NOTICE: Requires the basegame Sid Meier's Civilization® VI in order to play.Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account. Requires aninternet connection.

Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Office 2019 in win 7 download. Coming to PC on October 21, 2016.

Sid Meier

About the game

This new content pack introduces Lady Six Sky asthe leader of the Maya and Simón Bolívar as the leader of GranColombia.

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Sid Meier

The Maya can build prosperous city centers early in the game,supported by surrounding Farms and Plantations and protected bytheir unique Hul'che. Gran Colombia focuses on fast armies boostedby Simón Bolívar's powerful Comandante Generals.

Includes the Maya civilization with Lady Six Sky, the Hul'cheunique unit, and the Observatory unique district.

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  • Civ Unique Ability: The “Mayab” ability gives Maya housing andproduction bonuses from Farms, and Amenity bonus for Luxuryresources adjacent to the City Center. Settling adjacent to Coastsor Fresh Water does not provide housing bonuses.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Lady Six Sky's “Ix Mutal Ajaw” abilitylets the Maya gain yield bonuses to non-capital cities, and acombat bonus to units, within six tiles of the capital.
  • Unique Unit: The Hul'che, a stronger replacement for the Archerand receives bonus combat strength when attacking woundedunits.
  • Unique District: The Observatory replaces the Campus and adds aminor adjacency bonus with Farms and a major adjacency bonus withPlantations.

Also includes the Gran Colombia civilization with SimónBolívar, the Llanero and Comandante General unique units, and theHacienda unique improvement.

  • Civ Unique Ability: With the “Ejercito Patriota” ability, GranColombia receives a movement bonus to all units, and promoting aunit does not end the unit's turn.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Simón Bolívar has the “CampanaAdmirable” ability, granting a Comandante General when entering anew Era.
  • Unique Units: Gran Colombia features two unique units:
    - The Comandante General is a Great General with unique abilities,including Passive and Retire effects.
    - The Llanero replaces the Cavalry. It requires less maintenance,receives a combat bonus for every adjacent Llanero and fully healswhen in range of a Comandante General that activates.
  • Unique Improvement: The Hacienda provides Production, Gold andHousing bonuses, and a Food bonus for each adjacent Plantation.Plantations and Haciendas receive Production bonuses for adjacentHaciendas.

New “Apocalypse” Game Mode (Requires the Gathering Stormexpansion to play)

  • Adds Forest Fires and Meteor Showers as disaster types to allgames.
  • An optional, specialized game mode with exclusive rulechanges:
  • New disasters: Comet Impact and Solar Flares.
  • Larger versions of existing disasters.
  • New military unit: Soothsayer, a Support unit that can triggernatural disasters at the player's command.
  • New scored competition: Sacrifice units to volcanoes. RequiresSoothsayers to use their unique action on friendly units near avolcano.
  • The world enters an apocalyptic state when climate changereaches its maximum level.

New Resources:

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  • Honey. Luxury.
  • Maize. Bonus.

New Natural Wonders:

  • Bermuda Triangle. Naval units that pass through it receive amovement bonus and get teleported to another ocean tile.
  • Paititi. Gold bonus on trade routes for the city that controlsit, major adjacency bonus for Commercial Hubs and TheaterSquares.
  • Fountain of Youth. Grants units that pass it a healingbuff.

New City-States:

  • Caguana. Cultural. Suzerain bonus: access to Batey improvement,which grants Culture based on its placement.
  • Singapore. Industrial. Suzerain bonus: Production bonus foreach foreign trade route.
  • Lahore. Militaristic. Suzerain bonus: Access to aFaith-purchased combat unit – Nihang – with a unique promotiontree.
  • Vatican City. Religious. Suzerain bonus: Religious pressurespread when activating Great People.
  • Taruga. Scientific. Suzerain bonus: Science bonus per strategicresource in cities.
  • Hunza. Trade. Suzerain bonus: Gold bonus for trade routedistance.

System requirements