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10% from each purchase goes to War Child, a charity helping children in conflict-affected areas:

This War Of Mine: War Child Charity For Macular Degeneration

This War of Mine: The Little Ones explores the hardships of wartime survival as seen from an entirely new perspective―that of a child. This DLC puts you in charge of a group of adults and children stuck in a besieged city, struggling with basic necessities. TWoM: The Little Ones focuses not only on the reality of enduring war, but also on how even in times of conflict, kids are still kids: they laugh, cry, play, and see the world differently. In addition to thinking about survival, you'll have to summon your inner child to understand how to protect the little ones. Their youth, and their future, are in your hands.

If you purchased This War of Mine's War Child Charity DLC, your money is providing support to 350 war refugee children. 'Right now, War Child are working in places across Iraq and Jordan to. This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition. It’s been two years since This War of Mine global release and we’re still expanding the experience. This new free DLC, created especially for the Anniversary Edition, adds new characters, new locations to explore, and most importantly – a whole new ending, leading to a different outcome to the game.

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A word from the developers: 'From our perspective, adding children to the experience was the most important move to complete the big picture. But it required utmost respect for victims of war, so understandably, we wanted to present the topic without any gratuitous gore. In fact, our goal was to show how little ones perceive the reality of an armed conflict. And again, if you decide to purchase the DLC, you're contributing one dollar to War Child. Thank you!'

This War Of Mine: War Child Charity For Mac

###This War of Mine: The Little Ones:

This War Of Mine Charity

  • Experience the biggest expansion to This War of Mine
  • Protect innocent children
  • Craft toys, play with kids, and be the caretaker they need
  • Meet new adult civilians in scenarios with children
  • Support the War Child charity simply by purchasing the DLC