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  • Various Steam Achievements

Work download to mac Majestic Nights amd OneDrive SkyDrive nodvd verified Majestic Nights windows 64 bit microsoft new Majestic Nights get for mac without register get for windows get to mac nodvd Majestic Nights extension android game ipad work extension windows Majestic Nights iptorrents help find game tablet Beautiful night shot by Mark. Majestic Nights is an isometric action adventure game that takes the players back in the 1980’ when conspiracies about MK Ultra and the Roswell incident were all the rage. The adventure genre is broad enough to accommodate games like Majestic Nights, even if you get to kill a lot of people during its storyline. Take a look at this teaser trailer for Majestic Nights, coming to PC, Mac, iOS, and Android in late 2014. Jul 24, 2014 7:32pm. Most Recent Forum Activity. No forum topics for Majestic Nights yet.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.Nights
AchievementHow to unlock
  • 'Put some goddamn clothes on!'
  • You killed the Underpants Warrior.
  • 'We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?'
  • Use the radio to divert attention of guards.
  • Air America
  • The CIA sold and exported drugs. It's pretty well known by now.
  • Basement Dweller Extermination
  • You 'cleaned' all the Suits in the Basement.
  • Blasphemy!
  • How could you not be a fan of Shatner? For shame.
  • Callie's got a gun
  • You 'bought' a pistol in the bathroom.
  • Cardholder's Past Achievements: 1
  • You heard about Cardholder's exploits.
  • Cardholder's Past Achievements: 2
  • You heard some more about Cardholder's exploits.
  • Cardholder's Wall of Crazy
  • You saw Cardholder's own Wall of Crazy. Yours is better.
  • Cinephile
  • You looked at the posters. We love you.
  • Don't spend it all in one place
  • You got the nickles from the cigarette machine, you tightass.
  • Elevator Action
  • You took the elevator to the basement.
  • Find Your Centre
  • You stood in the middle of your Zen Garden, because Zen.
  • It's Not Paranoia..
  • You called your own office three times, you weirdo. Someone picked up.
  • Jukebox Odd Docs
  • You played the weird soundbyte on the Jukebox.
  • Low Blow
  • You hit Chuck where it counts.
  • Media Relations
  • You smoothtalked your way into owning a crappy old notebook. Congrats?
  • Media Unrelations
  • Way to piss off the informant, hero.
  • Nancy Would Be Disappointed
  • You bought some drugs. Mrs Reagan would not approve.
  • Passed it to the left hand side
  • Spoke to the Cowboy.
  • Poor ol' Jerry
  • You learned about Jerry's miserable life.
  • Push It To The Limit.. LIMIT!
  • You won at Majestic Night-ing.
  • Re-cheevo
  • You stood in the centre of the Zen Garden. Again. Why!?
  • Rear Window
  • You saw the Suit leaving Piscine's.
  • Rutabaga/Arugula
  • You messed with poor old Lloyd. Are you proud of yourself?
  • Sneaky Bastard
  • You found the secret entrance to the Safe House.
  • The Inspectinator
  • You inspected all of the things.. in Beardsley's Office.
  • The Truth Is In Here
  • You found the 3 'Biggest' pieces of Truth.
  • The Wrong Goddamn Rec Room
  • You shouldn't have disturbed the lecturer - he really hates it.
  • These belong in a museum!
  • You found the room with Cardholder and a strange artefact.
  • When you gotta go..
  • Entered the outhouse. Haha.. Poop joke.
  • Where you're going, you don't need.. Your things
  • You left your office without getting your stuff.
  • You spent it all in one place
  • You gave the nickles to the bum.
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