Goals for 2012
1. Have fun and safe experiences.

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Event Schedule
January 22 - Clinic with Jil Walton at Galway Downs Fundraiser in Temecula - CANCELLED =(
CenterFebruary 4 - Meadows of Moorpark cross country schooling
February 19 - Galway Downs Schooling - One photo here
March 17 - My wedding!
April 28 - ADOPT BOHEMIAN!!! - photos & a video here!
May 6 - Meadows of Moorpark Derby - CANCELLED =(
May 20 - Hemie's first XC outing at the Meadows.
MeadowJuly 28 - Stradivarius Farms Hunter/Jumper schooling show - Hemie's first show! - photos here, and a few more here.
August 5 - Meadows of Moorpark Schooling - video and pics here
August 19 - Strad Farms Show - video and pics here
September 15-16 - Meadows of Moorpark USEA Combined Test Derby - report here and videos here.

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Events

October 21 - El Sueno Hunter/Jumper show - recap with pics and video here
Goals for 2011
1. Compete in a horse trials
2. Compete in a horse trials at the BN level
Goals technically reached @ June Shepherd HT
3. At my next HT(s), get through the competition with a score (ie, don't get eliminated & make it through all sections).
Competition Schedule
June 25-26 - Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials - Photos Here

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Seating Chart

July 10 - Camelot Show - Photos Here
August 14 - ETI Show in Simi Valley - Photos Here
September 17-18 - Meadows of Moorpark Horse Trials - CANCELLED =[

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Camp

October 22-23 - Ram Tap Horse Trials in Fresno. Likely my last show of the season. - Photos Here