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Idioms are difficult to learn in any language, but unless they are learned, it is impossible to speak with fluency. This is as true of the Japanese language as of any other. Now, within the covers of one book, the basic Japanese idioms have been collected together for easy reference. The Japanese idiom appears first, followed by its English equivalent, and finally the idiom is illustrated in a sentence, or sentences, so that the student can see precisely how it functions. Some idioms have notes explaining usage problems and historical background. All are given in Japanese script and romanized text with English translations. There are approximately 880 entries, many of which have several senses.
Students who have mastered these idioms will be able to express themselves much more easily and with greater impact than they could have otherwise. The book can be used as a reference book for looking up idioms that one has either heard or found in a book, or it can be used to find the Japanese equivalent for an English word or phrase by using the English index at the end of the book. All in all, Kodansha's Dictionary of Basic Japanese Idioms deserves a place on the bookshelf of every aspiring student of the language.
Compiled from four books in Kodansha International's Power Japanese series: 'Body' Language, Communicating with Ki: The 'Spirit' in Japanese Idioms, Kanji Idioms, and Animal Idioms.

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