RAMM is a family-owned company devoted to helping equestrian find exactly what they need for their horses and farms. As fellow horse owners, we understand the importance of quality products that will stand the test of time. Horses are magnificent creatures that thunder across pastures, manes flailing, and eyes wild. Anger managementseries free download. They wheel around, playing before racing off again and skidding to a stop at the fence line with their necks bowing over the rails where their safety outcome is determined by the fence system.

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“These are all things that change the fence selection,” says Dennis Marion, president of Innovative Equine Systems. Marion also points out it’s important to consider how large the space is, whether it is a temporary fence, what the terrain, soil and climate are like, how visible it will be in different locations and whether there are any special needs to be accounted for. Noble Ultra-Mesh Panels are specifically designed for use in mare and foal paddocks where there is a need for a safe and secure fence. The 6' 2' high panels are made out of 1 7/8' galvanized steel tubing with heavy duty 2'x4' wire mesh welded to the lower 5' 4' of the panel.

There are many factors that determine what type of horse fence will work best for you. RAMM offers a wide variety of top-of-the-line horse fencing systems for you to choose from:

  • Flex Fence® – If you are looking for a horse fencing system that provides a strong barrier, with the added safety of flexing on contact, very low maintenance, strong break-strength, has a long life, and is highly visible, then we suggest our patented Flex Fence®. Flex Fence® is designed to hold strong, giving slightly (6'-8') with pressure, while keeping the horses safe and secure.
  • Electric Fence – If you have horses that like to lean, chew, or test their boundaries (especially by busy roads) then we recommend you check out an electric fencing system. Electric fences can be installed as a standalone or can be combined with any other fencing. It's a very good way to help prevent wear-and-tear on your fence system and it will act as the Alpha to teach the horses to respect the fence line for safer boundaries.
  • Mesh Wire Fence – Galvanized mesh wire horse fencing has evolved over the past 30 years into a popular equine and livestock containment system. Mesh is typically offered in two separate classes: class-1 or class-3. With class-3 galvanization, more zinc is added to protect your fencing, thus adding more years into the life expectancy of your fencing system. Choose from three types of class-3 mesh fencing.
  • PVC Fence– PVC fence is aesthetically pleasing for your property, driveway, or riding area. PVC fencing in white will give a more traditional board fence look – made to beautify your farm and landscape.
  • Board FenceBoard fencing has been a long-standing tradition in horse fencing systems for as long as we can remember, however, much advancement has been made in recent years to improve the quality and longevity when being used for horse fence. RAMM offers true-cut oak boards and CCA-treated posts, that can be left natural or can be painted.

Sls Mare And Foal Fence Panelsugars Legacy Stables &

We welcome you to call us at 1-800-434-8456 to speak with one of our friendly, expert RAMM horse fencing account managers today. They can offer assistance on which type of combination or fence system is right for you or answer any fence planning questions you may have. Not all horse farms are alike, so they will help you configure a mix-and-match horse fence system that will fit the needs of your horses and farm.

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