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Real Arcade
25.5 MB
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Big Island Blends 1.0
Serve smoothies in paradise in this original challenge that's full of tropical fun! After arriving on Big Island you discover that the 'fortune' you've just inherited is .. an orchard? Well, what better way to turn your fields into a real fortune than opening a smoothie stand? Serve your delicious fruit concoctions to the thirsty inhabitants of Big Island in level after level of fast-paced fun. Then, use your hard-earned money to purchase a wide variety of sparkling upgrades to make your smoothie stand the best on Big Island! Colorful, fast, and fun, try Big Island Blends for a unique taste of the tropics!
Universal Binary (PPC/Intel)
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Big Island Blends
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Jess(5/28/2008 - version 1.0)
Slow, actually a crawl.. and buggy. A really good game premise that should be fixed or taken off the market!!
Nootilus(10/21/2007 - version 1.0)
Ugly, slow and bugged. Better rush on to Cake Mania or such than loose your time on this unfinished piece of code.

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Monster Prom: Franchise Bundle For Mac Pro

Aspyr Media
72 MB
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 1.0
In Ghost Recon, Russia has fallen to ultra-nationalistic leaders driven to rebuild the Iron Curtain. In Desert Siege, 60-year conflict boils over as Ethiopia invades its smaller neighbor Eritrea, threatening the world's most vital shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Command this elite team of U.S. Army Green Berets through a series of demolitions, search and rescue missions and all-out fights for survival. Select, train and lead the offensive spearhead as the first team deployed and the last team to leave. Ghost Recon and the Desert Siege expansion pack put you in the deadly, realistic combat of tomorrow's battlefields like no other game. If you meet them in combat, you're already dead.
The demo allows you to play Quick Missions on one map (the Castle). There are three types of single-player game: Mission (accomplish a specific task), FireFight (eliminate the enemy), and Recon (move your team from one point to another without any casualties). You can select your team from a variety of specialists. If you chose the Mission game, you must take at least one Demolition specialist.
The demo also allows you to play multiplayer games against other Macintosh demo users using TCP/IP (over LAN or the Internet). You will need to share the IP number of the server among the players before the game starts. The multiplayer game uses the same map, with the following categories: Solo, Team, and Co-op. Co-op is cooperative play of the same three game types as single-player. Solo is played as every person for themselves, with three game types: Sharpshooter (player with the most kills wins), Hamburger Hill (player spending the most time in the center wins), and Last Man Standing (last one left alive wins). Team is played as two or more teams, with up to 9 players in a team, and has three game types: Hamburger Hill (same as solo), Last Man Standing (last team with live members wins), and SAR (search and rescue - there are three invulnerable hostages on the map, the team that escorts them to extraction wins).
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Classic and Mac OS X
  • PowerMac with G3/G4 Processor
  • 450 MHz or faster Processor
  • 128 MB of built-in RAM (256 MB if running Mac OS X)
  • 1 GB available hard disk space
  • ATI Rage 128 with 16 MB of VRAM (or better video card)
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

    qwerty(12/4/2011 - version 1.0)
    does not work.. just comes up as 70MB of random text.. really disappointed.
    Yoshi659(9/18/2010 - version 1.0)
    Lyndon, you NEED to download Stuffit, it's a free.. well unstuffer. once it is downloaded (stuffit) install Stuffit and then use Stuffit to.. well unstuffit..
    lyndon(7/16/2010 - version 1.0)
    can someone please help me i got a mac os x and when i download it it just comes up with a page of writing in japanese or something.its a really long page. so if any of you know how to download and play it properly could you please help me?
    Thripp(5/2/2009 - version 1.0)
    wicked! suspense and adrenaline i haven't experienced since playing resident evil so long ago. realism, like if you run out guns blazing you're cannon fodder. runs smooth as silk on my g4 10.3.9
    Petrovic(2/2/2009 - version 1.0)
    i can't get this to work, i have a macbook osx leopard and once i open it, it quits. if you know how to fix it, please email me at [email protected]

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  • Monster Prom: Franchise Bundle For Mac Os

    Humble Bundle even has a pretty great track record as an indie game publisher, putting out A Hat in Time, Void Bastards, Wandersong, and other acclaimed games, which of course are all available there. Monster Prom features mature themes, naughty words and some objectively bawdy scenarios, not suited for the sheepish or the faint of heart. Please bear this in mind before playing.-There’s only 3 weeks left before prom and you haven’t got a date yet.and you’re a monster. But that’s okay ‘cause at your high-school everyone else is too!

    SM00: Neon Nights Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. SM02: Cult of Personality Exploring North-Western Prague. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Important Items in this Area; Neon Keycard: 33 Hlavni Apartment 202. Now that you’ve completed “SM00: Neon Lights. Deus ex neon lights walkthrough. (Highly Missable!) This trophy is related to Side Mission 00: Neon Nights. There are several possible methods of starting this quest such as overhearing conversations on the street or trading Neuropoyzne for Info from the Info Broker. Neon Nights - side quest Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide The page contains the walkthrough for the side quest Neon Nights found in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. The walkthrough contains information how to reach the rave, how to find the Dvalich laboratory, and how to stop the production of the drug Neon. Open this and look inside for a Gas Grenade, a Credit Chip and a Pocket Secretary (Neon Strategy) indicating a new location and a door code 0-3-1-0. There is also a weak wall in this location that.