Frame’s serial number or VIN number and important information about the frame such as. I just picked up a 1997 softail with what I believehas a Santee frame. I bought the bike from the original owner who purchased the bike in 97 from his local hd dealership. The engine numbers where 10 digit numerical IDs. The VIN numbers of this era where 9 digit codes where the first two digits corresponded to the model code (see list below), the next 5 digits were the production numbers (always starting above 10,000) and the last 2 digits were the year code (see list below).

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0006 0006 first as u begin to build your frame u want to make sure you have the best fitments as possible this bill help strengthen your motorcycle frame. Ok let say you have ever y piece cut up to proper sizes as u begin to assemble this frame your going to tack it all together(this serve 2 purposes). To every tack you lay make sure you also tack in the opposite side( this is necessary to avoid any pulling/warping from the weld being layed down later )after the entire frame is completely tack check it for squareness in every possible direction specially your line of travel and your rear axle plates alignments, after u done all this and your satisfied with the frame go ahead and weld it. NOTE: AS U WELD YOUR FRAME MAKE SURE NOT TO PUT TO MUCH HEAT IN ONE SINGLE AREA AT A TIME JUMP ARUOND WITH YOIUR WELDS.

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Santee Frame Serial Numbers. At least the first year of FC-150 production had a VIN tag like this and was placed right inside the driver's side door. Arikara - Wikipedia. Pre- contact distribution of Arikara. Arikara man wearing a bearskin, 1. Mandan and Arikara delegation. Arikara (English: ), also. Give us a call Toll-Free at 800-423-2621 and we'll help you out over the phone. Affordable New Wide Springers With Powdercoated Finishes Affordable New Powdercoated Springer Front Ends Starting At Just $699.95. Call For Details. FREE GROUND FREIGHT ON ALL ORDERS OVER $250.00! Dolby Atmos Demo Disc Download. (EXCEPT FRAMES). May 02, 2013 How do you date a Santee frame? The serial numbers on these are on. I have a Santee straightleg frame from 1979. Santee Frame Serial Numbers. Posted on: / Admin. Abraham Lincoln Deciding the Fate of 3. Indians Convicted of War Crimes in Minnesotas Great Sioux Uprising. American History, Politics. Fidget Spinner is a toy. Small child is used for entertainment purpose. Even as the Civil War intensified, President. Drum plates, hard to tell but looks like stock rake (32*?) and no stretch( up,out, or back). Oh yea, solid mounts for fat bob tanks. So who cares who made it, it'll make a nice clean chop/bob w/that rolling gear. Paughco and Santee should have serial numbers. Santee's frames used bigger diameter tubing.

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Dutch Bros Employee Handbook. An MSO is a “manufacturer’s statement of origin.” This document certifies that you purchased your motorcycle frame from the manufacturer. It has the manufacturer’s name, frame’s serial number or VIN number and important information about the frame such as identifiable measurements. It also has a section for transferring the MSO from the manufacturer to the purchaser. If you are building a custom motorcycle and you are using a custom frame, you must have the MSO for the frame to show your state inspector that you did not obtain the frame through unlawful methods. If you do not have this important document, your state inspector will not provide you with a title so you can legally drive your motorcycle on the street.

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