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A downloadable interactive scene for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for the 2016 Fermi Paradox Jam, Radio Silence is a game for the curious.

Choose any star using your trusty periscope and scan it with your terminal. Maybe you'll receive a message today. Or you can transmit a message and hope someone out there will find it some day. There's got to be someone else out there, right? In the meantime, at least you get some stations clearly on the radio!


Use only your mouse to play.

  1. Click the periscope, then a star, then leave the periscope view.
  2. Click the computer terminal, then scan the star. If there's a message, it'll appear.
  3. If there's a message, the computer will display it, but it probably won't be anything recognizable.
  4. If the computer can translate a letter, it will, and any time you get that letter in the future, the computer will automatically translate it.
  5. If you want, you can send a message to the selected star by building a sentence from lists of words in different categories, but the transmitter is very old and takes some time to recharge between sending messages.
  6. You can't receive messages that you've sent yourself.
  7. If you'd like (and we encourage you to do so), you can listen to one (or all) of the radio stations that your bunker can receive.

You can control the volume for all sounds and music from the radio volume knob.

You can quit the game with Esc or by choosing Close Game from the credits screen (the question mark in the bottom left corner).

Volume, notes, and translated letters save from session to session, so if you get all the letters, you'll be able to see any messages you find right away.

Euro truck simulator 2 - metallic paint jobs pack for mac. A major graphical update may be coming in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Also, Paws Menu, the musician and designer of this game, also made a game for the Fermi Jam called Fermiphonic, so go check it out and leave a comment!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorAlamantus GameDev
Made withUnity
Tagscommunication, eerie, fermi-paradox, Low-poly, messages, radio, Relaxing, slow-paced, stars, terminal
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Extract the files from the downloaded zip file and run the relevant executable:

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  • Windows: Make sure the Data folder is in the same place you extracted the .exe file to, then open the .exe (32-bit only, but will run the same on 64-bit installations)
  • Mac: Just run the .app file
  • Linux: Make sure the Data folder is in the same place as the script files, then run the .x86 if you're on a 32-bit OS or the .86_64 if you're on 64-bit.


Development log

  • Instructions are Now Inside the Game!
    Oct 14, 2017

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I just gave the Linux build a try, there's that screen that says 'click to start', so I clicked, and.. nothing happens, the game doesn't start :'(

Oh dang! Thanks for letting me know! I wasn't able to test the Linux or OSX builds, so I was just trusting Unity to build them correctly..

I don't know when I'll get a chance, but I'll try to debug the Linux build! What distro are you using? I believe Unity targets Ubuntu specifically, so that might be part of the issue?

Hello again, and sorry for the late answer.

I'm using Arch Linux, but I'm not sure this is the problem since I've had some other Unity games work just fine, particularly here on Itch (and Arch Linux even has a bunch of versions of the Unity editor that we can install)..

Intriguing but confusing, as I only saw the text on the page after trying. Shame on me.

Thanks for trying it out, but it's too bad you didn't know what to do! I guess I should probably add some instructions in-game as well, or else make the correlation between clicking on stars and using the terminal more clear..

Anyway, thanks for playing! :)

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