This is easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most. Create your own Social Network - for free! Including own forums, own chat rooms, groups, members, photos, videos and much more. One way to make sure you’re on top of the social media curve is to invest in chat.


If your partner is actively having an affair — or even thinking about starting to stray — you might be able to tell by the changes in their online habits. While you can't put the blame on the likes of Instagram or Facebook, there is a link between social media and infidelity. And that's because, in many ways, 'social media has made cheating more accessible,' Theresa Herring, LMFT, a Chicago-area couples therapist, tells Bustle. 'What starts off as a harmless communication can spiral into a full-on emotional and/or physical affair.'

It has a lot to do with the easy access to other people, and the attention they can provide. 'People use social media to cheat when they are unhappy with their lives and/or their relationships,' Herring says. 'It usually [starts when] a [..] person is giving them the validation that they've been seeking. They rediscover a lost part of themselves, feel like someone appreciates them for who they are, and it's off to the races.'

That doesn't mean, however, that all is lost, that social media is evil, or that you need to monitor your partner's every move online. (That's not healthy for you or for them.) It also doesn't necessarily mean your partner is more likely to cheat, just because they're active on social media. But small changes can be one of the first sign's somethings up.

These are things to be conscious of, especially if you're feeling disconnected from your partner, or have reason to suspect them of cheating. 'If you can recognize the signs early, you can more quickly strengthen the relationship to avoid or heal from an affair,' Herring says. Here are a few social media habits experts say might mean your partner is starting to stray, as well as what to do about it.

When you're in a relationship, you tend to meet each other's friends — or at the very least hear stories about them. So if your partner's name is constantly popping up in threads with people you've never heard about, take note.

'Why is your significant other engaging a random person you've never heard of that they don't know from work or their friend group?' This can be cause for concern, David Bennett, a certified counselor and relationship expert at The Popular Man, tells Bustle. If they've never mentioned the person before, and yet it seems like they know each other well, there may be a reason why they're being a bit secretive.

In situations like this one, it's always a good idea to have a heart-to-heart and let your partner know how you're feeling, whether that's concerned, confused, etc. If they aren't thinking of cheating, they'll have a reasonable explanation. And they may even realize it's time to introduce you to their new friends.

It isn't a big deal if your partner likes someone else's posts, or if they have a running commentary with a friend or an ex. But if it seems a bit flirty, and it's making you uncomfortable, do speak up.

'Usually you will see a pattern of a particular [person] liking your [partner's] photos or commenting on any status updates,' Jennifer Seiter, a relationship expert, tells Bustle. 'If you see something like this it is best to talk to your partner immediately and approach [them] in a calm, non-threatening manner to lessen the likelihood of cheating before it starts.'

You can brush it off or hope it doesn't mean anything, but when it comes to affairs, it can help to address red flags early on. 'The mistake I see [people] make is ignoring these signs,' Seiter says, 'and by the time they say something, it's too late because their [partner] is already invested in that other [person].'

Not all couples share their lives online. But if you used to post cute couple-y photos, and now your partner seems to be leaving you out, that could be a sign something's up.

'If you partner never includes you in photos or stops including you, this is a big sign they want to be seen as being single,' Isabel James, a relationship coach and founder of Elite Dating Managers, tells Bustle. They might be crafting an online life that looks much different from what's going on in reality, possibly so they can talk to people more freely.

In this situation, you can ask your partner why they're keeping your relationship private. They might have a legit reason. But if they can't answer the question, or if they try to change the subject, it could mean that something's up.

It's totally OK if your partner wants to talk to their ex, or follow them on social media. But take note if they're constantly chatting with them, posting inside jokes on their photos, or liking every. single. pic.

As relationship therapist Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, founder of RelationUp, tells Bustle, flirtatious or ongoing comments to an ex may be a sign they are having poor boundaries, or that something else is going on.

Again, open communication will be key. Pixologic zbrush download. Not only will it prevent you from lying awake at night wondering what's going on, but it will give your partner a chance to discuss why they might be feeling the need to get attention elsewhere. And from there, you can find ways to become close again.

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It's not only about what your partner does on social media, but also how they act in real life, too. For example, 'if you've noticed a sharp increase in your partner's phone usage, that's definitely a red flag,' Herring says. It might mean they're chatting on a dating site, or messaging someone they don't want you to know about, especially if they're being secretive about it.

If you've noticed that it keeps happening, and you have a knot in your stomach as a result, speak up.'Mention to your partner that you noticed they put their phone down or closed browsers quickly,' Herring says. 'Come from a place of curiosity rather than blame. And then maybe springboard it into a conversation about your hopes and dreams for the relationship and it's future. You want your partner to see a future with you, not the other person that they've been chatting with online.'

Sharing what you want will also help you gauge your partner's commitment level. If they aren't cheating, they'll want to talk about these things, too. And will be just as excited about the future as you.

If your partner has a separate Instagram account — one where they never post about you — or another Facebook page that they use primarily for talking to friends you've never met, that's a red flag.

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As Lavelle says, 'When social media accounts change or the postings start to change, it can be a big clue that your significant other could be cheating.'

While there are plenty of other explanations for a second account, or a joke posted on a ex's wall, if you have that gut feeling that something's going on, do bring it to your partner's attention.

You don't have to go looking for these problems, or be hyper vigilant for signs of change, but you can follow up if something seems out of the ordinary. By having a conversation about your relationship, you may be able to nip cheating in the bud before it happens. Or, at the very least, get to the bottom of why they're being unfaithful, so you can start to mend your relationship — or move on.


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Lee Wilson, breakup coach

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Isabel James, relationship coach and founder of Elite Dating Managers

It doesn’t matter whether you have an online or brick-n-mortar store, a marketing agency or solo consultancy: Being on top of the right types of social media can make or break your business. As customers and prospects turn to more conversational and personal forms of communication, they rely on different channels to form opinions and make buying decisions.

When it comes to social media, the first instinct of most marketers is to make a profile on one of the four big sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This is a great first step, but those aren’t the only channels to be on.

Chat apps like Messenger and WhatsApp help grow brand awareness and improve audience targeting. For local businesses, this means, for instance, selling that pizza before the shop down the block — and bringing customers back for more. For online companies, it means connecting with people in new, interactive ways that encourage action.

Here are seven types of social media you can use to grow awareness and new leads.

Note: Some of ManyChat’s interface and information has changed. We’re working hard at updating this content. Please stay tuned!

1. Chat apps

One way to make sure you’re on top of the social media curve is to invest in chat apps. Chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have exploded in recent years, with over 1.3 billion and 1.4 billion monthly users respectively.

Chat apps give businesses a direct line to customers. Compared to a comment on a Facebook post or an email, chat is a two-way, real-time conversation. To date, 73% of customers prefer chat over email and phone support — it’s faster and easier to get answers.

You can use Chat Marketing for everything from resolving customer issues to lead generation, client onboarding, and even running Facebook ads. These apps help companies reduce the amount of manual labor that goes into tasks, and can significantly improve productivity in your business.

To get started with chat, consider downloading a Chat Marketing platform like ManyChat. Many businesses see on average 80% open rates and 25% click-through rates. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a way to use chat to build deeper ties with people and move them closer to conversion.

2. Social media sites

Many great social media sites exist today: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter just to name a few. Together they average about 3.3 billion active monthly users, making them one of the best ways to reach new customers and raise brand awareness. Over time, these sites have gone from relatively simple services to powerhouse advertising and customer insight platforms.

Through these platforms, you can deliver ads to super-targeted groups to get better placement and maximize ad spend. You can pull customer insights, build communities, learn customer trends, provide customer support, and so much more. This is important whether you’re a small business or fast-growing marketing agency and want to grow recognition.

Plus, getting started is easy. All you have to do is make a free account; then it’s up to you to decide how you’ll use social media. One of the best things you can do, however, is offer valuable information for readers, whether it be quick tips, blogs, videos, mini-courses, or other content that helps them solve their problems. A great approach is to grab attention on social, get interested readers on your subscriber list, and continue meeting their needs until they reach a final conversion.

3. Media sharing networks

The ability to share photos, video, and live streams with users is arguably the most powerful element of networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Whether it’s a 10-second story or well-designed image, people respond better to images. It’s easier to interpret visual information than written word or audio. Plus, we are social creatures and like to share our lives with family, friends, and our digital social communities.

For this reason, businesses can use media sharing networks to:

  • Reach a larger and more engaged audience.
  • Share creative organic content.
  • Connect with interested leads.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic to a website or Messenger bot.

When it comes to getting leads into your funnel, you can use a tool like ManyChat’s Messenger Ref URL to build a subscriber list and continue the conversation in Messenger, text, or email. ManyChat is great because you can create a multi-channel strategy that works with your Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube strategy, and you can quickly turn leads into paying customers.

Bring chat into your social media marketing plans with ManyChat. Try it free.

4. Discussion Forums

One of the most common ways to share your knowledge is through discussion forums like Quora, Digg, and Reddit. They are a great place for readers to find information, share news and opinions, and interact with potential customers. You start by searching questions related to your industry and answering those based on your experience.

Answering questions allows you to acquire new customers: you’re just helping people solve problems proactively rather than waiting for them to come to you. And the more questions you answer, the more presence you’ll build on these websites. As you build a presence, your readers will follow and trust you more, which can lead to more site traffic and potential customers.

5. Blogging sites

Blog websites such as Medium and Tumblr expose you to millions of readers while publishing content without the hassle of a self-hosted domain. Some of the benefits of blogging sites are:

  1. Beautiful and reader-friendly interface. Popular blogging sites are clean and pleasing to the eye. You don’t have to worry about designing your own blog.
  2. Easy to get blog traffic. A common challenge for marketers is getting site traffic. Medium gets nearly 176 million site visitors per month, giving you maximum exposure to new readers. It also lets users curate their own content, so they continually see your updates and click in to read your articles.
  3. Helps build community. Readers can comment, share, send messages, and connect with ease. This gives you yet another way to interact with potential leads.
  4. Simple set up. Blogging sites are easy to start up. All you have to do is make an account and start publishing.

6. Live streaming

These include traditional social media sites such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live, on which you can also share images and recorded video. In this same group, there are also more niche websites, including Perioscope and that focus only on live streaming to your audience.

Once you have a live stream strategy in place, you can create lead magnets to get people to subscribe to your channel and regularly engage with your business.

Let’s say you’re a marketing agency looking to bring in more qualified leads. You can collect all the problems your ideal customers have, figure out how to solve them, and do a weekly live training on how to help them fix it on their own. Then, you can have them subscribe to the channel or your Messenger bot to keep them updated on future trainings, courses, videos, or whatever helpful content you can provide.

Going live is a great way to interact with your audience and drive engagement. So that when it’s time to ask for that conversion, they are more likely to respond with a click.

7. Social review sites

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Social review sites like Yelp, Zomato, and TripAdvisor let customers post reviews about businesses, products and services. People use them to find and share information about everything from travel destinations to restaurants, local stores, and even marketing agencies.

Consider what you normally do before you buy a product. You jump online and read reviews to get a better feel for the quality of the product. Social review sites work the same way for business. The more positive reviews you have, the more you prove to customers that your offering is valid. Plus, you can also respond to negative reviews to resolve customer complaints and win back business.

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As a business owner or marketer, find what review sites your business could and should be on. Then encourage customers to talk about their experience with your company on these platforms to help generate more business.

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Managing all the different types of social media

Social media marketing has long been dominated by sites like Facebook and Instagram for helping companies reach bigger audiences and promote their business. While both of those are still an important piece of online marketing, potential customers are on other types of social media that need equal attention, such as discussion forums and live streaming.

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Knowing the best social media channels isn’t always easy, and it definitely involves some testing to achieve success. However, the benefits that come along with finding the right types of social media make it a great investment for your business.

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Ready to level up your social media marketing? Run ads, nurture leads and turn them into paying customers all in one dashboard with ManyChat. Try it free today.