Explore Thousands of Mac Games From hard-core shooters to amazingly fun casual games, thousands of quality Mac games are available for purchase and download. Explore the latest demos, dive into the best sellers, or check out the newest indie gems. Otakus Adventure Free Download PC Game setup in single direct connection for Windows. It is an astonishing adventure and indie game. Otakus Adventure PC Game 2019 Overview “Otaku’s Adventure” Is A Different Kind Of Avg. The story recounts an Otaku who has been single for a long time and hunger for affection. While he unintentionally. Otaku’s Adventure System Requirements (Minimum) OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64bit Mac OS X 10.7 or later Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or greater 2.0 Ghz single core or faster processor. Download and play free Adventure Games for Mac. Embark on exciting journeys to exotic places in our huge collection of point-and-click adventures! Here i will teach you guys how to get all ending in otaku's adventure:D please don't mind if there is any broken English Hope this help you NOTE:please note there will be spoiler, if you don't want to get spoiler, please don't come, come back when yo.

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Reading books is the vestige of the past. In the prime of the hi-tech epoch it’s time to plunge into the story as one of the characters. That’s what the best adventure games are about. Discover the secrets of lost civilizations, search for the powerful legendary artifacts and investigate complex crimes sitting before your computer. Whether you prefer adventure games for girls or boys, thrillers or romantic games, this page is a must-have in your bookmarks toolbar.

Considering the immense range of titles and sophisticated users’ tastes, today it is a trend to give players get all at once by mixing elements of different genres. Thus, if you are not against of completing a few hidden object scenes and solving a couple of puzzles on your way through the storyline, you would probably find HOPA games worth your attention. Although old-school quests are quite a rare treat nowadays, we still keep track of classic adventure games for Mac pro and will definitely inform you of any observable release. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and download new adventure games for Mac free.

Haunted Hotel:
Lost Time

Fatal Mistake

Cyborg uprising has started! You are the one to save humanity!

Cherished Serpent

Meet new mythical creatures of the Chimeras series

Fairy Godmother Stories:

Halloween Stories:
Horror Movie

Jason receives an invitation to wedding.. with a cry for help!

Grim Tales:
Guest From The Future

A malicious threat sends your despondent back in time for help.

Darkness and Flame:
Enemy in Reflection

Help Alice explore beautiful vistas to find long-forgotten secrets

Heart of the Mountain

Otaku's Adventure Download For Mac Windows 7

Hero of the Kingdom III

Collect, trade, hunt and battle to become the savior.

The Secret Design

Never Fall Asleep

Stay awake whatever it takes to escape the nightmare.

Lost Lands:

Travel to another planet to discover an ancient relic

Here i will teach you guys how to get all ending in otaku’s adventure 😀

Mcculloch pro mac 700 chainsaw manualsupporttechnologies. NOTE:please note there will be spoiler, if you don’t want to get spoiler, please don’t come, come back when you need help, thank you

Waiting for you, Mei

difficulties *Very Easy
this ending is the first ending that you can get in the game.
when you meet Mei Mei in the KY cafe, she should tell you that she want to pick up a call and she run away from you, than there will be two option, choose to wait for Mei’s to come back, than there you have it.

Sudden love

difficulties *Very Easy
when you are in the convenience store, a girl(Waifu) will come in soon,after she came in,you should have 3 ways to intro yourself,choose “I love you”,after it,the store keeper will fall in love on you .

Single God, Successor

difficulties * Very Easy
When you in the convenience store, don’t save the girl (Do Nothing) when the light fall off,after that go to the acrade hall, the play with the girl with the yellow jacket, and lose the game, than you will go in to the the single dog ending

Farewell, Waifu

difficulties * Very Easy
When you at the park, Waifu will tell you that she need to hide from Man in Black,and when the Man in black ask you where is the girl,just tell the Man in Black you saw Waifu in anyway you cannot prove you are a girl.

I am idiot

difficulties * Very Easy
When you and Waifu in the hospital, drag your gun and shoot Waifu when she is lying on the bad.
(You really a idiot :P)

Waifu turns old

difficulties *Easy
In the Hospital find the Remote, back to the room where Waifu, than Drag the remote to Waifu,
and than she turn old.
(isn’t Waifu die because Blood lost too much??)

A Blatant Failure

difficulties *Easy
When you and Waifu arrived to The Mystery, There should be few ways to get the ending
1.shoot the guards
2.Shoot the sleeping guard
3.shoot the talking guards
(all of them is shooting guards XD)

Useless Me

difficulties* Easy
Die in the first Shooting game in the city

Useless Me II

difficulties *Easy
die in the second Shooting game in the The Mystery

Overly Strong oppenent

difficulties * Easy
Get beaten by Old Bean

Otaku Savior

difficulties *Easy
After you beat Old bean, Waifu should betray you, and old bean will let you travel back to the day you meet waifu at the convenience store, than just like the beginning you can ‘Push her away’ or ‘Do nothing’, this time choose to ‘Do nothing’ than you will get the ending.

Meet, Than Farewell

difficulties * Easy
When you and the yellow jacket girl went to the comic and anime show,before you go inside,choose to just go inside,don’t hold each other hand.

Otaku Games Free

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