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Ninja Shadow Of Darkness Ps1 Iso Torrent Ninja, as you may have guessed by now, is a single-player game, that does not take advantage of the dual shock nor does it use the analog controller. These two features it could well have used, seeing as how 'ninja' moves in full 3D (technically, he can only move in eight directions), and power blasts. Ninja Shadow Of Darkness Ps1 Iso Torrent. 10/7/2019 Italian Spanish Menus and gameplay are in Multi-2 (Italian & Spanish). In NINJA: Shadow of Darkness, players.

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publisher : Square-Enix / Eidos

Game mode: single player

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness is a three-dimensional beat up developed by Core Design studio (authors of the Tomb Raider series). The production was originally created for Sega Saturn and personal computers, but eventually it appeared only on the PS1 platform, by Eidos Interactive.

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Ninja: Shadow of Darkness takes players into a fantastic land inspired by feudal Japan, which two powerful warriors have divided among themselves. One of them did not like the terms of the agreement, so he decided to sell his soul to a demon in exchange for taking control of the whole territory. There was an eternal night in the land and monsters began to reign over it, as well as demon-possessed people attacking anyone who stood in their way. The main character, the title ninja, decided to face the perpetrator of the catastrophe and restore the old order.


In the Ninja: Shadow of Darkness released on the PS1 console, the action is observed from a camera behind the protagonist's back (TPP). In the course of the game, we mainly deal with traversing subsequent levels and fighting with enemies - both ranks of enemies (like goblins, trolls or smaller demons) and oversized bosses endowed with much greater attack power and endurance stand in our way. Thankfully, heros has quite a lot of aces in his sleeve - although initially he uses his own legs and fists, over time he gains swords, broom weapons (headed by shurikens and bombs), and even combat spells, which he finds along the way or buys in the shop between missions; thanks to this, he can gradually face increasing threats. The fun is diversified by platform sections and uncomplicated puzzles based on the search for keys opening the passages to locked locations.

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Technical issues

Ninja Shadow Of Darkness Download

Three-dimensional graphics of Ninja: Shadow of Darkness did not look particularly impressive already at the time of its premiere. It should also be noted that the title does not use the capabilities of the DualShock pad - during the game we cannot freely look around, and the hero moves in eight directions.

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