ritual Dust Lead Locations

Zone:Reapers March

Location:Waterdancer Falls World Boss

My attempts to succeed:20 (no luck?)

Info: Group, there are 3 of them hard for me to kill it solo.

Snow Teaders Leads

One Item Set The Snow Treaders - You are immune to Snares and Immobilizations that can be cleansed. While in combat, you cannot Sprint

Snowy Sabre Cat Fur Strip Lead Locations


Location:Direfrost Keep Group Dungeon - Drodda of Icereach Last Boss

My attempts to succeed:4

Info: Group, its last Boss.

Petrified Snow-Cedar Lead Locations

Zone:The Rift

Location:Giant Camp World Boss

My attempts to succeed:2

Info: Group or Solo

Auri-El Metal Carvings Lead Locations

Zone:Bleakrock Isle

Location:Any Random Mob - for me it was Bear

My attempts to succeed:30 minutes

Info: Solo

Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates Lead Locations

Zone:Coldharbour (Cyrodill)

Location:Underpall Cave in Cyrodill - Raelynne Ashham Boss

My attempts to succeed:2

Info: A trip full of emotions in the land of PvP. You must remember that this information is also known to other players, so I will be very surprised if you do not meet anyone there :). I did it like this: I hid around the corner, waited for the currently dominant group to attack the Boss, fired a bow, sprinted to the corpse .. and died. It worked the second time.

Glacial Metal Rivets Lead Locations

Zone:Western Skyrim

Location:Any Boss in Labyrinthian for me it was Blackmaw.

My attempts to succeed:2

Info: Group or Solo (some are hard to solo). Here are Bosses in Labyrinthian

Bloodlords Embrace Leads

One Item Set The Bloodlord's Embrace Set - Dealing damage with a Bash attack places a persistent, un-cleansable Blood Curse on an enemy. You can only have one Blood Cursed enemy at a time and dealing additional Bash damage moves the Blood Curse. Blocking an attack from a Blood Cursed enemy restores 685 Magicka to you. This effect can occur every 1 second.

Thirsting Girdle Lead Locations


Location:Crypt of Hearts I Group Dungeon - Illabris Athro

My attempts to succeed:4

Info: Group, Illabris Athro is last boss.

Sanguine Doublet Lead Locations


Location:Village of the Lost Public Dungeon - Any Boss - my was Aez the Collector

My attempts to succeed:8

Info: Solo or Group

Goblet Gorget Lead Locations


Location:Spindleclutch I Group Dungeon - The Whisperer Boss

Eso How To Get To Artaeum

My attempts to succeed:3

Info: Group, its last Boss

Fanged Cuirass Lead Locations


Location:Sanguine’s Demesne Public Dungeon - Any Boss - my was Shrom

My attempts to succeed:1

Info: Solo or Group

Hecatomb Tassets Lead Locations

Zone:Khenarthis Roost (Imperial City)

Location:Imperial City Sewers - any Boss

My attempts to succeed: no success, but the information is correct

Info: Large Group, this one is hard one, you have to kill one of Imperial City Sewers Bosses: Emperor Leovic, General Kryozote, Hzu-Hakan, Lady of the Depths, Gati the Storm Sister, General Zamachar, Otholug gro-Goldfolly, Taebod the Gatekeeper, Ebral the Betrayer, General Nazenaechar, Secundinus the Despoiler, Wadracki.

Torc of Tonal Constancy Leads

One Item Set The Torc Of Tonal Constancy - While your Stamina is less than 50%, increase your Magicka Recovery by 450. While your Magicka is less than 50%, increase your Stamina Recovery by 450

Torc Strand of Lore Lead Locations

Zone:Alikr Desert

Location:Forsaken Heart's Cave - Korignah Boss

My attempts to succeed:3


Info: Group or Solo

Torc Strand of Song Lead Locations


Location:Blackheart Haven Group Dungeon - Captain Blackhaert its last boss

My attempts to succeed:2

Info: Group

Torc Strand of Power Lead Locations


Location:Druitularg's Ritual Altar World Boss

My attempts to succeed:4

How To Get To Artaeum Eso

Info: Group, you can also try Short Tusk's Hillock and Grove of the Abomination World Bosses

Torc Throat Guards Lead Locations


Location:Anka-Ra Burial Site Bosses or Nirncrux Mine Bosses

My attempts to succeed:no success, but the information is correct

Info: Group, Anka-Ra's Avowal, Anka-Ra's Crucible, Anka-Ra's Mettle, Anka-Ra's Plight, Anka-Ra's Vigil, Defunct Nirncrux Mine, Neglected Nirncrux Mine, Overrun Nirncrux Mine, Pillaged Nirncrux Mine, Secluded Nirncrux Mine

Torc Tonal Focus Lead Locations


Location:Crows Wood Public Dungeon - All Bosses my was Buron

My attempts to succeed:5

Info: Solo or Group

How To Get Artaeum Takeaway Broth

Mythic Items in The Reach & Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern

Pearls Of Ehlnofey

Neck: Adds 169 Stamina Recovery, ARCANE Increases Maximum Magicka by 877.

Part of The Pearls of Ehlnofey Set (0/1 Items)

(1 item) Whenever you cast a healing ability while your dominant resource is under 30%, gain 5 Ultimate.

Even in total darkness, this string of iridescent pearls glistens like sunlight on calm seas. To wear them is to know the quiet strength of the Earthbones themselves.

Ring of The Pale Order

Ring : Adds 169 Stamina Recovery, BLOODTHIRSTY Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% Health by up to 350.

Part of The Ring of The Pale Order Set (0/1 Items)

(1 item) Restore 15% of the damage you deal as Health. You cannot be healed by anyone but yourself.

Bleak heraldry covers the surface of this knightly signet. Those who place it on their finger feel a cold rush of power .. and a deep, nagging paranoia.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.