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The development team at 11 bit Studios announced that it was working with the War Child charity since their title This War of Mine was in development and now the company is asking gamers to donate to the cause while also giving them a chance to get some interesting gaming-related prizes if they do so.

Until January 29, all those interested can go to the official site of the collaboration and donate for a worthy cause at least 1 dollar or Euro.

11 bit Studios states, “By doing that, you can help children all around the world that suffer during all kinds of conflicts. The money will be used to provide medical help, schooling and other things required to provide them a chance for better future.”

The gaming prizes that can be won in the raffle associated with War Child and This War of Mine include: 1 Alienware laptop, one Nvidia Geforce GTX980 graphics card, an Nvidia Shield tablet and controller, ten Steelseries Stratus controllers, 10 Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism gaming headsets, and finally 25 codes for This War of Mine.

The video game is a complex experience which aims to show the plight of survivors in war zones, while also asking players to carefully manage resources and make more choices in order to stay alive in the long term. The art of removing words.

Since it was launched, the game has received a number of updates from 11 bit Studios and most of the changes made and the content added was based on the feedback offered by the community.

This War of Mine shows how video games can reflect real world problems

This War Of Mine: War Child Charity Crack

This War Of Mine: War Child Charity Cracks

When This War of Mine was revealed, many gamers were worried that the focus on war and its effects might mean that the title would be more focused on delivering a message than on offering interesting gameplay.

This War Of Mine: War Child Charity Crackers

But 11 bit Studios has managed to deliver one of the most compelling titles of last year, with a set of core mechanics that force gamers to make tough choices and to think about the situations that the characters are going through.

This War Of Mine: War Child Charity Cracker

It will be interesting to see whether other developers will try to use real world events as the basis for their own titles in the coming months.