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An item is one thing, usually in a group or a list. At a restaurant, you might find yourself interested in a particular item on the menu (until you notice the price and decide to order a hamburger instead).

  1. The items method returns a view object. The view object contains the key-value pairs of the dictionary, as tuples in a list. The view object will reflect any changes done to the dictionary, see example below.
  2. Returns an Items collection object as a collection of Outlook items in the specified folder. Expression A variable that represents a Folder object. The index for the Items collection starts at 1, and the items in the Items collection object are not guaranteed to be in any particular order.

Item is a Latin word meaning “likewise.” As early as the 15th century, this word was used in formal writing to introduce each point in a list (like a medieval version of the bullet point). The meaning of item has continued to evolve. Since the 1970s, it’s been used in casual speech to refer to a romantically involved couple: 'Did you hear? Avery and Sam are an item!'

Cards of cthulhu video game. Cards of Cthulhu is a great solo card game with an interesting Lovecraft theme. The card quality is high- they are actually difficult to shuffle at first due to the card thickness. The artwork is very good, and the included metal coins and colored dice are a great touch and good quality as well. CARDS OF CTHULHU is the Roguelike Card RPG full of madness. Experience the unique combination of strategic deck-building with fast-paced combat and face-off parody. The Cards of Cthulhu is a solitaire card game that pits you against the forces of The Great Cthulhu and other Elder Gods. You will battle Cultists, slay Minions, banish Horrors, seal the Gates, and protect our world from the enveloping insanity that threatens to consume us all! The Cards of Cthulhu is a great game for any gamer ages 12 and older. This 1-4 player card/dice game involves combating various monsters from the Cthulhu universe separated into Minor, Major and Unspeakable Horror cards across 4 different Cult boards. Along the way, your character can bring followers with special abilities into play that may or or may not have a cost.

Items For Sale

Items ¶ The main goal in scraping is to extract structured data from unstructured sources, typically, web pages. Spiders may return the extracted data as items, Python objects that define key-value pairs. Scrapy supports multiple types of items. A list of all the items in Rocket League. Welcome to Rocket League Garage, world's first Rocket League fan site. Items in the Adult-Only category are kept separate from the rest of the eBay experience so members can decide for themselves if they want to view these listings. Accessing the Adult-Only category. To visit the Adult-Only category on eBay, go to the Adult-Only - opens in new window or tab section.