The first all-terrain vehicles were first produced in 1985. Global infotech. They are well known as ATVs nowadays. The most popular model is Sportsman that has four wheels and can have the various equipment. Each of the Polaris vehicles has a 17-characters code that contains the information about the specs of the car. You can use this code for the search of the parts for repairing or when you plan to buy a new Polaris.

Notes about the serial number of your Polaroid SX-70 instant film camera: The serial number is located on the underside of the top panel of the cameras, it is right above the yellow film cover button. The serial number will either consist of 10 alphanumeric characters starting with a letter, or 11 characters starting with a number. Go to AnalogX's VIN View VIN number decoder (see Resources), and enter your VIN number.The decoder will provide you with a list of all the information contained in the VIN. The decoder will be able to confirm that you correctly determined your Polaris's year model and can tell you more about the specific model of Trailblazer you have. VIN is the acronym for vehicle identification number. A Polaris ATV VIN is 17 digits in length on all modern ATVs and is stamped directly onto the quad’s frame. Each digit represents information specific to that ATV. Prior to 1997 a Polaris used 7 digits VINs on some models, don’t confuse these with the engine’s serial number. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit number used to identify your Polaris ACE. Your VIN can be found stamped on the frame in one of two locations. The VIN (1) is stamped in the left front wheel well: The VIN can also be found on a sticker in the right front wheel well.

VIN Location

If you want to find the Polaris VIN, you should take a little brush, a flashlight, a pencil and a piece of paper. You can start looking for the stamped number on the left side frame rail. Take a look at the front wheel well on the left side that's just beside the fender. A brush will be useful for cleaning the board and the flashlight will let you read the code. One more code can be found on a tube in wheel area of the front fender in the first ATV models. Use a pencil to write the code down even if you think it looks the same way as in the registration card.

You can use the Polaris VIN decoder for deciphering the whole code or you can find out some details on your own. It's easy to remember that the Sportsman that has 1 to 4 as the first character was produced in the North America. If there's X in the second place, it was made for the USA drivers. It's much easier to decode the next symbols with the decoder. You will find out the type of the vehicle, the type of the engine, the information about the safety equipment and some other technical specs.

Decoder Options

The Polaris options VIN decoder is a great tool that you can use for checking the condition of the car that you want to buy. You can use the code to check the following things:

  • The type of the engine. You will know how powerful the engine is, the number of cylinders and other technical aspects if required;
  • The type of the transmission. It can be either manual or automatic. You can pick up the one that's the most comfortable for you;
  • The safety equipment. Here the decoder will tell you about the active seat belts of the Polaris vehicle and the presence of any airbags;
  • The model year of the vehicle. It's not the same as the year of manufacture. These years can be different;
  • The body type, the color and the number of the doors. You will need this information to check if the code refers to a real car;
  • The manufacturer and the country where the car was produced.

Polaris Rzr Vin Number Lookup

There are some myths about the VIN code that you can find on the Polaris vehicles. One of them is that the code doesn't contain any information about the transmission in the latest models while such data is included in the code of the first models. Another myth is that checking the VIN code is a waste of time.

It's up to you to believe in them or not, but we recommend to double-check the VIN codes from different locations on the body and the engine of Polaris with the code you have on the registration card. If you ignore the decoding process, it can lead to various problems like issues with changing the parts, etc.

Indeed, decoding the VIN number can be done both quickly and effectively if you use the VIN decoder for Polaris that is available on our site. You can find it on the top of this page. The whole procedure is easy and intuitive. Try it now!

Polaris Serial Number Search

Polaris Sample VIN Numbers

Polaris Atv Vin Lookup

  • 4XASXM958HA628332 — 2017 Polaris Sportsman (952CC), All Terrain Cycle (ATV)
  • 4XAVBE873FB960769 — 2015 Polaris RZR (875CC), All Terrain Cycle (ATV)
  • 4XAUH9EA1EB209539 — 2014 Polaris Ranger (875CC), All Terrain Cycle (ATV)
  • 4XAJT87A7CF661252 — 2012 Polaris RZR XP - (850 cc), Motorcycle - All Terrain Cycle (ATV)
  • 4XAZX55A8AA767857 — 2010 Polaris Sportsman xp (1-up) 550 Xp-Eps (550 cc), All Terrain Cycle (ATV)