1. Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire Guide

Download Patch Version 6.04(25,6 MB)
If the server ask for a password, confirm the empty one!

Patch ver. 6.04 changes:

Crash bugs fixed:
- Grenade through window crash bug.
- Freeze bug in random locations.
- Crash occured if NPC was hit by explosion and start speak with mercenaries same turn.

Other fixes:
- Corpse position now correct.
- Grace (A.I.M.) had wrong skills in comparisson to manual.
- Matt's (Mine manager Alma) script had some mistakes.
- Tony now accept cal 4.6 ammo.

Map Bugs fixed:
- N7 - N7 hot fix for ver 6.02 included.
- J9 - Test version traces removed - there was huge free access stock of LAWs in South-West corner of the map.
- M3 - some weapons had inproper attachments.
- O3 - some weapons had inproper attachments.

Balance changes:
- Hotfix for ver 6.02 for integrated attachement and throw knife included.
- Silencer now increases AP cost of shot by 1AP.
- Collimator scope bonus slightly increased.

Texts and interface:
- Fixed some typos
- Fixed some word division problems
- Font size increased in some menus to make reading easier

German ver specific:
- Battle sounds rearranged.
- SAVEGAME DIR AFTER PATCH MUST BE 'SavedGames.DE'! Check it if game don't see you saves after patching.

Special bonus changes:
- New graphics for Ira (rebel).
- Some new gunshot sounds (9mm pistols).

Also included:
Patch 6.02
List of Changes:
BLACK LIST of non innocently acquired keys created, patch WILL NOT WORK with.

A class bugs fixes:
- Last enemy in sector kill crash bug
- Scrolling crash bug
- Too much free space problem for HHD's over 160GB

B class bugs fixes:
- Disappearing dead bodies bug
- Platinum watch wrong image (was machete)
- MP53 and Commando wrong reload sound
- AS-VAL single shot wrong sound
- V-94 shot wrong sound
- Endless clockwatch if player trying to pass Deed to Kyle without talking to him.**

Wrong or mist resources fixes:
- Mist battle speeches for PGC

Logic bugs fixes
- LAW no shoot after reload bug - can shot after reload now
- Miguels' speech bug - Miguel was talking to player he can recruit Dimitry while Dimitry was in player's squad already.**
- Matt's' speech logic**
- Mistake with notification Letter comming from AIM on dismissal of ex AIM mercenaries currently emlployed by MERC fixed**
- Clips unloaded from machineguns were weightless.
- Tony wasn't buy VSS and Collimator

Map Fixes:
- A9 (Dropzone), Pacos moved in front of Gas staion to help player spot him - was hidden inside house.**
- D2 (North-West SAM), through wall passing enemy bug - some time enemy came through the wall of command center.
- N4 Basement(Meduna sewage), wrong destination of travel to N5 fixed (was leading inside wall area)
- O3 Basement (Meduna sewage) Removed dated settings of map. Weapons attachements rules from earlier WF version replaced - there vere some weapons with wrong attachements duplicating integrated set (Chainsaw and SVU)*
- J9 (ground level) - Some civilian Guards had not loaded Weapons*

Removed items:
- Walter removed - was in Miners commision building in San-Mona mine sector: personage not used in game**
- Regen boosters removed from game - item not supposed to be in game
- Metal Detectors are removed from J9 prison and H13 basement bunker- item not supposed to be in game *

- Prone bonus for Machineguns and V94 is raised;
- Headshot damage raised while headshot chance is lowered;
- Headshot chance for weapons equipped with Leupold Scope raised a bit while AP penalty raised to +2;
- Some other changes.

Free download dev c++ for macbook. Typos fixed (german version)
- Bipod - description chaged as requested through poll
- Mini-14 - Description fixed
- V94 - description fixed
- M79 - description shortened
- Exceed spaces in descriptions deleted

Not a bug list - Q/A
Q: Tony doens't buy mines, but Keith does. Mines are weapons, aren't they?
A: No - mines are explosives like TNT.

Q: Chopper does not fly when I trying to transport tourists/Joye to Airport/Cambria what's wrong?
A: NPC you escorting are not your mercenaries and Skyraider will not transport them alone. You should load they into chopper together with at least one of your mercs.


Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire Guide

Product description Jagged Alliance 2: The Encounter is an excellent combination of real-time strategy and combat action. Like the first Jagged Alliance, you'll hire & fire unique mercenaries with their own abilities & personalities, and lead them across hot combat zones as they retake the country! Summary: Wildfire, created by Serge 'Wildfire' Popov, a well known pioneer in the JA2 community includes changes to all weapons, landscapes, structures, missions, enemies and the AI. All elements within the game were altered to make it more realistic bringing it closer to real-life.