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  • Multiple Intelligences & Learning Style Test 20 minutes. How are you smart? Ever wanted to know why you learn the way you do or why some activities or tasks come so easily while others require.
  • Meaningful learning can happen anywhere. Set up a secure remote/distance learning environment when emergencies like COVID-19 cause school closure. We're here to help with resources to support effective remote/distance learning experiences for students, teachers, and families.

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Best Intelligence Websites

On Day 4 I asked you take a multiple intelligences quiz. What I don’t want you to get from it is that you aren’t good at some things and will never be; it’s just not who you are. While we’re born more one way than another, we all have the aptitude to learn and grow. The multiple intelligences isn’t about being good at one thing and not good at another. It just helps us think about our natural inclinations. If you learn better by listening than by reading, listen to audio books or read to yourself out loud! If you can’t focus on learning when you are sitting still, move. If you love music, put your vocabulary words in songs to help them stick.

However, in life you can’t always just do what you want. You can’t not have friends because you aren’t good at talking to people! You practice and even study and you get better at it by trying. Firefox for mac os x 10.6 8. You can’t just never read because it’s not easy for you. You can’t not do your taxes because your not good with numbers. It will just take some more work, more time, more patience with yourself, more determination, more knowing that you can do it if you just keep at it.

At the same time, you can play to your strengths. Think about the things you love to do. Those are what you might want to think about as you begin to think about future and career.

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But for you Christians to remember, God doesn’t just use our natural abilities. He calls us to things we can only do through Him. Oswald Chambers said, “As long as I dwell on my own qualities and traits and think about what I am suited for, I will never hear the call of God.” (January 16)