Waiting for the screening to start, I was talking with a dive instructor about the challenge of diving inside glaciers. 'Any time you take away unobstructed access to the surface,' he told me, 'you're talking technical diving, and that makes you more of an astronaut than a diver.' I thought of that during 'Red Planet,' which is about four men who have essentially dived down to the surface of Mars, whose air is running out, and who do not have access to the spaceship circling above.

The movie takes place in 2025, when mankind has polluted the Earth beyond the point of no return, and is seeking a new planet to colonize. Mars is bombarded with robot space probes carrying various strains of bio-engineered algae. The earth-born organisms seem to thrive, and green pastures spread on Mars. A space mission is launched to send a crew of scientists to investigate a curious thing. The algae seems to have disappeared. Really disappeared. It didn't simply die off, because that would have left withered remains. It seems to have . . . dematerialized.

Red Planet 2000 Ganool Movie

  • Red Planet was the second DVD I ever owned, the first being Nick Cage's 'Gone in 60 Seconds' and the third being 'Heat.' My mom bought herself a laptop in 2000 which to our surprised, served as our first family DVD player.
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  • Red Planet (2000) C- SDG. The best scene in Red Planet is the actual arrival on the planet’s surface, a landing sequence not quite like anything I’ve ever seen in any other movie (honorable mentions to Indiana Jones and Jackie Chan for having come the closest). Once the crew steps onto Martian soil, though, moments of interest are few.

Nonton Red Planet (2000). Astronot mencari solusi untuk menyelamatkan Bumi yang sekarat dengan mencari di Mars, hanya untuk memiliki misi pergi sangat kacau.

Red Planet 2000 Ganool

This discovery takes place after a troubled voyage. Free roam train sim 2020. The interplanetary ship, commanded by Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss), has gone through a gamma ray storm, disabling a lot of its equipment. The Mars lander descends to the surface with Gallagher (Val Kilmer), Burchenal (Tom Sizemore), Santen (Benjamin Bratt), Pettengil (Simon Baker) and the scientist-philosopher Chantilas (Terence Stamp). It runs into trouble, too, has to jettison some of its equipment, and then there's a sensational landing scene. The lander is cocooned within huge, tough air bags so it can bounce to a soft landing. But when it bounces off a cliff, the ride gets rocky for the men inside.

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Also along is AMEE, a robotic tracker and warrior that has, alas, not been programmed nearly carefully enough with Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. The men are left with an incomplete landing module and must depend on a supply station dropped by previous missions. And then . . .

Red Planet 2000 Ganool Movie

Everything else should come as a surprise. What pleased me, however, was the nature of the situation they find on Mars. The movie's ads seem to suggest Bug-Eyed Monsters of some sort, but the actual story developments are more ingenious and reasonable. John Campbell, who liked semi-plausible scientific speculation in his stories, might have enjoyed the way 'Red Planet' accounts for the disappearance of the algae. There is a scene--call it the fireworks scene--that in its own way is one of the more memorable encounters I've seen with extraterrestrial life forms.