I love discovering new music. It’s what makes blogging so exciting and interesting for me. I especially like it when I discover new music by accident.

After last weekend’s fast-paced, stress-inducing racing game, Neon Drive, I wanted to play something a little more laid back and mellow this week.I found the perfect game in klocki, a new iOS puzzle game that launched earlier this week. Klocki is from Maciej Targoni, the maker of Hook, a well-regarded puzzler that came out early last year.The tile-based puzzle game is singularly focused on. „klocki” is my second puzzle game after successful 'Hook'. Its a relaxing and minimal experience. Loaded with a lot of different puzzle mechanics. Thank you for playing and your support!

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That’s exactly what happened after I downloaded a game to my iPhone by the name of Klocki. The suggestion came from a friend who was already addicted to the simple puzzle game. Within minutes of playing I too found myself hooked.

But what I found myself enjoying the most about Klocki was the soundtrack. The game itself is simple. And I mean very simple – there’s no start screen, settings or instructions. You just use your intuition to figure out what the hell it is you need to do to progress. This simplicity also extends to the game’s music.

The gentle, ambient atmosphere of the soundtrack is uplifting and ethereal, combining with the in-game sound effects to create something rather special. It’s almost as if you are composing the music at times, as completing a level rewards you with a deep crescendo, adding layers to the soundscape and furthering the audio experience.

It’s the work of Wojciech Wasaik (@wasaikwojciech), a composer from Poland. Fans of Jon Hopkins or Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar OST will satisfyingly find similarities with the Klocki soundtrack. It only consists of one piece of around ten minutes in length and I’ve found myself playing just to listen and enjoy Wojciech’s work.


Klocki Download For Mac Os

I actually think that this is the first time that we’ve featured a game on the blog, but there you go. Music has no boundaries and goes to show a new discovery can turn up when you least expect it.

Give Klocki a try – I guarantee you’ll be hooked. But if puzzle games really aren’t your thing (seriously though what is wrong with you?!) you can give the OST a listen here.

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Klocki puzzle solving demo.

Ready to play a simplistic, relaxing and entertaining iOS puzzle game? Now, it’s the perfect time for you to download Klocki

Klocki Download For Mac Download

on your iPhone or iPad. Maciej Targoni‘s, Rubik Cube-like tiles puzzle has just been selected as App Store’s free App of The Week, for the upcoming 7 days. Each tile contains the drawing of a line that is variously positioned on each block. Re-arrange tiles to form a single, continuous line that runs through the puzzle.

This game is so minimalistic that it doesn’t even provide any instructions about how to play. As soon as you open the app for the first time you’re prompted with the first level. Tiles are inter-changed with the help of taps. You can always switch two blocks at a time. The first tile that you tap will be replaced with the one that you select next. Move them around until you manage to build a continuous line that flows through all blocks, as exemplified in the .gif animation available nearby!

Download and Install Klocki
Tap the image nearby to open up the App Store and grab Klocki free of charge during the free App of the Week promo. If you see the GET button, it means that you made it in time. Else you have to pay “almost” $1 for it. Be aware that this puzzler runs on iOS 8.0 or newer and requires about 97.9 MB of storage space. This captivating iOS game can be played even when your device is in Airplane Mode. It’s rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and sums up around 100 levels of tile-matching.

Fact:Klocki is Maciej Targoni‘s second successful puzzler. His first one, Hook, prides itself with a flawless 5 out of 5 appreciation level from App Store reviewers.

Klocki Download For Mac Windows 7

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Klocki Download For Mac Windows 10