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The following rules govern basic interaction within the L2Cleaver gameserver and the forum-discord. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in the termination of your game account.

1. While playing Lineage II, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players

Welcome To Your Perfect Home

New Year, New Rules!!! Welcome and thanks for visiting my page! Due to people ordering and then not paying: 1. I will no longer take pre-orders without payment. I hate to have to do this, but I am a small business that just can't swallow the loss of 'custom' work. All orders will be given a 2-week turn-around. I am one person trying my best! We are Thankful to THE TEE TIMES MAGAZINE's Owner Jeff Ward as proud sponsor & partner of the CCGT! He is 100% behind the Coastal Cup Golfers Tour, as we are 100% behind him! We want to say thank you for all he does to help the golf industry! We are also proud and thankful to have Dean Baker, President of the Loud Bags, Inc. Exclusive distributor for Loudmouth golf bags and matching head. Mobile technology has kept us all connected. Now more than ever, we need smartphones that can help us express ourselves with stunning photos, deliver immersive viewing experiences, and simply make everything we do epic.

2.You may not post or communicate any player’s real world information (name, address, account name, etc.) through the Lineage II game or on the forum-discord.

3.You may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language.

4.You may not post or link to any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive imagery or content.


5.When communicating in Lineage II using Global Chat (server wide chat), you may not spam, flood, or make duplicate posts.

Welcome To Board Game Sheets

6.You may not impersonate any Cleaver Admin.

7.You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying, selling or trading your account.

Rules For Welcome To Country

8.You may not use any third-party program (such as a “bot”) in order to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting or gathering items within Lineage II. You may not assist, relay or store items for other players who are using these processes.

9.Rules may be changed by Administration at any time without notice.

Welcome To Board Game

Ruleswelcome To

Welcome To Game Rules

10.Lack of knowledge of these rules does not free the player from responsibility in any way.

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