For centuries, girls and boys around the world have used coloring as a means of entertainment. Drawing and coloring are fun, but also much more than that. When we color a drawing, we express creativity, feelings, and imagination and transform them into art. Oscar Wilde once wrote that “mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

A wide variety of angels in this coloring book means that there are coloring pages suitable for children of any age, as well as adults and crafters. Some animal angels included, too. Best Use: Children of all ages, adults, line art for crafters, clipart: Click here to download: Boat (My Boat Toons) Coloring Book 33. Hard Coloring Pages Of Animals Mermaid Coloring Pages Animal Coloring Pages Owl Coloring Pages. Pin On Free Adults Coloring Pages To Print. Pin By Sarah Womble On Ilustraciones In 2020 Animal Coloring Pages Cute Coloring Pages Coloring Pages.

All children love to color. Filling in drawings of various shapes with different colors just draws all the attention and focus to that one activity, thus a child, while coloring, surely does a lot more than just having fun. To encourage and support little creative minds to develop and do what they like, below is a list of 18 free, printable coloring books for kids with different themes.

1. Cat Coloring Pages

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Cats are playful and interesting, especially to children. They are many kids’ favorite animals and, believe it or not, more wanted online than dog coloring books, which is why Cat Coloring Pages is the No.1 coloring book for kids on this list. There are twenty-six drawings of cute kitty-cats for kids and each one of them will be fun to color.

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Download links to the printable version, as well as to digital versions if kids would like to color on the go, are listed below.

2. Dog Coloring Pages

Number two on our list is man’s best friend and the world’s most popular pet. Dog Coloring Pages is a beautiful coloring book for kids with 20 drawings of cute dogs and puppies waiting to be colored. If a child can imagine a green dog and colors one just like that, who is there to say that green dogs do not exist? Imagination and creativity are what helps kids to become smart, independent people.

Print your copy of Dog Coloring Pages, or several of them, or just download a digital version of this adorable kids coloring book to your device and let the kids have fun!

3. Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaurs have always been the synonym for curiosity among children. The reason why Dinosaur Coloring Pages are so popular might be that these prehistoric animals no longer exist, and, among other things, they look funny. Twenty adorable and goofy dinosaur drawings are waiting to be brought to life with colors.

A printed copy of Dinosaur Coloring Pages for kids would be a wonderful surprise for a child in love with dinosaurs. Have fun!

4. Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is, after Christmas, probably children’s favorite holiday. Trick or treat, costumes, pumpkin carving, mountains of candy, it all combines into endless entertainment and joy for kids. Halloween Coloring Pages is a coloring book that should definitely be added to the list of fun things to do on Halloween. Little witches, vampires and “scary” drawings on 20 different coloring pages will undoubtedly provide tons of fun to the little ones, but to parents as well!

Print out the little ghost drawings, pumpkins and witches and have fun with your kids!

5. Christmas Coloring Pages

Speaking of favorite holidays, Christmas is not to be forgotten. Christmas Coloring Pages for kids is a coloring book with 20 pictures of snowman, Christmas trees, wrapped gifts and reindeer. Drawing and coloring a Santa Claus for Christmas holidays is inevitable, so were Santa drawings in this coloring book. Christmas is the most colorful holiday of all, so should be the drawings kids work on during that period.

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A list of download links can be found below this text. Printable and three digital versions are available, in case coloring on a smartphone or a tablet looks like more fun to someone.

6. Bible Coloring Pages

In order to continue in the same style, after Christmas, it seems appropriate to introduce Bible Coloring Pages. This coloring book for children might be a perfect way to introduce kids to religion, Jesus Christ and the Bible. Beautiful, child-appropriate drawings in this coloring book are certainly what kids who are about to learn about Christianity need to dedicate their focus on. The drawings are fun and meaningful and each of them has a story to tell.

Bible Coloring Pages are available to print or download to a smartphone, tablet or iPad for free. You should certainly have a copy for your family.

7. Fairy Coloring Pages

Fairies are cute, adorable, magical creatures and there is not a girl on this planet who doesn’t adore them. Fairy Coloring Pages is the name of the printable coloring book No. 7 on this list. Fairy drawings in this coloring book for girls are nearly as beautiful as fairies are described in stories and presented in cartoons. A printed version of Fairy Coloring Pages will most certainly be a perfect present for any little girl you know.

Good thing it is free to download and print. Make some little girl’s day!

8. Princess Coloring Pages

What is the one thing little girls want to be more than a fairy? All the little princesses should have a copy of Princess Coloring Pages in their coloring book collection. Why? Because your little princess deserves nothing less than the best and 26 drawings of gorgeous princesses will certainly become her favorite to color. Spend some time with your kids. Help them to discover new ways and color combinations to prepare their princesses for a ball or a date with a handsome prince.

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Follow any of the links below to get a preferred version for yourself.

9. Horse Coloring Pages

Ponies, unicorns, beautiful horses… Oh goodness, is there anyone who does not love these majestic creatures (unicorns don’t exist, we all know that, or do they?)? Horse Coloring Pages is a wonderful coloring book for little boys and girls. This, just as any other coloring book is perfect for spending quality time with your kids. Just remember, horses can be red or purple if a child says so. Imagination has no limitations.

A printed copy of Horse Coloring Pages for kids could be a great present for no reason for your kids. Download links are listed below. Enjoy!

10. Dragon Coloring Pages

Besides dinosaurs, what is the most popular non-existent animal among kids? No need to guess twice. Dragons, as mythical creatures have dozens of stories, movies and cartoons made about them. The same goes for coloring books. Dragon Coloring Pages are very popular and if a kid did not have one of them in his/her collection, that would literally be a sin. Dragon drawings in this kids coloring book are so adorable, not even a grown up could resist coloring them.

11. Fish Coloring Pages

Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and Under The Sea are certainly animated movies because of which children fell in love with the underwater world. Fish Coloring Pages made it to the list of eighteen because of all the beautiful drawings of various sea animals and the level of cuteness they were created with. A variety of colors that can be used with the blue background (only suggested color of the ocean) provides kids with endless possibilities and choices for coloring their underwater friends.

Print a copy of Fish Coloring Pages for your kids. They will be nothing but fun.

12. Butterfly Coloring Pages

The butterfly is probably the one (flying) insect nobody is afraid of. How could anyone be? There is no need to describe the butterfly’s greatness in words – all the colors butterflies wear so elegantly tell the story themselves. Butterfly Coloring Pages for kids will definitely provide inspiration to little fellas. You know how every species of butterflies has a different combination of colors on its wings – just wait for your child to invent a new one! It will most certainly be adorable and unique.

13. Flower Coloring Pages

After putting Butterfly Coloring Pages on the list, it is impossible to exclude Flower Coloring Pages from it. Why? Flowers come in every color that exists on this planet. This should be a good enough reason, but it should also be mentioned that flowers are signs of love, beauty, spirit and kindness – all the things we should teach our kids. Girls are bigger fans of flowers than boys (obviously), so this little coloring book might be more appropriate for little ladies than little gents. It is on them to decide, though.

14. Spring Coloring Pages

Spring is the season of colors, isn’t it? Spring Coloring Pages made the list because the entire coloring book is flooded with cuteness and adorable drawings. Both boys and girls will love it. All the coloring pages are just glowing with happiness and joy, ready to be colored by a little artist. It is fascinating to watch how little ones perceive the world around them and, using their creativity, turn it into wonderful art.

Kids love presents – wrap Spring Coloring Pages together with a pack of crayons and make your kids’ day with a random surprise. Enjoy together!

15. Easter Coloring Pages

Another reason to take up coloring is Easter. All the imagination and creativity with colors is exhibited on Easter eggs. There isn’t an exact number of Easter eggs broken during the process of coloring, but because eggs are so tiny and touchy, they create even more fun for kids. Easter Coloring Pages are as much fun to color as Easter eggs. Easter bunnies and Easter baskets filled with black & white eggs are waiting for a kid to bring them to life. Even though Easter is still far away, print a copy of Easter Coloring Pages for your kids and have fun together!

16. Coloring Pages For Girls

It has already been noted in the text above that girls might be bigger fans of coloring than boys, so there is an obvious reason to put Coloring Pages for Girls as number 16 on our list. More specific subjects had the advantage in ranking the coloring books for the list, but these girl coloring pages are just as good as No. 1 on the list. A variety of drawings awaits to be colored – little princesses and fairies, kitties and unicorns are just too adorable for little girls not to grab some crayons and start coloring. Have fun, guys!

17. Coloring Pages For Boys

Now, it wouldn’t be fair if Coloring Pages for Girls made it to the list, and Coloring Pages for Boys didn’t. Right? So here it is – a coloring book for boys only. This is one of very, very rare examples of coloring books for boys and should be given special attention when deciding what your little boys should get as a present (besides a basketball and an Xbox). Boys do like to color and get creative, as well. So, encourage your little man to start with Coloring Pages for Boys, then switch to Dragon Coloring Pages or Dinosaur Coloring Pages.

18. Coloring Pages For Kids

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The most general theme for coloring books is the only logical solution to finish the list of coloring pages every kid should have in their collection. Coloring Pages For Kids is a coloring book with more drawings than any previous coloring book described. With wonderful drawings for both boys and girls, Coloring Pages for Kids can be a perfect present for either of them. If you have both a boy and a girl at home, don’t even waste time thinking which one to get them.

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Get a copy of Coloring Pages For Kids or download it to a smartphone or a tablet and watch your kids have endless fun!