I’ve just installed Office 2013 but I also have Communicator 2007 R2 installed and found that the Communicator status is not found in Outlook.

In the option of Communicator, the option “Update my presence based on my Calendar information” is checked but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Office Microsoft Teams advances vision for Intelligent Communications in Windows 10 News Source: Microsoft Teams turns 1, advances vision for Intelligent Communications - Office Blogs Microsoft Edge WebRTC 1.0 and interoperable real-time communications in Windows 10 News. We can launch office communicator from Run window using the command communicator. However this command does not work from command line as the install path of office communicator is not found in the standard path pointed by PATH environment variable.

How can I solve this?

The bad new is; Communicator 2007 R2 isn’t compatible with Office 2013.

The good news is; You can still make Lync 2013 work with Communications Server 2007 R2.

However, you must make a Registry change for this.

Microsoft office communicator windows 10


To make Lync 2013 connect to Communications Server, add the following Registry key:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice15.0Lync
Value name: DisableServerCheck
Value type: REG_DWORD
Value: 1


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Officially, this isn’t a supported configuration for Lync (connecting to Communications Server 2007 R2) but it works nonetheless.

Group Policy

Yoda text to speech meme. If you are an administrator ready to deploy Office 2013, you can make the above change also via Group Policies.

In this case, you’ll need to load the Lync Policy Template which is included in the Office 2013 Administrative Templates.

You’d then find the option in:
User Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Lync 2013-> Microsoft Lync Feature Policies-> Disable server version check

Microsoft released a hotfix for Office Communicator 2007 that fixes some different minor issues with OC and presence -

Microsoft Office Communicator 2013 Download

  • 942566 Error message in Communicator 2007: 'An error occurred while trying to start the conference' or 'This message was not delivered to all participants'
  • 942568 The text alignment in an e-mail message may be incorrect in Communicator 2007
  • 942569 The Russian language name is spelled incorrectly in the list of available languages in Communicator 2007
  • 942570 The telephone number in a Communicator 2007 pop-up window for an incoming call has an incorrect text direction when the language is set to Arabic or to Hebrew
  • 942671 A new policy is available to specify the Contacts store that Communicator 2007 uses
  • 942674 Unrecognizable characters appear in the date field of the display on a Unified Communications device that is used with Communicator 2007
  • 942677 The transport option is not automatically set to TLS when you click 'Manual configuration' in 'Advanced Connection Settings' in Communicator 2007
  • 942857 Menu items are truncated in the Hebrew version of Communicator 2007
  • 943061 Communicator 2007 crashes when the SipCompression registry entry is set to PING mode and the Transport registry entry is set to TLS
  • 943062 You may be prompted to restart the computer when you try to start Communicator 2007
  • 943063 Communicator 2007 crashes when you start it by using the presence control
  • 943064 After the computer resumes from hibernation or from standby, Communicator 2007 may consume 100% of CPU usage
  • 943065 Communicator 2007 presence icons do not change in Outlook 2007 after you disconnect a computer from the network
  • 943066 Presence status does not change from 'In a Meeting' to 'Available' in Communicator 2007
  • 943067 Certain icons may be mirrored incorrectly in the call conversation window in the Arabic version or in the Hebrew version of Communicator 2007
Personally we haven't had any major problems with the RTM release of OC and OCS, the biggest issue in this list for me was actually 943065 (Presence in Outlook after returning from Hibernation).

Office Communicator On Windows 10

Office Communicator For Windows 10

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