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Hey Tim,

Simulink was been used in my old group (Scientific Atlanta/Cisco/ST Micro) for years and years. It's a great tool for prototyping digital systems with different clock rates and feedback paths. That being said, there are caveats.

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A tensor is a multidimensional or N-way array.A 1-way tensor is a vector and a 2-way tensor is a matrix. A 3-way tensor is a cube of data. A sparse tensor is a tensor where only a small fraction of the elements are nonzero. The default is brought up when the matlab command is used without a -ver flag To run MATLAB version 7.3, 7.14, 9.3: athena% add matlab athena% matlab-ver number where number is 7.3, 7.14 or 9.3. MATLAB MathWorks Toolboxes and Simulink Blocksets on Athena MATLAB Toolboxes (application-specific function libraries) Aerospace Toolbox (aero).

1st thing, not all releases of Matlab are created equal. My favorite one for Simulink is R11.1; Version 5.3 of Matlab and Version 3 of Simulink. Released in 1999. The installer won't run on a 32-bit machine but through a fairly convoluted method I can install it on Windows 7. It runs very, very fast even on a machine choked by a company's IT department's safe-ware. The newer versions of Matlab seem sluggish by comparison. I do most of my development with this old version and occasionally check the model with the current version so I don't introduce incompatibilities. Neil doesn't agree with me, he always just used the latest version. I found that for designing very tight filters Matlab version 6.5 works better than current versions. It has the faster software FFT version and the remez function will converge much better than the modern PM function.

Next, Mathworks has an irritating habit of moving and deprecating things esp. in Simulink. Blocks that were in one location can wind up in a different library in another. Also, some of the blocks are just not accurate enough to bit accurately model a comm system. No flames please, I've seen it. The solution is to write custom blocks either in simple Simulink or with C MEX functions. The guru in our company was Leo Montreuil. He wrote most of the custom blocks and designed the majority of the DSP receivers for years. Leo said that he should be writing the code for Matlab and he is right; a custom block-that accurately models hardware is needed. You write functions and blocks that work and keep adding them to your library.

Matlab Check If String

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Mark Napier

Matlab Versions List

Check Matlab Version Command

Matlab Check Version Number