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Ah, the birthing process of a lovable Sim.

Sometimes it feels like it’s just too short, while some Sims make you wish the baby was born already.

Regardless of which type of Sim you have, it’s always fun to better every aspect of the game.

You can find those kinds of mods for the Sims 3 (including a full on fire arms system)but not so much for the Sims 4. There is a Deadly Joy Buzzer mod and a Death Ray mod,though.

I’ve managed to compile a list of mods that improve pregnancy in the game, in one way or another. I originally intended to add more mods to this list, but most of the pregnancy mods that I came across simply weren’t good enough to make the cut.

  • Hi:)Links to all the mods (basemental drug, wicked whims, hoe it up, cam girl, and more):
  • MC Command Center. This is the mod of all mods, the top of the totem, the cream of the crop!

So I’ve filtered the best mods all related to pregnancy and ranked them here for you fellow Sims lovers!

Be aware that some of these mods are not particularly light-hearted. Each does serve a purpose and you’ll find them useful in one of two ways: by adding a bit of difficulty to the game, or simply by helping your Sim pass her pregnancy in a much more comfortable way.

Also yes, there are mods that allow male Sims to undergo pregnancy. There are way too many to tell which one is the best so just have a look in Google and pick your favorite from there. I’m just pointing this out in case you’re interested in installing one of those!

10. Instant Morning Sickness

This mod removes the mood that your female Sims get when they’re pregnant that warns you about morning sickness.

I mean, it doesn’t make sense for it to be warned, right?

In real life, women have to deal with sudden puking. And so should your Sim!

This is one of the mods that increase the difficulty, as I said in the intro of this article. But they also make the game feel more realistic. Give it a go if you dare.

9. Bad Parent Trait

Not everyone wants to be a parent.

In fact, some people rejoice on the fact that they don’t have to raise children of their own.

This is a trait that makes your Sim be happy when children are not born, and it’s a great complement to add to the game as a different perspective of pregnancy and what happens when it fails.

Maybe one of your Sims might be happy that the baby wasn’t born while the other might be devastated.

How will they deal with the situation?

Just one of many fun traits you can add into your Sims 4 experience.

8. Pregnancy Mega Mod

First of all, bear in mind that this mod is not meant to be fair.

It’s just an add-on that allows you to fully control how pregnancies work and how will they go.

If you want to cancel a pregnancy, you can.

Or you can even set the number of babies that will be born and their genders.

It’s a great mod if you wish to play god for a bit… but trust me – if you’re looking for a vanilla safe or a traditional legacy playstyle, this isn’t the way to go.

Abusive Parent Mod Sims 4

Still fun to take full control every so often though.

7. Shorter/Longer Pregnancy Mod

If you don’t have MC Command Center installed but you still wish to have the ability to control pregnancy times, then this mod might be ideal for you.

You will be able to manually set the pregnancy time of women to change to any given amount that you want.

Adapt pregnancies to your own preferred length of play with this amazing add-on!

6. Sims 4 Risky Woohoo


The Risky Woohoo mod, as the name suggests, add certain risks to having sex in The Sims 4.

Some sims might be infertile, while others can be extremely fertile.

Yes, extremely fertile. Welcome to the future of gaming.

You can even have babies with ghosts if you want!

This mod is meant to add some spiciness to the game world by introducing more risks to pregnancy and intercourse.

A great mod overall, but not as complex as others on this list. Although a not-too-complex mod might be just what you’re looking for.

5. Teen Pregnancy Mod

Well this mod is just what the name suggests.

It allows teenagers to have sex in the game. I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t illegal because TECHNICALLY teens can be 18+.

Also they’re digital and not real people.

And this still feels a bit wrong, but hey to each their own.

Maybe you’re a teen yourself and you know what you’re doing. Or maybe you want to recreate a Sims version of Teen Mom. Who knows!

This is still one of the most popular mods in the community and it needs a spot on my list.

4. Impregnate with Simray

Let’s jump straight into something a bit more lighthearted, shall we?

This mod allows you to use the SimRay by altering its “transform” function and turning it into “impregnate”.

Basically, you can shoot a baby inside a woman without having her woohoo or anything like that.

God this Sims-speak is really getting to me…

Let’s call this a puritan way in which you can have pregnancies to work in The Sims 4, as wrong as that may sound.

3. MC Command Center

If you want to edit the length of pregnancies and other stuff related to how pregnancy works in the world of The Sims 4, I think there’s no better mod for you to download than the MC Command Center.

This gives you access to a control console where you’ll be able to alter most aspects of the game.

Sims 4 Parenting Mods 1.12.2

In fact, just download this mod and toy around for 5 minutes. You’ll thank me later.

2. Pregnancy Mood Buffs

Everyone feels different about pregnancy. And this mod allows you to choose how your Sim will feel while they’re expecting a baby.

Maybe they are embarrassed to be pregnant, or maybe they will be sad or anxious.

It’s up to you to decide, like the god that you are.

Sims 4 Parenting Mods

1. Wicked Whims

I know that Wicked Whims has always been associated with sex over anything else.

But trust me, this mod has evolved to become the best addition to a Sims game in quite a while.

The newer relationship changes make establishing relationships a much more crucial part of the game. And pregnancies become a whole other issue with the addition of menstrual cycles.

Sims 4 Parenting Mods Mod

A fantastic addition that also serves a good purpose for the adult-aged Sims lover.

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What are the best toddler mods in 2020? (list continuously expanded)

If you’re still new to playing The Sims 4, you’d be a little surprised to know that there are a lot more you can do for your toddler Sims. Of course, it’s possible with the help of amazing mods and custom content (CC) created by various contributors. Here we’ve summarized the best Sims 4 toddler mods and CC we’ve found throughout the web, so you won’t have to spend hours searching for random creations.

If you’d like to know more about mods, cc, and everything in between, then check out our Mega Guide on The Sims 4 Mods and CC for detailed information. But before that, here are the must-have Sims 4 toddler mods and CC that’ll add tons of fun and creativity in the game. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Toddler Mods

More CAS Traits for Sims and Pets Mod

The More CAS Traits for Sims & Pets Mod is the first important item for your inventory I’d like to mention since it adds cool CAS traits for your toddler Sims. The mod does include not only great traits for toddlers but also pets and adults. With half a million downloads at ModTheSims, the More CAS Traits for Sims & Pets Mod is extremely popular in the community. After all, this is an interesting extension for sure. Just the base game is needed to use this modification. Check this page to download the extension. Further, also have a look at my post on Sims 4 Aspirations Mods.

Custom Toddler Food and Snacks Mod

Sims 4 Parenting Mods 1.12.2

The Custom Toddler Food and Snacks Mod is a modification that can’t be left out in this list. Installing this modification is adding additional snack options for kids to your game. I have not experienced any conflicts with the other mods I am using, but note that the mod requires the Custom Food Interactions mod for it to work properly. It is thanks to Icemunmun for creating this great modification. For the download link and more on the extension, just go to this page. For more cool food and restaurant-related mods, also look at my blog entry on Sims 4 Restaurant Mods.

Sims 4 Mods For Parenting

Whisper Eyes Package

Have more fun customizing your toddler Sims by using the Whisper Eyes Package. Yup, that’s right! No need to limit yourself to the eyes selection that the standard game has included for toddlers! This extension brings more nice eye selection for toddlers in the game. Note that this is a typical replacement mod. Thus, you should make sure that you are not overwriting anything you do not want to overwrite. The good news: You will only need the base game and no expansion packs to play this extension. For downloading the package and further information, just click here.

Hair for Toddlers Package

We’ve got to admit that limited hairstyle choices for our toddler sim can get a little… boring. Luckily, Birksche seems to get our frustrations and created this cool custom content package! Install the Hair for Toddlers Package mod to get additional hairstyles for toddlers, such as bob, ponytail, and more, to the game. Plus points! All of the hairstyles in this package are hat compatible. Click here to download.

Carry Children/Toddlers Mod

If you’re playing The Sims 4, you know how it can sometimes get overwhelming to take care of toddlers. You have a child in the household, too, and you probably think if you can use an extra hand for a better gaming experience. Introducing this amazing mod that answers all that! Not only does this wonderful design by Sofmc9 allows your Sims to pick up and put down children, but it also lets the children take care of toddlers. From carrying to putting to bed, bathing, reading to sleep, and more. If this is not the perfect mod for you, then I don’t know what is! The tuning mod adds exactly that functionality to the game. Very useful! All that you need to use this extension is the standard edition of The Sims 4. You may download the file and find further information here.

Lifetime Skills Carry Over Mod

Now this is interesting. Ever wanted your aging Sim to have that skill it acquired as a child? With the Lifetime Skills Carry Over Mod designed by TwistedMexi, that is now possible. By installing this mod, you are adding a change to the game that skill experiences are carried over to give your Sim a head start on the next age equivalents. To use the extension, just the base game is needed. Download and further resources under this link.

Pampers Cruisers Diapers Mod

Another mod that brings a more realistic experience to the game is the Pampers Cruisers Diapers Mod by kratoscheky. The diaper package, inspired by the Pampers Cruise line, adds not just six diapers to your game, but also the basic clothes that appear like the toddler is wearing a diaper inside. Just the base game is required to use this fun modification. The extension and more information are available at this site.

Romantic Garden Stuff Hair For Toddlers Mod

Here’s another fun mod for the hair of your toddler Sims – the Romantic Garden Stuff Hair for Toddlers Mod. The awesome modification by Terminathan is the toddler version of the crowd-favorite Romantic Garden Stuff Hair Pack for children and adults. The hairstyle comes in all the default colors, so you have plenty of options. You will only need the standard edition of The Sims 4 to play it. Have a look at this page to download the mod.

Breastfeed Toddlers Mod

Here comes another mod that makes the life of Sims easier. Have you ever wondered how to have a less time-consuming way of feeding the toddlers? Then the Breastfeed Toddlers Mod by PolarBearSims is something you should have a look at as it allows the mother to breastfeed toddlers and not just babies. You may download the file and find further information here.

Parenting Skill for Teens Mod

Zafisim‘s first-ever mod at ModtheSims does not disappoint. In fact, it’s something that’s definitely worth trying! With the help of this mod, your teen Sims can already acquire parenting skills while caring for underage Sims. Once they have the skills, they will then be able to do most parenting-related socials that are only for adults in the standard game. In addition, they will also retain their leaned skills when they age up as adults. The extension and more information are available at this site.

More Fridge Quick Meals Mod

Sims 4 Parenting Mods Sims 4

This is not really for toddlers, but I included it here since it’s related to toddlers. It is a mod that makes life easier for your Sims. You want to have a sandwich without the need to either first pack it into a sack lunch or have a toddler in the house? Then the More FridgeQuick Meals Mod – that was developed by Punie – is the ideal modification for you. The mod is adding a game food item to the “Have a Quick Meal” menu. You may download the file and find further information here.

Sims 4 Parenting Interactions Mod

All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief Mod

The All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort, and Stress Relief Mod is the next extension in my list that truly deserves a spot. It adds a change to the game that all beds give the same energy gain and stress/comfort relief similar to the top of the range beds. That super reasonable modification was designed by Cyclelegs, who did a really great job with this creation. Just the base game is required to play this modification. Download and further resources are available in this link.