1. Install Libpcap On Kali Linux Version
  2. Install Libpcap On Kali Linux Ubuntu
  3. Install Libpcap On Kali Linux Virtualbox

To Install the Lazy Script you will first need Kali Linux system which you can download from its official website. Step 1: Copy the github repository from the following Link. Before doing everything note that it is all about Linux and not windows so please make sure you are doing everything in Kali Linux itself.

Kali Linux has 400 software pre-installed, but if we talk about repository then it consist of more than 2000 tools. and sometimes we need to install the software in Kali Linux. so the question is this “how to install any software in Kali Linux apt-get?”

In this tutorial I am going tell you about apt-get utility, which is used for managing software. In the sense of managing => install new software, remove installed software, update software, purge software etc.

The APT is a Kali package manager is used for handling package utility is known as “apt-get”. It is a powerful command-line tool for managing software package. It is used for installing and removing packages in Linux. It is installed packages along with their dependencies. Dependencies are the additional packages required for other software. For example: The best friend of pentester is Metasploit is written in Ruby programming language. Without Ruby installed in your system, Metasploit could not work launch. So Ruby is a dependency on Metasploit.

  1. Install libpcap-dev sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev Which will install libpcap-dev and any other packages on which it depends.
  2. Nov 22, 2018 Here are the commands to install hcxtools on Kali Linux. Sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libpcap-dev git clone https://github.com.

Installing extra software packages by apt-get command is simple and straightforward.

Syntax :


sudo apt-get install{package_name}
For example, if you want to install the gimp package
apt-get install gimp

Before installing any packages on the system, it is recommended that update first. The syntax for performing updates follows:

sudo apt-get update

The upgrade function is used for download and install all newer version of installed software package in Kali Linux. Use following commands for upgrading Kali Linux:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Distribution upgrade function work similarly to upgrade function, however, this function upgrades the version of the distribution. When this command is used kali will be raised from version 1.0 to 1.n or 2.n and so on. Syntax

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Apt-get can work as remove packages, if packages are not useful anymore then it can be remove by using following Syntax

sudo apt-get remove {package_name}

Just for example try to removing “leafpad” and install again
apt-get remove leafpad

apt-get install leafpad

At the time of upgrading distribution the Operating System’s software packages are replaced by new and improved version. The auto remove function will remove old version package no longer needed for functionality of system. Syntax

sudo apt-get autoremove
It should be perform after upgrade or distribution upgrade.

This function will erase software packages completely with related configuration files in one fell swoop. It is dangerous when used incorrectly or by mistakes. So use remove for uninstalling software packages. Purge can be used by the following syntax:

sudo apt-get purge {package_name}

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Packages are downloaded from the source in the system, unpackaged, then installed on system. Package will reside on the system, which are no longer necessary after installation of package. These packages consume the memory and need to be cleaned away. Use following command and launch clean function :

sudo apt-get clean

Auto-cleaning additionally cleans the framework in a comparable manner as the clean unction; notwithstanding, it ought to be pursued update and dispersion moves up to the framework, as the autoclean capacity will uproot old bundles that have been supplanted with new ones. Syntax:

sudo apt-get autoclean


apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade

apt-get autoremove && apt-get autoclean

If you have any question related how to install software in kali linux comment below in comment box. You can join our forum for more discussion. It is free for you!


MODULE 3:- Basics of Kali Linux

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Kali Linux is one of the most advanced hacking OS systems from Linux family. Kali Linux is filled with many hacking tools and supporting learners and hackers worldwide. There are many versions of Kali Linux which provides a good user interface and desired environment.
The Lazy Script is designed to help many users to save time and work. The script can install many hacking tools easily with just a few inputs, saving a lot of time of the users. The user is helped in the way all the manual tasks are avoided.

How to install The Lazy Script?

To Install the Lazy Script you will first need Kali Linux system which you can download from its official website.

Step 1: Copy the github repository from the following Link. Before doing everything note that it is all about Linux and not windows so please make sure you are doing everything in Kali Linux itself.

Step 2: Open the terminal and type the following commands:

We used cd Desktop for simplicity and to find the folder easily. After cloning the script change your directory to lscript by using the following command

Install Libpcap On Kali Linux Version

Step 3: After that check for the installer .sh file and follow the command:

If the terminal shows permission denied, then it is because the file is not given executable permission. To give it permission type the following command

Again type the command ./install.sh and this time you have prior permissions to do that.

Step 4: After running the script you will be asked to accept terms and conditions, type YES to accept. Then you will be asked to enter network interfaces that the system use. For the first line type eth0mon and for second line type eth0.

The Script looks like this after installing.

Use the script and enjoy many tools with one choice, no wasting of time in searching and installing, make your life easier.
A sample working:

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Install Libpcap On Kali Linux Virtualbox

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