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Ninja Hattori-kun
Developer(s)Hudson Soft
Publisher(s)Hudson Soft[1]
Composer(s)Takeaki Kunimoto
Platform(s)Family Computer
  • JP: March 5, 1986[1]
Genre(s)2D actionplatformer[1]

Ninja Hattori-kun (忍者ハットリくん, lit. 'Little Ninja Hattori') is a 1986 video game software developed and published by Hudson Soft exclusively in Japan for the NintendoFamily Computer . It is based on Fujiko Fujio A's (pen name of Motoo Abiko) Japanesemanga series of the same name, which later became an anime series and Asianfranchise. The game was released around the same time the anime was aired. It was the fifth best selling Famicom game released in 1986, selling approximately 1,500,000 copies in its lifetime.[2]



Little Ninja HattoriNinja

Ninja Hattori Episodes

The plot begins when a young ninja name Kanzo Hattori is searching for his master in order to complete his training. While searching for his master, he encounters a young 10-year-old boy named Ken'ichi Mitsuba and makes him his temporary replacement master. In order to develop Ken'ichi's confidence, they went on many adventures together. The game was aimed at a young audience the same way that the manga and anime did.

Kanzou Hattori (服部 貫蔵 (ハットリ カンゾウ)) Kanzo Hattori aka Hattori-kun, is the protagonist of the series, a little ninja. He is 11 years old and 40 kg and is 140 cm tall. He is the boy who usually contests Kemumaki when he performs pranks. Hattori's main weakness is that he is afraid of frogs; this often leads him into trouble. Ninja Hattori-kun comprises a total of 694 stories of approximately ten minutes each. These stories were broadcast over a period of years, often in blocks of multiple stories. NINJA HATTORI-KUN. The lovable little ninja with acorn eyes and swirly cheeks arrives on LINE. Whether sending or receiving, these stickers will bring a smile to anyone's face.


In the game, player controls Kanzo Hattori in a side-scrolling action game. Hattori must run to the right over various terrains, but primarily through the woods. In addition to using throwing stars, Hattori can access one of the other ninja techniques (ninpou), like Kagebashin, Happou no Shuriken, etc. In fact, he learns a total of 11 ninpou; however, he must first collect scrolls that provide those abilities before he can use them. Due to sluggish controls, it can be difficult to clear some of the obstacles that he will face without the ninja abilities to enhance his mobility.


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Ninja Hattori-Kun
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10-year old Ken (Ken'ichi) Mitsoba is an average kid who goes to elementary school, and struggles with his studies. Meanwhile from ninja land aka Land of the Ninjas, a little ninja named Kanzo Hattori comes, and befriends Ken'ichi. Hattori is now a part of the mitsoba family along with his brother Shinzou, and his ninja dog, Shishi-Maru. Hattori helps Ken'ichi with his problems, and constantly keeps an eye on him, as a good friend.
  • New Ninja Hattori-kun(Sequel)
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