An update is available through Windows Update for the following versions of MSN Toolbar and Bing Bar:

Hello TechNet and Beta group for Win-7! Win-7 seems to have many great features, I am checking out more everyday, Thanks! Right now, it is compatibility with the MSN Toolbar. Not really able to fully use much of Win-7 in the on-line feature mode, due to what appears to me as incompatibility with Win-7 right now. Windows 7 makes it easy for you to personalize your workspace. When you first start using Windows 7, none of its built-in toolbars are added to the taskbar. You can, however, add any of the following toolbars: Address toolbar: You can use this to directly enter pathnames for files and folders you want to open or URL addresses for Web pages.

This update improves the stability and the reliability of these toolbars. After you install this update, the currently installed toolbar on your computer is upgraded to Bing Bar version 6.3.
Note MSN Toolbar is now known as Bing Bar.

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Issues that this update resolves or improves

This update resolves an issue in which the toolbar causes Windows Internet Explorer to crash. Additionally, the update provides a deeper integration of the toolbar with Windows Live Hotmail and with Windows Live Messenger.
After you install this update, the following extensions are installed in Internet Explorer:

  • Bing Bar version 6.3

  • Search Helper

  • Bing Bar BHO

Download information

Microsoft Update

Msn Toolbar Download


This update is available from the Microsoft Update website:

Where Are My Toolbars On Msn Homepage

How to obtain the latest version of Bing Bar

Install Msn Toolbar Windows 7 Download

You can also download the latest version of Bing Bar from the following Microsoft website: