Payment is issued after your claim is processed and it is determined you qualify for benefits. The first payment you may receive is postponed by one week's worth of payment, called the waiting week. Basically, every claimant who qualifies for unemployment serves an unpaid 'waiting week' that begins the first week they become eligible to receive benefits.

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In order to be paid benefits, you must request payment every week. If you are eligible for benefits, payment will be deposited to an unemployment debit card. After claim processing, payment may take two to three business days to receive from the time you submit your payment request. To request payment online, register with MyUI+.


You are responsible for knowing when you are scheduled to request payment. Requesting payment too early or late will result in your claim being closed. If this occurs, you must reopen your claim before future benefits can be paid.

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Requesting Payment

Request your payments every week online through MyUI+ or by telephone 303-813-2800 or 1-888-550-2800 (outside Denver-metro area).

Receiving Payment

There are two methods of receiving your unemployment benefit payments: Direct Deposit or a Prepaid Debit Card
Direct Deposit
You can avoid debit card fees by having your benefit payments deposited directly to your checking or savings account. To change your payment method, log into MyUI+. Depending on the number of claims on your account, you'll either go to 'Manage Claimant Account' and then 'Payment History' or to 'View and Maintain Account Information' and then 'Payment Method Options and Tax Information.'
Prepaid Debit Card
Everyone who signs up for unemployment benefits gets a debit card, also called a ReliaCard. You may be subject to debit card fees.,Our vendor, U.S. Bank, provides all the information you will need to know about the debit card.
View More Debit Card Info

Contact Us

Colorado Division of Unemployment Insurance 303-318-9000 Contact Us

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